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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

I just got my 56th platinum ad it's Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. I got my 55th last week as well Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Anyways, I love the Sly series and was happy he got another game. The story was pretty good and had some good difficulty. Collectibles were time consuming but rather easy with a video guide along with the time slow the thief costume gives. I had thought Navigate Like Drake would be my last trophy and I wouldn't see the secret ending since I probably wouldn't fight the last boss again after getting it but I got it third to last. It was like it wanted me to see it. I'm happy I did.

The story was pretty nice. I liked the Cooper ancestors and hope to see more next time. I was surprised Penelope turned evil but wonder if she will turn back in the next game. I loved playing as Carmelita... except during her belly dance game. That was weird. I even had more fun playing as Bentley and Murray although Bentley bombs blast radius was a bit much and instantly killed me a lot.. One problem was I couldn't really see what the stuff I got from Thief did since the button weren't clear and you can only see them on thiefnet. No move menu. Overall it was good but not perfect.

Sad that the game is over and really want a sequel. A movie is coming and I hope to see it eventually. Until then I got Ni No Kuni to work on. A new Ratchet & Clank is out so maybe I'll get it.

A few new games

Used my buy 2 get 1 free coupon from Gamestop and got Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, & Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. I wanted Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate but they didn't have it. I also had a 20% coupon I didn't use that I was hoping they had Ratchet & Clank Into the Nexus to use on. The one near me rarely gets anything. However, My NNK had a special case that was for people who pre ordered it. Someone sold it and now it's mine. Although it didn't come with anything else so I wonder if it did originally.Anyways I'm installing them all right now.

My cleanup got me 5 trophies I missed (2 from MvC 3 & 3 from BBCS EX) so I was down to 75. I'll be back soon. This is going to be my first Naruto game although I got CoN on Wii but wasn't good at it. I love Sly so I was definitely getting it and it was under $20 like I wanted.

This site isn't really for blogs anymore is it? Wonder how many other still do them. I know one but that's it. I could look.

Yesterday was my birthday

I'm now 24. I got a blue flannel shirt (real warm), a camo hoodie with so many pockets which are deep, a lantern like lamp, slippers, & a $25 Bestbuy e-gift card from Facebook. I can use it online but I have to pay shipping since I can't go past $25 or even too it. I've deiced to get Dragonforce The Power Within cd along with either DF Ultra Beatdown or Megadeth The World Needs a Hero. DF TPW is $11.99 with the other two are $6.99. There's also tax. I'd have maybe a few cents left over. Oh well. I'm going to decide which to get later. Leaning towards Megadeth since I like that album.

Did some trophy cleanup from my unfinished games. Got to level 50 online in BB CS with some boosting. Took 3 days and was worth t but also not worth it. I also managed to fight someone rank 1 (maybe higher) for the trophy associated with it and did 160 missions. Can't get to 320. Last I beat the boss at level 999 in BS CSE. Started at depth 1 just to see how far I could get and maybe some money or items. Ended up beating it. Got some good items. I may try to complete the shop one day.

Nice to have my games out of the way so I can focus on other things. My writings in particular.

platinum #54: Final Fantasy XII-2

I finally finished FFXIII-2 and that means I finally finished all games I bought from Black Friday 2012 and some bought later on (I tried to avoid buying more after BF but couldn't). However, I'm now officially done with them all. 54 of which I got platinum, some of them were just 100%'s, and then there are 7 I didn't finish (technically 8 because of LBP DLC). I think I may try to earn some of the trophies from them. Among them I am missing 80 trophies.

I'm so happy I did it. My PSN level is 19, I have over 2600 trophies, and my completion percentage is 97%. Amazing. I still have the B2G1 free coupon from Gamestop so I may have some new games after all. Wonder if I'll ever get as many games as I did on BF 2012. I think I got 13 but some were collection so it was over 20 total.

