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Ahhhhh at last school ended. let's hear a party

Finally all those homeworks,lessons and learnings(which i dont care about but i m saying these for u) ended today.

Well its Tuesday and school ends on Friday but i went today to school and i found there only a girl from the geek ones no offense to anyone who is reading.So it meant that i was a geek too but i ran away from ****cuz the teacher was coming and i found my friends laughing at the corner of the street and playing with cards.They all decided not to go in school anymore cuz its hot and boring there so I stayed with them.

Anyway if anyone is thinking how do u think to pass the ****with terrible notes like F and E here in Albania they r 4 and 5 I will ask my math teacher to say all the other teachers to pass me cuz he is my neighbor and I always help him with garden works he has.Great solution huh passing the ****s with 0 hours learning.This is like real job: I do jobs for him and he passes me,pure business.

Well what happened today.I made a new Naruto and Dodge Viper sig(it's a car for those who don't know).

I m crazy about Naruto.Right now I m seeing it from the beginning on the internet only for nostalgia..

Anyway I found today a cheat code for The Sims 3 that spawns random jokes at the monitor.For those who have this game only press CTRL+SHIFT+C write jokePlease and press enter.Here are some of them:

-What did number 0 said to the number 8… Nice belt

-How do we call a fish without eyes… Fsh

-The doctor said one in four persons is insane…Check out three of your friends if they are sane it means that guy is u.

These and many others check out only at The Sims 3.

Any other thing.Well I gained today 2 kilos(I don't know how much is it in pounds)of muscles(haha not fat people cuz I hate being fat).You will ask how.Well only making at least 30 push ups every 30 minutes maybe often and working with some weights.I want to be a body building but I don't know how much is it going to be true.

Our ****is planning to do a party at Friday for the end of the school.Maybe any other during the vacations but mostly not cuz its very hot maybe at night.

Today I went shopping and I bought a pair of fingerless gloves,converse all stars athletes and a brown t-shirt with a dragon and rebel stamp.Check out the photos and tell me if u like them.I bought the gloves for 3$,athletes 15$ and the t-shirt for 10$.

Also I want to talk about the songs and videos.How do we take them.Most of u (if I can't say everyone buy them).Well I don't pay anything for them.I first download the song's video from youtube and than I convert it to mp3 with a special free program.The quality of mp3 is just like in the album one if we buy it.Its very easy. There are many ways of downloading videos from youtube but I wont tell them(its professional secret haha) maybe if u pm me and give me something in return which no one will do it I m very sure.Piracy I know but it's a crime to waste money for a song which we can get it free.I don't sell them be sure of it.I only take them for my and my friends joy.

Well this was my day today.I hope u enjoyed it cuz I did.Check out my profile tomorrow for top 10 girls.Sorry if it took so long but I had today an inspiration for sharing my day with u. Well if u have any questions or comments about these points I made be sure to do so at the comments spot. Haha I m sounding like Brendan Sinclair I know sorry man if I took your phrase.Have the greatest day in your life. Later

my new designs today

i m bored now to write some blogs and today i will post only some of my new designs but top 10 girls will be posted for a couple of days.Its not all mine but matthew walker's too so if anyone think i copied and pasted it i didn't.

and these r for my friend

just tell me what u think

OMFG i m soooooooooo tired to write

hi people sorry for all this but i have been at the pools for 12 hours only swimming and i just cant write right now

its my 50 blog hoooray and what else yeah gooooooooo albania it has a big soccer match today with portugal.

