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I've completed the game missions, the client missions and all of Basso's jobs but a few questions remain. I do not have the game guide and these questions may be answered there but I usually don't buy them and probably won't buy one for this game either, so to the questions.

The obelisks with the buttons at the bottom. I have the documents( bait and switches) that show the obelisks with numbers on them so I went and pressed them in the order on the docs and then went to Ectors shop and although the item in the case highlights blue I can do nothing about it, are you supposed to be able to get it for use somewhere else or am I just wasting time here?

The documents called smugglers maps. I have looked all over for a switch as illustrated in one of these docs that looks like it opens a gate or maybe gives access to some safes to pick and although I'm pretty sure I'm looking in the right place I cannot find it anywhere. The other doc shows something about a switch over a bed and I haven't even started to look for that yet.

And finally the candles. What's with all the candles hidden all over the place? I can find them using focus and can light them with fire arrows and when I do I hear words like freedom, peace, death, and some names as well but what exactly are they for? What if any point is there to these things?

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Sorry not bits and pieces, bait and switches. I was very tired.

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In the game there are some obelisks with buttons at the base that when pushed apparently do nothing but now I have found the documents that show these and the object in the case at Ectors and there seems to be a "mission"? called bits and pieces but I'm obviously missing something. I've pushed the buttons on all the obelisks and gone back to Ectors to get the key or whatever it is out of the case but I can't, you can't use any of your tools or weapons in Ectors place or on Ector so I can't get the object out of the case.So what am I missing?

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Does anyone know anything about this? I'm assuming its some sort of side mission and I've found and pushed all the buttons on the obelisks and gone back to Ectors and tried to get the key out of the case but you can't use any of your equipment inside his shop and I can't get the key out of the case, I've completed all of the jobs for Ector and when you speak to him he only thanks you for your help. I'm obviously missing something but I just don't know what.