I played both FF XIII & 2 but skipped most of the story. I found the level system in the first to be crazy since you needed items to level up weapons and the crystarium thing for the characters. I liked 2 more because of easy mode which let me breeze through it. Also the trophies weren't that hard. The monster collecting thing was kind of fun. I preferred using Serah as my main character. Also got the free DLC costume of her's. I liked the level system better and the weapon growth thing being gone. Didn't really care for the whole time travel thing but was okay with it. I may get Lightning Returns when it's less than $20 like always.

I said to myself that I would get PS4 when i get 100 platinum trophies or when I can get it for $200. Whichever comes first. I still have enough Powerup points for $50 off. I may even obtain enough for 2 because of E-rewards. I have $83.60 in my account there and only need $100 to get 30,000 PR points. Real easy to do those surveys.

I'm thinking of going back to Animal Crossing New Leaf for some time. I think some new fish come out in March so I got to get those. Haven't been to my town in like a month. Horrified to think what's become of it.

Pokemon Master Y Version

Traded over Xerneas and finally collected all 718 Pokemon in Y version. The very next day (or maybe the actual day since I was up all night) they revealed Diancie Pokemon #719. They still haven't revealed the last two but right after I caught them all they revealed another. It's coming to Japan first obviously but I feel we'll get it by the end of the year.

In X version my team was Chesnaught Charizard, Meowstic (female), Pangoro Aegislash, & Krookodile. In Y i used Delphonx, Blastoise, Florges, Gogoat, Hawlucha, & Goodra. I'm thinking about what team I'd like for the 3rd or sequels. I really liked Meowstic, Florges, and Aegislash. Don't know if I want to use Pangoro, Gogoat, Hawlucha, or Krookodile. Chesnaught was pretty nice and I loved rollout, Delphonx didn't have many moves outside of fire and psychic and I didn't try Greninja. I need a Pokemon that can use surf, I also think I want Strength and really need False Swipe. I could get Ev's early through Super Training which is good since the early Pokemon only gave speed. I'll look into which Pokemon I can catch when and their moves to make a decision. Wonder if they will give yet another starter Pokemon..

Just 3 more Pokemon

Pokemon Bank was released like 2 days ago and Now I only need 3 Pokemon in Y version to have all 718 officially released Pokemon. Just need Amaura, Aurorus, & Xerneas. Going to restart X version tomorrow and should have Xerneas captured in 3 days at the most. It's going to be so awesome to have a completed Pokedex for the sixth gen. Did it in Platinum, Black, & White 2 so that will be 4 times and 3 generations. Just need the last 3 that are for events and they're years away.

Now for PS3 stuff. I'm down to just one game... Final Fantasy XIII-2. When I finish I'll work on my unfinished games and try to get more trophies from them. I have a coupon for buy 2 get 1 free from Gamestop and I may use it. Not sure if I will have any money.

Platinum #53: Final Fantasy XIII

Finally finished FF XIII. I started last October and finished last night. It took 3 months and 15 days because I gave up. I came back like a week ago and ran through it. I was unable to beat I think Mission 7 and stopped but came back and after some CP grinding I beat it easy and kept doing it until I was really strong. Had to grind to get stuff like crazy and keep a checklist to make sure I got everything. It was insane. I beat mission 64 through a ton of spamming and poison. Took down Long Gui real easy. Youtube was a great help for everything.

I'm finally down to just one game from Black Friday 2012 (and a few others). I state BF 2012 because I managed to finish every PS3 game I had before then that I was able to. I said I wouldn't get anymore games after Neptunia MK2 although I got PS Battle Royale in December but finished it quick. So that's left is FF XIII-2 and then I'll see about the games I didn't finish. So happy I managed to finish so many games.

I now have 53 platinum trophies, 2577 total trophies, and level 19. I got 95% completion rate on PSN trophy leaders ( seems to be gone) I've played 67 games total as well. I have 127 unearned trophies left.

I bought 2 $10 PSN cards when I renewed my Powerup card. They didn't have a $20 apparently. I got The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC and can't wait to play it. I still have $17 left and want to find something else. I'm willing to get a $15 game, a $10 and $5, or 3 $5's. I'll look and see what I can find. Open to suggestions.

