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So not that much longer till Xbone passes Wii U, and takes away one of Nintendo's last talking points that tries to give their failed console relevance. "It hasn't failed, Wii U is in second place!!". I hope this humbling teaches Nintendo a lesson that helps them return to the glory days of the NES and SNES. I miss that Nintendo.

What makes you think that? The gap has been slowly widening since MK8 came out, and before that (outside of November/December) it wasn't closing very quickly. If the Xbone passes the Wii U, it's going to take a while.

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I still play PS3 and Wii (on Wii U). My Wii is a dedicated GameCube now, as my GC stopped reading disks.

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@PhazonBlazer: I agree you should be able to turn them off, but I think gyro controls were one of the best additions to OoT3D and WWHD. TP Wii is still has the best controls for ranged items though.

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No one should care about Dragon Age. Bioware can't make a good games anymore. IMO, not even the first one was good.

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@kittennose: Nothing says irrelevant like 70% market share for 8th gen hardware.

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Don't see why they shouldn't just include everything. Standard cars look much better in GT6 than they did in GT5.

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NPD probably not. Worldwide maybe.

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Ocarina of Time or Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Sheldon deserves an Xbone for being so unfunny.

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It wasn't even the best Elder Scrolls game of the 7th gen, which is quite the feat on Bethesda's part considering how many problems Oblivion had.