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my bangin game setup (PICTURES!)

35 games and gameshark version 2 and 4. all my bangin strategy guides and game demos surround sound 5.1 reciever and 60 gig PS3 computer entertainment system with wireless bluetooth headset and wireless controller currently hooked up with wireless online connectivity. Where i spend hours of my day. (the ladybug isnt mine). You can see all the speakers and the powered subwoofer that shakes the room. that is a black light and the poster lights up when its dark in the room. and on the bottom left that is a game chair with rumble in it and 2 speakers and subwoofer.


lets make a resistance clan

leave you crap clan now and lets make one for gs users. i dont know how to make one yet. Leave your online name below and ill try and invite you only if your a nice and friendly person. :P

my online resistqnce name is scott1234

i got a ps3. tell me your online name

i got resistance and motorstorm. i got it almost a week ago already. tell me you online user name for resistance and motorstorm. the ps3 is really good. im downloading stuff online off of the playstation store. it cost me a lot to get online. i spent over 800 dollars in the past week.

should i buy a ps3 NOW?

are there any problems still? like freezing and glitches and crap? And plus this is my first blog post in a while. Ive seen a lot of movies that =good and some that =bad. spiderman 3 was amazing. and ive seen a LOT others.  and what games should i get for it? Resistance? Motorstorm? Virtua fighter 5?

blades of glory= alright

i saw it the day it came out. it was okay. when i bought my ticket i said i was a child for 5.75$. adults get in for 6.75$. then he said "6.75" i thoguht my plan worked. i didnt realize what the prices were then. then i realized he gave me the adult ticket and i said that to him and then he said "youre no child". me and my friends were laughing. you just had to be there.

Ghost rider = friggin awesome

Saw it friday night (day it came out) with my best friends. we had trouble finding enough seats for all of us to sit in in the same row. It was THAT crowded, dawgs. The movie was crazy. 10x better then norbit, thats for sure. norbit was a bucket of crap, ya'll. the messengers was ok. well now its 3 movies in 3 weeks in a row with my best freidns and i like them becasue there cool, yo.

FFXII = bucket of crap

Stay away from this boring RPG. Bland graphics and repetive gameplay make this game terrible. The whole game is running your character to a destination after an hour of a desert! Freakin boring game, man. FFX is way better then this bucket of crap. FFX has better graphics and it was realeased in 2001!!!! FFXII was released in late 2006 and the graphics are worse. pity.