Wanted to say hi

I haven't been here in a while and I feel my time here is up anyways. The changes are just too much. I liked reading blogs and that was it and how I talked to people mostly. The union I had was dead before the changes. If no one comments on this blog then I will know it's time to go. Still not sure where. Want to be able to write blogs and talk to people.

Not much has changed for me. My sister got married 10 days ago and I as the one who rolled out the roller. That carpet thing you see brides walk down. I also filmed it with my camera. did pretty good and uploaded it to Facebook. Not to Youtube since I didn't want it there.

I've made no progress on my writings. I just have trouble doing it and I'm just so messed up.

I've taken an interest in abridged series on Youtube. Love Yu-Gi-Oh, DBZ, Rosario+Vampire, Hellsing Ultimate. Discovered many anime this way.

Don't mean to advertise but here is my Dropbox Referral Link:

Use it and we both get an additional 500 MB of free storage on top of the 2GB given.

I'm sad that I've drifted away from all of my friends here. I loved all of you. I feel I thought about leaving this site awhile ago when others were and this is why all of this happened. Silly right? I'll always remember you all... hopefully.

Was thinking of getting a new cat

Black Friday I was at Petco and saw this cat named Ollie up for adoption and filled out the forms because me and my niece loved playing with him but I've been thinking. Adoption is a hard process and I'm not sure if I filled the form out that well. A lot of blank spots since I have no vet and I think something else. I don't want a cat to go int he basement ever again and I can't close the door to the basement since the dog's stuff is beyond it. Prince used to chase Sam all the time and even though Ollie's profile said he was friendly with dogs Prince could be a bit too much. Angel might not welcome him either. Ollie is 1 years old and my Mom said it would be better to get a kitten. His adoption fee is $75 and he's had his shots and neutered but something tells me there's more fees. Also they want to come in and check out the house... I don't want that.

I've just been missing Sam too much. Last Sunday Brian was killed n Family Guy and they got a new dog and it just made me think of doing the same. I also had a dream about a Calico cat with it's 3rd color being only a small patch on it's throat. Coincidentally Ollie had a patch of white on his all black fur around there.My last three dreams involved me playing Yu-Gi-Oh most likely because I'm been playing on the Dueling Network. So maybe I shouldn't look to much into my dreams. I can't have a new cat right now even though I want one. One day.

One last thing, At Petco they gave a free pair of antlers for either cats or dogs and we got them for cats. Somehow I've lost them and the room I swear I put them in isn't that big or easy to lose stuff in. It's like they disappeared. Scary. I want to ask my niece if she saw them or took them because that's what I'm looking at. I didn't throw them away because I haven't emptied my trash cans yet.

Beat Elite 4 in X & Y

I finally beat the Elite 4 and just did a few friend safari's. I got all the Pokemon I could get that I didn't have from them. Not sure what's in my safari so please tell me if you find it. My character is female and named Domino. Disappointed that so many of the Pokemon I already caught during story. They have so many Pokemon that are unobtainable that could have easily filled the safari like Rattata. I'm planning to upload a bunch from Emerald such as legendaries and Pokemon needing stones to evolve when Pokemon Bank comes out. I'll have a month to use it free. Have to transfer from Emerald - Platinum - White2 - then Y. Also going to have to breed some from White 2 to transfer them. Not sure if you can put eggs in the Bank though.

Right now I have captured 444 Pokemon. Been leveling grinding and evolving Pokemon while I search for new ones. My team was 80- over 90 when I fought the Elite 4. I caught Zygarde and going to go get Mewtwo in a minute. Have a few Pokemon left to catch on Victory Road so I can do some leveling up. I could just evolve my Poliwhirl to Poliwrath and my Zweilous to Hydregon but would rather level up my unevolved Pokemon.

Been ignoring Animal Crossing since I got X and Y. Want to go back and see how bad everything is. Stll need to do a run through x to get the Pokemon I don't have such as Xerneas & Amaura. Got a few through trade and wonder trade.

Having 444 Pokemon means that I still need 274 plus the 3 event. I did pretty good. Should have it down to needing 150 or so soon. Now that I have Ditto I can breed anything I have.