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Not banned anymore?

Who knew? I am no longer banned. I see a lot has changed around here, no more unions, which means no more SKS.

GTA IV, and a couch, WTH?!?!

Well, tomorrow is the day, GTAIV comes out and I'm sure GS will be swarming with bazillions of blogs about what a great game it is, how sweet it is, how it's the best game EVER :roll: . Well, I pre-ordered about a month ago, and I even took tomorrow (it's release date) off, and Wednesday :shock: to sit on my a$$ and play this game. I am a GTA fan, and have been since III. I know, some of you are saying "well, I've been a fan since #1 or #2", and to you, I say big friggin' deal. I care not. I have been anticipating this game since I finished GTA: SA. I need more, I want more. Some of you don't care for GTA, and that's all fine and dandy with me, just don't sit there and bad-mouth the people that play the game or the game itself. Not everyone has the same taste. Doesn't make me a thug, or a violent person just because I play GTA... I just like the game(s), put mostly, I like the missions. The side missions. Yes, while it's sometimes fun to kill a few innocent bye-standers for no apparent reason, it's the missions in these games that really set it apart from some games. Easter eggs are always fun too.

Remeber big-foot in SA :lol: ... anyone find him yet? No? I didn't think so, but it was fun exploring now wasn't it (until you found out it wasn't real). Even after you heard it wasn't real, you still wandered out into the woods every now and then, didn't you? No? yeah... me either :| .

Anyways, on to a couch. I think that during this time off, I will also shop for another couch, and possibly another TV. Why you may ask? Well, I currently have my PS3 and flat-screen downstairs in the living room... but there is no internet access there, and I have this sweet bonus room upstairs (where I sit as I type this) that does, and it needs furniture and a new tv. That way, I don't have to by a wireless router, because we all know a wireless router is way more than a couch and another flat-screen :lol: Also, that should shut-up the other GS'ers that are practically harassing me on GS and MSN (you know who you are) to get on-line and play CoD4 and other games. Well, I may be off to do that tonight, or maybe tomorrow, we'll see. I may just spend the entire time playing GTAIV, if it keeps my interest for long enough.

Anyways, I've been a bit inactive lately in the SKS and TCTP unions, and for that, I apologize. I check in here and there just to make sure things are still moving along, and they seem to be, so for now, I am taking a little vacation from GS, just for a few days at least. I may poke my head in and post a judgement or something meaningless, but I will be back in full force soon enough!

A tragic death in the family.

(Click here while reading my blog)

Well, I've been expecting this for a while now, but it's official, my ancient PS2 has finally kicked the bucket. It died Saturday (or sooner, hadn't played it in a week) and I tried to revive it, with no luck. I have resurected it from the dead once before, last summer, but now, I think all hope is lost.

We've had some really good times, PS2. A lot of late nights (and I mean a LOT), a lot of screaming at each other... well, mostly me screaming at you... but you always listened and NEVER complained (unlike my wife :roll: ). You never yelled back, you let me drink as much as I wanted to and still play with you. I've even passed out while playing with you. When I came to, you were still there, just waiting, wanting me to push your buttons a little more... just one more time.

You handled the abuse of my children (which is probably what finally did you in), but did you ever not let them play? No, you were kind, gentle, a little noisy (especially towards the end), and you even let me and my children put some terrible, terrible games in you.

... It's so hard.... to say goodbye... to yesterday... :cry:

Well! On to younger and shiner things! See ya PS2 :P

Remeber when?

Click here... ya tools!!!

I would post the latest and greatest video blog from this weekend, but it's rated at least NC17 :shock: It would take a lot of editing to blog up here on GS, so.... maybe when I have the energy to make a new video I'll do it... and post it on GT where I won't get modded :P

OH! And I pre-ordered GTA IV! Holy crap I can't wait to get my greasy hands on that game!

GS hates me.... and YOU!

Well, I've been back from a 5 day suspension for a few days now, but this is the first time I have actually gotten a chance to write about it. This is the 6th moderation on me just this year :shock: While many I deserved, some I don't think I did. I will not get into details as I do not want to get worked up again and start saying things that got me modded in the first place :D As many (if not all) of you know, GS has really cracked down on the entire GS union community lately. Spam threads in general. I suggest you all click here and read up on it. I am convinced that GS no longer cares much about its members, but oh well. In fact, I think they hate me. I have flamed moderators, censor-by-passed, and created some spam threads, so I guess I can understand. :roll:... mmmm, time to simmer down now.

On a lighter note, I have been handed the leadership role in the best union on GS (a close second being TCTP), The Silent Killers Society. While this is a great honor for me, I feel like I have lost some really great friends, the two former leaders of the union, BLM, and NC12. They still kick around here every now and then, but not much, BLM is moving to Japan soon, and NC12 had enough of something, not sure what.

On another note, I am still playing GHIII, but not as much. I recently purchased Army of Two, and a I have only played a small bit of it, but it's pretty cool so far. I've played better shooters, but this is definatley a keeper, and great fun with a friend. I still have not set my PS3 up on-line yet as I have not gotten another big screen for upstairs (which is where my pc and router live) and a couch. I have thought about getting a wireless router, but I hear way to many bad things about lag on games from wireless routers. I have to do something soon, I'm missing out on a lot fun on-line with some fellow and former GS'ers. Too bad for me, but good for them because I would pwn them all so bad their stats would go in the crapper :lol: and they would never want to play an on-line game again :P

Well, that's all for now, sorry i have no pictures or videos at the moment, just wanted to get some things off my chest.


