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I'm making a system wars poem. Here it is so far. I'm stil writing the beginning

There are stanza's but they aren't evident in my blog at the moment. I will fix that later. The beginning and end are yet to be written, but I'll be starting them soon. The poem as it is starts with the introduction of Pc's into the console war. So enjoy and I hope you get a laugh out of it. Check back in a couple of weeks, because I hope to have at least written the intro.

The System Wars by Screamingdoom

Here come the personal computers!

Be strong, as they march across the land,

They've been upgraded and return to take the upper hand.

They march in power, eighty-eight hundred strong

Their soundcards beat the drums, as they chant "We have come to right, what was wrong!"

They have risen victorious in the epic battles of piracy

Yet with this joy, they also weep, for many a gamer cries "Their cost is too great for me!"

But the memories of console inferiority run deep within their ram

And so from far, far away;

(From custom parts and dodgy shops, online stores, and shady alley dealers,

Some run like rocket ships and others like potato peelers!)

They hope to blow away the consoles, with their 120mm fans!

Their UV fans sparkle in the moonlight; their eyes are alight like LED's.

Their quad cores shout to Xenon and Cell, "Ha ha! We shall crush you like fleas!"

The PS3 draws his RSX, firing away with a wail

(The Wii escapes to the hills and hides beneath her sales)

The Xbox tries to flee, but is struck in the back by CrossFire

As the PS3 processes with all its might, but is crushed by over-clocked ire.

The PC walks towards them, standing high above their plastic forms

Bellowing across the world, "We have returned; a new age has dawned!"

"We have been tested, but never bested, loathed, but never gone

We struggled against the PS2, and envied the Wii innovation; O we were so forlorn.

For years now, these black and beige boxes have in chains, kept us bound

But now we stand victorious, not even Vista's requirements could keep us down!"

The Computer army turned towards the hills, to hunt for the Wii

But as they did so, something happened, and they turned, freezing in agony


Arising from the ashes, of their weaker GPU's

The 360 and PS3 stood tall in the blistering wind of 800watt PSU's

They raised their fists calling back with all their might

"Your power is un-optimized; you can never win this fight!"

The PC army frowned, then as one they laughed; saying once more

"How can you expect to beat us, with hardware that's so poor?"

Powerfully the leader of the army stepped forth, with a sword fastened to his belt

And when the consoles saw it, they screamed and gasped and yelped!

To the cloudy, blood red sky,

The PC held high the Sword of Crysis, Oh did the consoles cry!

Both turned and fled, and the Wii burrowed even deeper

As the PC's charged after them, bringing death to consoles like the Grim Reaper

The Sword of Crysis whistled through the air, and zoomed with a shout

Saying "Your days of low resolution gaming, I will snuff out!"

And the armies of the consoles fell dead, by the sword they were slain

Their limited ram and cordless controllers lay strewn across the plain

Time passed onwards, and many a fanboy did weep

They were left hollow, at the death of the consoles, that made them so complete

And as the consoles were laid to rest, under a grave of stone

The fanboy's turned and trundled off towards their morbid homes (and also to play Wii which survived)

But as they turned, the sky above opened aloud

For streaming down upon the PS3 grave, was a Blu Ray of light, breaking through the clouds

And the angel of Solid Snake flew down, and the fanboys turned and cheered

As he spoke in a husky voice saying "Behold have hope! Metal Gear Solid 4 is here!"

Snake descended to the ground and put his hands upon the dirt

And in the sparkling Blu Ray of light, he spoke in words barely heard

"Arise my darling PS3

Arise, Arise, Arise

Return to us

Retake your crown

Bring us all to glory"

There was a sudden silence, and in the blinding light rose he

The fanboy's cried and wet their pants, for before them, alive; stood the mighty Playstation 3!

And from the sky descended a second angel, clothed in white and green

As the lemmings counted his halo's, 1...2...3

He hovered above the grave, and before the lems he said

"First I need an offering, to raise him from the dead"

The lems smiled in joyful glee and lined up single file

And the angel took their every penny, with a cunning smile

When all the monies were gone

And his purse strings tightly drawn

The angel fluttered his wings and said, "Joy I bring! Hope I give!"

And standing upon the grave, arms upraised, he shouted, "Xbox Live!"

The ground shook, and sky thundered, as from the grave erupted green light

And there before the lemmings, resurrected, the Xbox said, "Let's finish the fight"

(Before he marched off he thanked the angel for setting him free

And gave a curt nod, to the graves of Dreamcast and HD-DVD)

I'm currently writing the beginning and end. So stay tuned. When it's finished, I'll make a thread about it on System Wars, so everyone can enjoy it!