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My opinion on Call of duty and Battlefield

Back to when the xbox and ps2 were the big dogs, me and dad tried a game Call of duty Finest Hour, and yes this is not the first Call of duty however it was for consoles. And straight up it was a pretty dam good, we enjoyed it and agreed it was better then the console Medal of Honor's. Then came Call of duty 2 big red one and again not actually 2 but was consoles 2. This game was even better and then came Call of duty 3 brillant and great. From now on i was a Call of duty noob and yes on of the worst, came Christmas 2008 and i got the ps3 and 5 games with it, 1 being Call of duty world at war and i thought this was fantastic and is still a cool game today. And from here came wanting the next CoD and so on. I was a massive Call of duty noob as i call them(someone who thinks they are best and nothing beats them) I tried BF Bad Company and said "the graphics are crap it's boring" :O I know massive CoD noob. So Came the era where I got online and of course i went to Call of duty and thought they were best...Until giving the BF Bc2 online demo a shot and from here thought BF was amazing, and realised Call of duty's online is no where near as good. However i have redemed myself to DICE's amazing series because i have all the BF's aye. 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142, BC, 1943, BC2, BF3 not BF2 MC however. And like everyone of em, lastly my opinion overall is this Call of duty have been great with mostly to me Call of duty 3, Call of duty 4 and Call of duty world at war, from MW2 came caring to much about online and less about the campaigns. I have Black ops and never play it! Do not care at all for MW3, Call of duty need to pick it up! BF are going fantastic! I hardly care for any CoD's anymore because they are really going down hill! Overall as i said Call of duty have been great in campaigns but for multiplayer BF is king! :D Call of duty 4 and BF2 are the legendary titles for the series.

Crysis coming to consoles!!!

Crysis is coming to consoles, hell to the yes!!!! I got Crysis and warhead from a friend for a birthday gift, however pc has had problems :? But what better pick up to know consoles will be getting this sure to be kick-ass game! I truely am excited to hear more about Crysis for consoles :D Crysis 2 was great also and i have been wanting to play Crysis badly!


Having not said this yet i am a battlefield fan boy i love it! Battlefield: bad company 2 is fantastic in it's online play that is still being played a year latter! Battlefield completly owns the crap out of COD! I can't stand call of duty's multiplayer and i am getting sick of them being the top shooter, when Battlefield clearly is better!

I have also played BF2 (Battlefield 2) which i also love but can't really play cause of pc reasons, but having played it, it is brilliant and equals in with BFBC2 easily. So now all i have to say is...

Bring on BF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Medal of honor

Medal of honor is a great game, it has a top notch campaign and great multiplayer. This is a game to deffinately check out, trust me you will like it. Buy it haha this is tier 1 :P

crysis 2 delayed!!!

Crysis 2 delayed that is sooooooo dam crap! this game was my most anticipated game of 2010! now it's been delayed till 2011 this sucks. i just hope this comes out soon!!! :(

Bioshock playthrough

Hey anyone who visits my profile. i have got Bioshock playthrough videos on youtube. So if you want to check them out search for dorksterful on youtube. i will be also uploading more videos soon for the playthrough thanks. :D

Crysis 2 comming in 2010!!!

i haven't played the first game. but i would really like to, because the game looks really cool and addictive and apparently the graphics are really amazing. And i'm hoping crysis 2 will be awesome, and a game definitely worthy to get! :D

My Top 11 GAMES

1. Battlefield bad company 2



4. Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

5. Fallout 3

6. Modern Warfare 2

7. Call Of Duty World At War

8. Metal Gear Solid 4

9. Killzone 2

10. Grand Theft Auto 4

11. Infamous