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Gothic 4 demo

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Well,as a gothic fan i couldnt help myself..and i actually tryed the demo version of gothic..First thing on my mind..Who the hell that woman thinks she is,by waking me from my slumber..well just kidding.Actually i was pretty eager to see what the demo will bring..and...i was disapointed..badly.But first things first.
Despite the fact im actually a story person (i enjoy good storyline,lore and stuff like that..),i noticed that combat system is horrible..i dont know WHY would i WANT to use BLOCK when i can DODGE every single attack and strike back immediatly.Combat in this game is easiest in gothic series.I havent been damaged below 50% of my hp a single time(i played at hard difficulty) and i think by the same time in other gothic games i would have met my end at hard difficulty.Well..lets say whatever and move on.Another thing i noticed,i can actually DRINK potions in diablo.thats pretty useful and awesome,except the fact gothic was kind of realistic game in which drinking actually Took some time.But no more!One thought,one button..and Woosh full hp.Nevermind that level up...and again..skill system..its gone beyond simplicity.i even got a plan.dont use any of skillpoints till i can cast magic,then boost magic with all skillpoints.Thats actually all the character developement there is.You (maybe i missed something) cant improove your atributes like strenght manualy,so its basicly is wow like.But enough about that.So the story.At least the begining of it.Only good thing i've seen in it was the dream thing,and meeting with an old Nameless Hero.Thats pretty much everything that was catchy.By the time girl that hero is in love told me she is preagnent i wanted to kill her myself it was that stupid..Every true hero leaves his wife for adventurers life!hoooray...wait no..She wants to come along..before she's all round and again must proove that you can defend do that by meeting old witch..whose voice is killing me..overall i actually had hopes for this game,and i still do.I hope that when we leave island,wife will be killed,and some real story will come up,not only her wish to see the world,to feel the taste of adventures in her veins,and hopefully get stabbed so many times,that it stops being funny at some point..