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One Shot, One kill

To be honest, I do not know why I even bother with team mates at all these days. They are obviously useless to me as I always seem to be getting the kills, no matter how hard my team mates try. They seem to believe they pick carries, yet everyone knows that scout is the only hard carry in this game, he walks the road of vengeance, something which only the other heroes dream of doing. I'm a shadow, I don't need support heroes on my team, stealing my xp. I move within the enemy ranks like a whisper and when they're in my sights bodies gonna fall! Even if i''ve got no mana, I will still scout em and rout em for the legion because the hunt cant wait. So to all my team mates, just dont bother if you see a scout on your team, as they will clearly carry you the whole game, because the enemy knows if the other team has a scout, they're already dead.