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Gone to Texas Tech!

Well I'll be gone until tuesday, my basketball team has team camp at Texas Tech. Were garunteed 10 games over the next 4 days and I'm pretty excited. See you all in a couple days.

Basketball Tournament

Today is the start of my team's basketball tournament, we have two games today and so far we are 4-2. We'll be missing one of our best players but we won two of our games with out him anyway. We'll play twice today. I'm so pumped. I also finally got L4D and have finished No Mercy and half of Blood Drive I think. I can't wait to finish a playthrough so I'm comfortable about going on live

The Gameplan UPDATE 1

I'm already not following my own rules. It's June 7, E3 is over and I changed my plan already.

June 1st-Buy Fable 2 for $30.00- Instead of buying Fable 2, I bought Left 4 Dead, but haven't played it because I ordered online.
Pre Order Mass Effect 2 $60.00- I decided it was too early to preorder this because I'd rather save the money to use on things that I can use now.

July 1st-Pre Order Dragon Age: Orgins $60.00- I will probably Pre Order Modern Warfare 2 instead because It's more important to me

August 1st- Pre Order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 60.00$- I will have to decide on whether or not to Pre Order Dragon Age or not.

September 1st- Pre Order Bioshock 2 $60.00- I decided Bioshock would have to wait because I would never be able to find the time to play this, MW2, and any other games I get.

The Gameplan

Alright so it's May 31 right now, and here's my plan for buying all the games I want. I'll update it after E3 though.

June 1st-Buy Fable 2 for $30.00
Pre Order Mass Effect 2 $60.00

July 1st-Pre Order Dragon Age: Orgins $60.00

August 1st- Pre Order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 60.00$

September 1st- Pre Order Bioshock 2 $60.00

Then I should be good for the year. I'll also update each month to see if I stay true to my word. That's $270.00 worth of video games BTW.

Yesterday (May 28) was my birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, heres my list of gifts.

Giftcard to Hollywood Movie theatres (30$)
Xbox Live Card for 12+1 month
A book called "The Moves Make the Man" which is pretty good so far.

That's it. Not the greatest since I already have plenty of books and plenty of Xbox Live, but hey, it's all better than nothing. I will make great use of all of it!

On Trading in Games

So lately I have been seeing some arguments on trading in games being a bad thing, and I'm tired of posting my argument every time so from now on I am just going to direct people to my blog. (plus I have been wanting to start a blog)

I am just going to start out by saying I seem to be in the minority by being for trading in games. I will try and address people's arguments against it. It seems that the main argument is that you buy the game new for 60$ and then trade it in for 25$, and then the store sells it for 40$. I guess this is true but if you're like me, you only trade in games if you don't play it anymore, so if I've had the game for a year or two, but only played it for six months, then how am I getting anymore money out of it? Unless I am just using it as a collectors item of some type, I'm not. So then I decide I will go trade it in for a few extra dollars. Is that wrong? I'm not really losing anything at that point.

Another argument I see alot is you are being ripped off by the company you trade into (I mainly here Gamestop so I'll use that as an example). It's true I guess, they do rip you off. They aren't there to be nice to you. They are there to make money. But like I said if you aren't getting anything out of the game anymore, then it's worth trading in for some extra cash. Also, places like Gamestop often have decent deals like if you trade in three games you get an extra 10$.

The last argument I hear against it is you can get more money out of it by selling it on Craigslist, Amazon, or Ebay which is true. If you are willing to do that then that is great, more power to you. I am personally to lazy and impatient to though ;)

So there you have it, myfirst blog.Please comment and argue against me and for me.