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Crysis multiplayer hackers are out of control!!!

If you want to see cheating, just go play Crysis multiplayer. Yes, beware everyone who dares walk the maps of Crysis. Hackers will head shot you, teleport about you, fly over you and generally slice, dice and destroy you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. The worst thing though, is that Crytek, so far, has done nothing to remedy the problem. It's very unfortunate, because I think Crysis' multiplayer is actually very fun and underrated. Anyway, I'll give a list of some of the cheats and hacks I've observed people pull off in that game:

1. I've seen people flying. Yes literally walking around in the air above other players and above the buildings.

2. People jumping from one side of the map to the other side. Strength is great, but it's not that great.

3. I think it's called an aimbot, but I've been shot once by a pistol and killed, despite having 100% health (just looked it up, it's called a one shot one kill hack). The worst that's ever happened to me, was getting head-shotted and killed instantly by a shotgun from a mile away (not literally but it was very far away). Trust me the shotgun is not that effective in Crysis multiplayer (or any multiplayer)

4. Smg's which shoot ice. I've been frozen and subsequently killed by one of these.

5. 5. I once tried to shoot someone who was crouched. The problem was, after I shot one bullet, he took off, still in the crouch position, at a speed which was barely viewable. I've read about other people seeing this hack, and it's meant to be a hack which allows one to move at light speed. Trying to shoot a man, who was crouched a moving at light speed is not fun.

6. I've seen people turn literally invisible (by watching as spectator). I'm not talking cloak, which is still visible, but actually invisible. You cannot see them at all (apart from their shadow).

7. People with unlimited nukes literally flattening a level and everything within it (as well as people doing the aforementioned flying, and shooting unlimited nukes down below).

8. People moving through walls.

9. I've seen people teleport from one location to another. In one gun fight a guy in front of me teleported and appeared behind me, subsequently killing me.

10. There are other more minor mundane hacks such as all weapons, unlimited ammo, run faster and many others. Just type in crysis hacks in google and you'll find them.

Honestly it is sooo annoying and just unfair. I can understand the fun of doing it the first or second time, but in Crysis multiplayer there are actually groups of people (always the same people as well) who every night, come onto the servers, with the main aim of hacking, cheating and generally ruining multiplayer for everyone. I don't get the mentality of these people. Surely you have more of a life, than getting a kick out of cheating your way to victory on an online game. Punkbuster does nothing, and Crytek haven't fixed the problem. I actually really like Crysis multiplayer, but my patience is thinning. Fix it Crytek, or I may boycott Crysis 2. Yes you heard me; I paid for a multiplayer experience, as well as a single player experience, and I want to be able to play the multiplayer without the annoyance of cheating fools.