Sorry dudersaper but this is where our paths are crosed haha.Ill right on turn off the computer and dive into bed.Good night y'all.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

by tiger

playing the sims 3

i ve been playing the sims 3 so far and i making a review for it.Check out my profile everyday cuz i m posting e3 review and the top 10 girls u know.So be sure to check out

top 10 male video games characters

I think u waited long enough for it so here it is check out for the girls for a few days

10. Maximo (Maximo Series)

It has to suck trying to save the woman of your dreams only to be killed by the man trying to overtake your kingdom. Thus is the story of Maximo. Our valiant warrior returns home to find the ruthless Achille trying to take over his kingdom. To top it off, he also has the queen held captive. Fortunately, Death seems to be on Maximo's side since he was brought back to life to save not only his girl, but a few other damsels in distress. Maximo struck fear into the hearts of every undead villain he crossed all while sporting nothing more than his boxers, now that is a hero!

9. Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX)

There were several characters I could have chosen from the Final Fantasy cannon, but none of them sported the charismatic flare of the uncaring will do what it takes hero quite like Zidane. He was also one of Square Enix's best attempts at leading you into the heart of the character without drudging them through countless heartache and break. Zidane is the one character who has stuck with me like no other. He was the hero, the joyous bouncing ball of energy, and the take no crap character the FF series is known for, all rolled into one. That and he had a monkey tale; how cool would that be?

8. Dante (Devil May Cry series)

Just what every main male character needs - a smart mouth. Dante has delivered on that aspect of himself in spades with each installment of his journeys to take out the demons that walk the Earth. More often than not, he can also back up his over the top loud mouth, which makes him one of those characters that can easily be enjoyed as you play through their games. There is one other thing that makes Dante stand out from the masses, and that is his impenetrable devilish arrogance to go along with his mouth. While this could be seen as the same thing, he does not see it that way. They are two different abilities he has been building on since he first appeared on the scene in 2001. We just keep asking for more and Dante is more than willing to help us out.

7. Chris Redfield (Resident Evil series)

What sucks more? Having your entire special teams unit wiped out with the exception of a super skilled female, Jill, and loyal near veteran, Barry, along with Albert Wesker, the reason for your team's obliteration to be left alive or facing hordes and hordes of zombies? Yeah, so you kind of know how Chris feels about the world around him. What's more, take into consideration you spend almost all of your time trying to fight off zombies and ravenous dogs, and then eat green plants to heal yourself. Right, you'd feel the same way. If those were not bad enough, imagine being forced into video game hiatus, even if you did spring from the shadows looking cooler and sleeker than you ever have before. Of course, now you will be facing even more zombies and vile creatures. Oh, and the vile man who put you in this place to begin with will be somewhere sharpening the bullet with your name on it. Chris has a lot in store, and the fact he has been missing for years adds to his warranted inclusion to the list.

6. Master Chief (Halo series)

What kind of man takes on an entire race of vile creatures and lives to tell the tale? A man like Master Chief, that's who. While the good Master Chief's story is a little convoluted at times, there's nothing that denies him from appearing on the list of some of the greatest male characters in video game history. He's the kind of guy that sees the mission in front of him and does whatever it takes to get the job done even if that means stowing away on an enemy's ship in order to finish the job. Of course, there's much left to be told about his mission, but I'm sure nothing will sway my opinion of the toughest space Marine out there.

5. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Villainy is one of those things that comes in all shades of color. Most villains are borderline grey, with only certain factors needed to become the viciously vile abomination we grow to love to detest. Sephiroth is one such character.

He is the embodiment of the evil, black to the core, and never waning from his goal of obliterating life on the planet in order to fulfill his mother's wishes. However, there is one cruel action that has forever been etched in the minds of gamers across the board: the slaying of Aerith before the eyes of Cloud who was incapable of saving the one girl who could save them all. Not much else stands out about Sephiroth, other than the fiery annihilation of the small village of Nibelheim, but it is enough to cause the character to go down in the history books of video game villains.

4. Kratos (God of War series)

Kratos is the only character I can say took out a god and looked cool doing it. Scarred by the memories of his past, Kratos took it upon himself to challenge the God of War and won. The battle took him through several points of mythology, and never did it divert his attentions from his ultimate goal. Now that is determination. The most brutal fighting moves to be pulled off in a video game since the days of Mortal Kombat were only some of the arsenal that Kratos had in order to warrant his spot among some of the top male characters. His goal was so crystal-clear that he never once made excuses for his actions to take out the occasional sacrifice in order to reach the ends he wished to achieve. Kratos is among the most hardcore characters, and that is why he demanded to be on the list.

