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My inFamous Tribute

This is my latest tibute ive done, its of the game inFamous.I love this game and cant wait for a sequel, Please Enjoy and post a comment if you like...


P.S. all my clips were HD720p but uploading it to GS has reduced the quality. sorry. But still Enjoy!!

Link to vid to inFamous Electrified tribute

Tributes Finally Up-to-date!...

Ive had a load of tributes backed up for a long time now because i havent been able to post them due to an AWFUL internet connection. But thanks to a friend i now have all my tributes uploaded and up-to-date. over the next week im going to blog a different video up every 2days or so, so look out for them, or if you want to check them out now there in my videos. after ive blogged up my latest vids, ive got some new ones im working on at the mo to post, so they'll be ready soon. (Batman Arkum Asylum first).

So here's the first of a few ive uploaded. its a tribute to my favorite tony hawks game, American Wasteland. had a great story and was really fun to play, also i made a awesome looking character on it lol. i made this tribute about a year ago but ive just round to postin as i said, so take a look and Enjoy hopefully, please comment if you like, cheers...


Link to the Video aswell MY THAW Tribute

MGS4 Tribute Posted, Come see...(mgs4 spoilers).

Hey, finally got my MGS4 Guns of the patriots tribute posted, i made this like a month ago but havent got round to postin it til now. its a tribute to MGS4 and solid Snakes final mission and final showdown.


enjoy n let me know what u think.

P.S. next vids to come, THAW, Shadow of the Colossus and another MGS vid.

New MGS 3 Tribute posted...

this is my tribute i made for the awesome game Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater. this game is almost my favorite of the series but just dont pip MGS1 to the post. some come in and have a look at my latest in along line of tributes n post a comment here or ON THE VIDEO, cheers.

p.s thanks to everyone who commented on my last vids (BELOW) and the next tribute is a very epic MGS 4 tribute so keep your eyes peeled guys...


New Tribute Up, Hitman BM...

so heres my third tribute guys, thanks for the comments on the other two previous tributes (which are still in the two last blogs if u havnt seen them yet).

this tribute is dedicadted to the Suited Silent Killer AGENT 47! in his best appearances yet, BLOOD MONEY. so enjoy and please let me no wat u think either here or on THE VIDEO its self guys cheers.

(p.s got loads more wer this came from so keep an eye out)


1st MGS tribute posted, COME SEE...

so this is my first MGS tribute, this is to the awesome MGS1 re-make, MGS the Twin Snakes. this is my first in a very long line of MGS tributes to come so keep ur eyes peeled. so take look n tell me what u think, leave comment here or on THE VIDEO, or both!! lol. cheers.

oh n if u havent seen my first tribute to The Thing then scroll down to my last blog to se it too, cheers.


LEVEL 10! 1st Tribute Posted, Come see...

So ive finaly made it, LEVEL 10. ive been promising my tributes for a while but now i can finally post them guys... i have a few tributes to post at the mo so.. im guna post them in the order i made them.

this is my first tribute i made for the game The Thing, great game and really underapriciated.. so have a look n leave a comment n let me no what u think guys pls, CHEERS!

The Thing - Crawling Within