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Hello again, a few things have happened in 2 months since I last blogged. I bought another gig of ram for my pc, so now I have 3 gig, but it's not installed in my PC yet. SP1 is really making my PC smoother...well done Microsoft I guess. Guess what! I also bought Virtua Tennis 3 for PC for the biggest bargain I've ever gotten. On Xbox 360 it's at least $90, but Kmart were having a big clearance special and I got it for PC for $4! I know that's so cheap that I couldn't believe it...madness. Anyway I've just filled out a survey saying what I want new in Crysis 2. Here's what I want (so's from a post I made about the topic):

Anyway what did people want to see improved in Crysis 2. I wanted better and more varied A.I, more tools and weapons, a longer game with a better story, physics puzzles and activities, larger more intense battles with lots of things happening at tanks, more friendly A.I. fighting alonside you and generally a bit more like a real war (but not throughout the whole game, just some parts).

I also would like a new nanosuit power or two maybe something like a force push or a force pull which I think would be really awesome in a game like this. I want team multiplayer, less glitches, more multiplayer modes and a coop mode for single player with up to 4 players. I want more npc interaction and I want more fauna; so deer, cattle, parrots, snakes, wild boar and whatever else fits the gaming environment that is chosen. And if it's to be linear in some parts, make it good.