3. Simon Belmont (Castlevania series)

While being part of a bloodline of warriors could be just enough for any person, try being part of a bloodline in command of destroying the vilest creature of the night ever, Dracula. There have been other Belmonts that should appear on the list, but Simon was at the start of it all and survived. Simon has been the one Belmont to go untarnished by the bite of Dracula. He is also one of those characters that stands for everything that matters to a hero, virtue and honor among the top. His ancestral heritage alone instilled that honor into him, but it was his virtue that required the return of Simon to the Castlevania series. I think Simon is due a next-gen experience, maybe then he can reclaim the honor of the Belmont clan with whip-cracking ****

2. Solid Snake (Metal Gear series)

What can I say about Snake that I have not already said several times in other areas of the site? Snake lives and breathes the symbolism of a soldier in every appearance he has made in video games. The honor, the decree, and the determination of the soldier are all present in the in Snake. He has taken on numerous missions without having the whole folder of debriefing material shared with him. Friends and comrades alike have betrayed him. He has even had one of the largest bombshells dropped on him while trying to save the world: the villain on one of his first missions, Big Boss, is actually his father. Yet he still persevered and completed his mission. Duty to the flag has been both an honorable thing as well as a thorn in Snake's side since the beginning, but yet he knows what his ultimate mission is and what needs to be done in order to reach the goal. Valor is a trait sometimes missing from the male characters in video games; next time they need some they should just call up Snake and ask if he has any extra to borrow, to which he will reply, "plenty."

1. Link (The Legend of Zelda series)

Determination is one of the key factors to being any kind of main character. Courage is another factor heavily required to be any main character. However, there is one trait that any male character has to have to be atop a list such as this, and that is the ability to wear a tunic and tights looking cool all the while. There is only one character that can pull this off and continuously save the day; his name is Link. If you have never experienced the joys and sense of completion you receive when playing through one of Link's many adventures, then you must. As for the courage he has, there is no question about this; he is, after all, constantly paired with the Tri-Force of Courage piece. So what if all of his games generally have the same plot? Link has more than made up for the repetitive storylines by proving that not only does he carry off the tunic and tights look without a snicker, but that he is not required to speak. The silent hero is sometimes the best character, and in this case, those words could not be truer

Street championship

You know one of the things I like being an Albanian it's for the great rebel spirit of the teens. Every year is organized "street championship" with the teens of all country. We show our skills in every aspect that can be played in street u know: soccer, bikes,basketball etc. We play soccer in the middle of the street blocking the traffic, ride bikes on hills, highways u know just having fun and breaking the rules.The cops try to capture us but they don't have success.So in this year our neighborhood went to finals in soccer but we didn't win the coupe.However we won it 2 years ago.I won the bikes race this year taking a symbolic coupe with me at my home.

guys ready for race

i m the winner black and white blouse guy

I m fast and strong with my legs so this must have been the reason that I won.I m going to show off for it for a week, making angry other neighborhoods so we can do fights.Fights are an usual thing here in Tirana,we fight for fun and for pride.Our neighborhood defend any of our friends so now we are one of the strongest and respected neighborhood in the city.Like I said some blogs before "Don't mess with us or u will die" is our motto. I bet that the rebel spirit in other countries isn't as much as in Albania.Ummm my day.Nothing much: I went to school,saw and made some fights, flirted with my gf,went to hip-hop course.I m preparing now to go to the pools tomorrow cuz I m sick of all this heat here in Albania. I don't pay anything to enter at the pools cuz the guards are my friends so I don't need to collect money.I would enter at the pools by the back fences anyway if the owner is standing at the main gate.I bough today InFamous for ps3, great game so far.I m making a review for it so check out for it in a few days. I m nearly done with the top 10 and I will post it in a couple of days.Ummm check out the competition photos, make some comments and level me up (this is for gamespot).Later

Cat fight meawwwww ththththth.

