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Recent Games + Best Buy + Strange Prices

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After spending about a week in Houston doing some Christmas shopping (I currently live in Colombia as an Australian Expatriate), I found some great deals at.... BEST BUY.

Yes. Best Buy. I don't know what was going on with the pricing so I decided to pick up a few games for what I consider a steal. The prices were LOWER THEN WALMART/TARGET. OMG.

Crap I Bought:

Halo Reach - $39.99 compared with other store's $59.99 @ other Best Buys, Walmart and Target.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Limited Edition - $19.99 vs. $39.99 at another Best Buy in the same city.

Battlefield BC2 Ultimate Edition - $29.99

Sears and their Games Time Capsule

I went into a Sears store and checked out the entertainment section. To my surprise, I found a time capsule of Xbox 360 games:

Dead Rising 1 (not the greatest hits version), multiple copies of the Godfather: The Game, The Elder Scrolls Shivering Isles addon and Halo 2.

And that is all.

Happy 2011!

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I remember my freshman year of highschool, when everything was so different. Graduation and the realities of life was ages away. I didn't even care about graduating. But 2011 is here. I graduate in a few more months and I can't believe it has been this quick. Time goes by quickly.

Got Steam? Add me.

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As this is my senior year, all graduating students at my school have been assigned a Senior Project. The Senior Project must be something challenging yet feasible. Therefore, I've decided to work on a Half Life 2 Modification as my project. So I downloaded The Orange Box for PC, and I have been sucked in.

So without further ado... if you have a Steam Account, add me HERE.

Upcoming Reviews I'll be Doing

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In order;

- Bioshock
- Indigo Prophecy
- Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2; The Sith Lords
- Brothers in Arms; Road to Hill 30
- Brothers in Arms; Earned in Blood

Old games, I know. Fun? Hell yes.

Retiring my Avatar/Profile Pic (2007-2010)

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After being in service for nearly 3 years (October 22nd 2007 -- May 17th 2010), I have decided to retire my Tommy Vercetti avatar. To you guys, its just a picture. For me, it represents much more. I looked at this picture today has brought back so many memories; extreme nostalgia. It has been a hell of a 3 years for me as a member of the Gamespot community and my relationship with gaming; extremely hyped for Halo 3, even more hyped during Grand Theft Auto IV's release etc. It has been an amazing experience. Now that the new decade has already begun, I think it is time for new and fresh beginings.

134 weeks
938 days
22,512 hours
1,350,720 minutes
81,043,200 seconds

Dancing FAIL.

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This is why you shouldn't dance on the bed with someone twice your weight.

The one who falls is my friend btw. :P


National Power Outtage in Venezuela

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From 7-11 pm local time, all power stations will be shut off to ration electricity. Thats right, no computers, no tv, no internet, no telephone lines. Only cell phones. Yay for boredom.

Toy Soldiers (XBL) is My Childhood Dream

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I'm actually looking forward to Toy Soldiers more then Mass Effect 2. Why? Because I always played with my little army set as a kid. Even though my toy soldiers were only made out of plastic, this game is every little boy's dream.

Oh.. the retroness.

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