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College assignments SUCK!!!

I'm am like ballsack deep in assignments in college right now and have almost no time for gaming or videos or anything fun. What I hate the most is how my lecturers act like theirs is the only class I have and I spend all my fvcking time the library or working on their subject. 

It's fine teachers, not like I have a life I want to enjoy or anything. Oh what's that? More work?? SURE THING!!! Pile it on..... 

Oh and by the way I was being sarcastic [spoiler] simpsons FTW [/spoiler]

PewDiePie mentioned me in a video!! and right now I have 10,000 subscribers :o..

So PewDiePie held a shoutout competition for channels he thought deserved more attention. When I entered almost 3 weeks ago there were 6 pages of posts on his forums and within 2 weeks there were 189 pages. I didn't think I had a hope of winning at all. But he picked 10 and mine was in the middle Right now I've gone from 2100 subscribers to 2600+ in a matter of 30 minutes.... That's insane and I can't believe it.

It feels really good to get recognition for something I put a LOT of effort into. Hopefully this is the start to something great!!


Here's his video where he mentioned me:

Entered a "King of the Web" contest. Don't expect to win but help is a

So I was searching around the web and found a site called "Creator republic" and they have a "King of the Web" contest as sort of a means to promote yourself. Winning prize is $500 but that's not why I'm entering. In fact I have it set up so that 50% of the winnings goes towards fresh water in third world countries. I entered cos I thought it would be a way for me to promote my youtube stuff a bit more instead of spamming everywhere else all the time. 

Like I said I don't expect to win and I don't even really want to win, it would be cool no doubt but it would never happen. I just hope to get my name out there that little bit more so any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated :D

So..... Man of Steel is pretty mediocre then?

Like a lot of people out there I was anticipating this movie greatly and I always kind of knew it was gonna suck but really hoped against it. It would appear my fears have come true and the movie is getting pretty mixed to low reviews. If we just look at Metacritic it has a rating of 55 after 26 reviews and Rotten Tometoes has it at 62% after 78 reviews.

Seems like it's not all it was cracked up to be and Henry Cavill is apparently a terribly dull and lifeless Superman. I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up for greatness. That being said I'll likely see it and enjoy it for all the over the top action and because I love superhero movies

Best E3 of all time

What is there to say? By far the best E3 I have ever seen. Between the EA conference and the Sony one it had everything. EA showed Star Wars Battlefront 3, incredible BF4 multiplayer with some real proper BF moments and they dropped a bombshell with Mirror's Edge 2. Not only that but Sony took to the stage and showed off incredibly consistent games from soon to be released PS3 games, to indie to cool PS4 games and as if they weren't winning on that alone they showed the console (looks weird TBH) they announced you can play used games (no DRM) it's not always online, gaikai is the system's BC AND it's only 400 EUR. They not only won on their conference alone but completely destroyed MS. It's not even funny just how much they owned them.

I have no idea how MS are gonna bounce back from this. My money is already in Sony's pockets right now and nothing MS show will change that. This is also coming from someone who thought the MS conference was good. 

As far as I'm concerned the Xbox One is dead on arrival now and Sony are walking away with it

Finally started watching Game of Thrones for the first time.... Oh my

So Ifinally started watching Game of Thrones. I had always wanted to but never had the time to dedicate to a new show that was already established. I knew I would like it and would want to watch every episode cos the whole concept of it is stuff I quite enjoy and it's very LOTR. I'm only like 5 episodes in (watched them all last night) but I am instantly hooked. It's legit as f*ck