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*before I got off.
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So I picked up 3 legendary items in Diablo 3 throughout the evening. 2 of them didn't appear in my inventory. I picked up a legendary chest, ring, and helmet and I didn't get the ring and helmet. At first I thought that maybe I didn't look at them right. But when I went to my inventory after I got off, it kept showing a blinking star beside my helmet slot and ring slot. I does that when you have an item you haven't looked at yet and all the items in those slots were looked at. So now I'm pretty certain that this is a bug and it needs to be fix. Spread the word, especially if it's happened to you so it'll hopefully get fixed.
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So I just started playing black top online by myself a few days ago. I didn't have any problems. My friend and I started doing it together and it worked just fine. Yesterday, two of my friends and I started playing and when we search for a game, if won't find 3 players and we end up getting kicked out to the locker room. I don't get it because all my friends live local. They have good connection. Whats the problem? Please help.