Haha u will probably laugh reading the title of this blog but the story is to laugh too.As u can imagine its a girl fight and they're always funny u know grabbing the hairs,slapping each other,those screams haha my ears still are not in "normal mode".U know how are the girls people when it's about "guys stuff".I entered today in the ****still with half of my head asleep.I said hi to a girl next to me and went directly to my desk to sleep at the first period(teachers don't say anything to me I don't know why,so I profit from this and fall asleep.U would say why u sleep.Well cuz I stay till 4am at the night watching tv,talking with my friends on facebook and msn or at parties at weekends)Where was I,oh right.When I woke up(2 hours later) I saw 2 girls screaming to each other(they probably woke me up cuz I could sleep more).I asked one of my friend what is going on and he said:

-They are screaming to each other cuz a guy that they had a huge crush on him said hi only to one of them(wtf they are crazy man).

One of them approached to me and made me guilty about this cuz he saw me doing that and he did it too(just for curiosity he came in ****after me).I said to her:

-Go away girl I have nothing to do with it.Stop screaming cuz she was screaming and talking in the same time.I also made a joke to calm the situation but she understood that as an insult and she didn't talk to me during the whole day.Pffff if I care talking with her.15 girls in ****not to mention the others in school talk to me and I m bothering myself for her.Both of the girls forgot my friend Indrit and

started the "cat fight" yeah baby I love it woohoo.All the school saw them.After the fight they had scratch on the face(just like cats),hairs going up(just like cats) and the crush for Indrit stopped and than they wont talk to each other "anymore".

Haha tomorrow they will be best friends.God sometime girls are so crazy right guys????

Almost half way with the top 10 so check out my profile u both regular and new ones.Thats for today,check out the fighting pics.Till another time later.

chilling and sleeping

what can i say for this day i m bored,chilling sleeping,video gaming.I m working on a project with my friend Matthew for top 10 male and female video games so check out my profile everyday.

School's ending yeah baby yeah

I wrote this blog once and it didn't get the attention i want cuz its important for me so i m writing it again...

Ahhhh at last school is ending.The lazy days in front of computer,sleeping in the shade of a tree,kissing girls,or just daydreaming laying on the couch are coming.

I dont know how r the summer days at your country but here in Albania is very hot.Albanians say that if we let a bottle of water in front of the sun,the water will be boiled for 20 minutes.Cool huh?The opposite happens at winter,the temperature goes below zero.Sorry i m getting out of point.Anyway what can i say about my changes this year.In fact there is a lot to say.All the persons i know say that i changed very much this year.U know last year i was the shy guy,always shy to meet new people and talking to girls.I was the alone and bored from life guy staying in the house all time long except going school.A geek people(sorry if anyone is offended.This year many things happened that changed my life.I grew strong now i m able to defend myself,became charming to girls,

I made the right friends u know the tough ones,the caring ones etc.And now i have a girlfriend(a beautiful one many of my friends had a huge crush on her before me but she picked me i dont know why,u can imagine).This year I became one of the most popular guys in school. And now I m a member of OTR(on top of the rest)crew.We are more than 100 members and if anyone insult any of us he wished he didn't(the beat up starts and ends whenever we want).All of this reflected to my grades.I was with A and B,but now i m with a lot of difficulty to E+.Whatever man i dont care about the grades anymore school sucks.I now learn only the right lessons from school(stop drug,alchohol,smoking besides learning music chemistry bullsh***).All this i dont know how it happened but i have a clue that the adolescence changes a lot of things can u give me a hooray for adolescence.

Thanks to adolescence I m now another guy ready for life and fully upgraded haha.So this was the year of the metamorphose of my body and personality in every aspect.Great year huh????What can u say about yours????