Misc bloggery

So, what's happening? Me? Just trying to make it through lfe. Times are tough at the moment, economy stinks here, and probably won't turn around for another year and a half, is what sources say. So, I am working especially hard at the moment trying to stay afloat, so I haven't been around much here lately. Oh well, I've been through this before and lived to tell the tale, I guess I'll do it again.

Anyways, finally got past lvl 26 after being spanked by GS a few times, the a-holes. Most recently was spanked for making some pretty foul comments about the IAA, did any of you watch that? Well, Jay Mohr lost any respect I may have had for him, what little it may have been. There's a time and place for tastless jokes... he basically insulted everyone in the audience... idiot. The ironic thing about it is, I censored my words when I wrote about it, yet they still deduct points from me when every other word out of Jay Mohr's mouth was the f-bomb, or some racial slur. I don't even know why I come back to this web-site. Must be because of you guys...

Anyways, been playing a ton of GHIII on my PS3 the last few weeks, and I mean a TON. I'm totally hooked, even got my 7 year old hooked on it :lol: It's a ton of fun, and I have seen a few posts in the GHIII forums about GH players being posers, well, that's just not true. I've been playing guitar (and other instruments) since 3rd grade, and I still can't get enough of that game :lol:

My mother and father, and sister and her husband came to visit this last weekend. Sis and her husband are from Chicago, and haven't seen him in a loooong time, we had a great time together. Swearing, drinking and just being down-right obnoxious 30-something year-old a-hole :lol:

That's about the excitement of my life for now.

Anyways, here's a random video I put together a while back for your viewing pleasure.


*sigh* I miss you guys :(

Well, so much has happened lately. I feel I have lost a lot of good friends here on GS. Some turn up here and there, but not as much as before. Just when I need some friends most after moving away from my family and friends... What happened? At least I can still keep in touch with some outside GS.

This one goes out my hommies *pours 40oz of Old E on curb*












We had some good times, and you guys taught this old dude some s***, so for that, I thank you.

For those few of you still kickin' here on GS with me (you know who you are)... I thank you.


Great Day for Poop! By Dr Seuss and scnut

Haha, hope you like my version of Dr. Seuss Great Day for Up. I substitute "poop" for every "up" in the book when I read it to my boys... :lol: oh yeah, they laugh!

Poop! Poop! The sun is getting poop.

The sun gets poop. So poop with you.

Poop! Ear number one... ear number two.

Poop, heads! Poop, whiskers! Tails!

Poop! Poop! Great day today! Great day for poop!

Poop! Poop! You! Open up your eyes! You worms!

You frogs! You butterflies!

Poop, whales!

Poop, snails!

Poop rooster!


Poop! Girls and women!

Boys and men!

Great day for poop feet!

Lefts and rights!

And Poop! Poop! Baseballs! Footballs! Kites!

Great day to sing poop on a wire.


Poop voices! Louder! Higher!

Poop stairs!

Poop ladders!

Poop on stilts!

Great day for poop Mt. dill-ma-dilts.

Everybody's doing poop!

On bikes... and trees... and buttercups.

Poop! Poop! Waiters! Alligators!

Poop folks! Poop in elevators!

Poop! Poop giraffes!

Great day for seals!

Great day for poop on ferris wheels!

Poop! Poop! Poop! Fill up the air! Poop flags! Balloons! Poop everywhere!

POOP POOP POOP! Great day for Poop!

Wake every person, pig and pup, till everyone on earth is poop!

Except for me.

Please go away.

No poop.

I'm sleeping in today.

:lol: Aaahhhh, thanks for reading...

My "crib" WARNING! Explicit lyrics :P

Well, here it is guys. The new crib. What a difference between this house and the old, and I mean old (1951) house.

When I get the new TV and couch and all that set up upstairs, I'll show that off too :P

We're glad to finally be here in Eugene Oregon, and moved in. What a stressfull past several months :roll:


Here's a few pic's of the house right after we bought it when it was still empty.

Dogs stuck in the shower :lol:

That's it everyone! We're really excited about moving, and bettering our lives.

Take care!



Haha, I got suspended from GS for saying s*** with a Y... twice, and for creating what GS considers a spam thread. It was called The This or That thread. And it wasn't a spam thread. In fact, our previous thread had already reached 1000 posts, so it was time to make a new one. Oh well, I know a lot of you have been suspended, but it's the first time for me in almost 2 years of GSing.

Reason for moderation: Spam Union Game that does nothing but serve as a +1 post for users
Action Taken: Delete Msg - Your suspension will be rescinded in 1 day(s).

You have been moderated with a Point Loss for a Terms of Use violation. Your Profile level has been reduced. If you repeat this offense in the future, you may receive a more severe penalty such as :shock: suspension or :o permanent Banning. Having a paid subscription does not exempt you from being suspended or banned.

So, I'm back, miss me? :P