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New Banner...New Pics...

Hey GameSpoterz~ Well, I got an email today from Gamefly finally telling me that they received Ninja Gaiden, so YAY for me. Now they have shipped Assassin's Creed. They should be getting Devil May Cry 4 soon also. I am totally siked about that!

Also, hope you all like the banner. It's my first attempt, so don't hate! I can't wait to make an awesome cool one soon. I didn't know if I should go with like a dark...gothic...dreamy banner, or a sweet, fun, perky banner...and obviously, I chose the latter ;) So maybe i'll make the next one freaky~ LOL

Happy Gaming All!~Scarlet


So, yeah, I mailed Ninja freakin' Gaiden like a week ago tomorrow, and they haven't received it yet. Not to mention DMC4 that I mailed this past Monday. So here I am...totally gameless. Well, not totally...I have been playing a little Motorstorm. If any of you would like to race, my PS3 ID is waynelvsmichelle. So, this is why I haven't been blogging much these past few days. I'm trying to catch up with some other stuff though, like my Photoshop Elements that I am using to make my own banner here. So, that's comming along okay. Well, here's to hoping that stupid Gamefly will be getting the games like *YESTERDAY*!~~~~ It freakin' figures though. I mean, I should have thought, but I was so into playing DMC4 that I just didn't...think that is. Hope all is well with everyone~ Happy gaming!*


Victory is Mine!...

Hello everyone out there in Gameworld! LOL Well, yesterday I woke up really sick with the flu. Oh yeah, fever, really sore throat, the whole works. I just felt terrible. But... I was able to manage getting in some game time anyways because I was so close to beating DMC4~ Which I did! So, YAY for me! I do have to say, that Devil May Cry 4 is on my top ten list for best games for all time. I really did enjoy every second of it.

Now for the next two games on my list... Assassin's Creed, and Burnout Paradise~ So I will be looking forward to getting those and playing my heart out. I see that most of you liked both of these games and rated them pretty high. Which do you think is better?

Also, I see that toolz has updated his banner. ArsenicA was kind enough to make mine for me a few days ago... (Thanks SIS) I went ahead and purchased the Adobe Photoshop Elements so that I can tinker with some more of my pics...

So, hopefully I will be feeling better today and be able to just sit around and do nothing. It's the weekend people~ Have fun! ~Scarlet

~It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better~

Hey there everyone~ Well, last night I was only able to get like an hour in to play DMC 4, but that was cool. I didn't care. Any time I get to play, I take it. I played a little longer today. I started level ten yesterday and beat that, so I started with level eleven today. How exciting to play as Dante too. Wow. My official opinion changed about who I preferred, Dante, or Nero...And hands's definitely Dante. As soon as I started playing Dante, I was totally amazed. It just has gotten better and better which I didn't think was possible. I actually love the fact that you need to revisit all the places that Nero visited before to kill all those wicked foes...LOL I just love it. I ended with the start of level fourteen. I would have just kept playing but you know how life is, there are always interruptions it seems like...LOLI anticipate beating the game in the next day or so, depending on what life throws my way. Wish me luck all!~ Scarlet

Just Checkin' In To Say Thanks~

It's been a couple of days now that I haven't played any games and I'm going crazy! LOL I've just been so busy with other things I just haven't found the time. I don't know how i'm doing it really...LOL I'm on level ten now with DMC 4, so as you can all see...I have a way to go yet.

Also, I wanted to take the time and thank all of you gamers out there that commented on my blogs and welcomed me here to GS. That's awesome cool of you all. So, thanks~ I've only been on GS now for not quite a month, and already i've learned so much about games and systems its unreal~ Scarlet

A Little More About Me...

It's two o'clock in the afternoon and here I am again on GameSpot. It's one of those lazy days where you just sit around doing nothing except search the web and watch some T.V. or in my case, movies. I am a huge sucker for horror flicks and comedies. Some of my favorite films are from John Candy and Adam Sandler. I also love a good action movie every now and then. I just saw that movie called, 'No Country for Old Men', which I thought was just fantastic. All except for the ending of course. I won't give that away here, was one of the strangest endings for me. I guess I'll tell you a little bit more about 'me' 'cause there isn't anything else to do...

Well, I lived in California 'til I was 14, then moved to Okey-ville with my parents and little sister. Went to high school here and ended up dropping out because the school sucked royally. I took my GED not long after that. A couple of years ago, I went to college and got my CNA license. I haven't made a career out of that though...yet. I love photography but I consider myself an armature at best. I love to sing, write, and obviously play video games. I didn't really get involved with playing again until about a year ago. I have played most my life, but not all that often. Now I am totally addicted. If anyone has any questions about anything about me, just ask anytime. Just killin' time here...HA~ Scarlet

Alone in the Dark Release Date

I was searching the web, and thought I would let you know that Alone in the Dark will be coming out June 2, 2008 for those of you who are interested. I wasn't sure if GameSpot posted a release date on it for the PS3 yet. When I checked a little while ago, they hadn't. Check out this photo I got from the game online. I thought this was pretty cool. Enjoy ~Scarlet

Hey There GameSpoters...

Well, so far DMC4 is by far, the best game I have played on the PS3. The bosses are incredible! I haven't played that many games on it however. I mean, there's Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Resistance, Oblivion, Motor Storm, and Ninja Gaiden. I find myself really missing Resistance for some strange reason. I can't really put my finger on it, but I think I might be a first-person shooter lover after all. Go figure...:) I am really enjoying DMC4, so I am going to stick with that for a while. I know, I know, all of you crazy gamers out there are like, "What? You're only playing one game at a time?" But frankly, that's just how I play.

Also, if any of you could give me some ideas on what games are going to be awesome cool this year, let me know. I can't wait for Fable to come out on the P.C. and Alone in the Dark looks sweet. I loved watching the videos on that one~ Well, hope all is well with you all~ Happy Gaming~ Scarlett

Update on DMC 4~ I can't put it down!

When I received Devil May Cry 4 today, I was totally thrilled! I started playing it right away. I was taken from the first scene. I'm only on chapter 4, but whatever. I love it. I love the fighting techniques with the Red Queen sword and the double barrel revolver, the Blue Rose. I love how you are able to level up to increase Nero's power and what-not. I just love the game so far. I love the graphics and the music. I would definitely pre-rate this game a 10. I didn't want to stop playing! I can't wait to see what's next! Goodbye Ninja Gaiden! :lol:

Torn About Fable 2

When I played Fable on my XBOX way back when, I was totally en-captured by it. I was so involved with this game, that I dreamt about it. I would play this game for hours. Literally hours...I mean, eight hours would go by and it would be getting dark and I didn't even realise it. I couldn't wait to play again the next day. I mean, where could you play a game that let you be good or evil? Personally, when I played good, I liked it better because all the people would run up to me and practically grovel. When you play evil, the cower. It was hilarious when the people would call me 'chicken chaser' because I kicked come chickens, or call me 'Master' when I was hero. I loved everything about this game. I loved that you could get married, and belch. I loved that you could buy a house, and kiss your wife. Okay, anyway, you get the idea, I was obsessed.

So, here I am with my PS3 which I absolutely adore, but now I have a huge predicament. Fable 2 is only coming out for the XBOX 360. What am I going to do? And in the sequel, there is supposed to be this awesome dog that is so lifelike it's unreal. What am I going to do? AGH!!!!!! Oh, my Fable...what am I going to do without you?..... :cry


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