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Come check out my newly improved site! So far I've created something different. It's a blog/site mainly about what I'm doing, my thoughts on stuff, etc. Here's a list of what to expect: - Lots of anime shows! (So far I have Bleach, Claymore, Death Note, and a couple others) - Thoughts on news of video games, impressions, etc. - Reviews (So far I've been working on my GTAIV review) - Shows what games I'm playing and where I'm at in it. There's a few other things I didn't mention. Just check out the site when you guys get the chance. :P

Leaving Gamespot soon.

I will be possibly in a week and a half. I will visit the site still on this profile to check up on people, it's just I won't be posting reviews or blogs any longer on this site. Most likely I will be using Check back this Friday as I will have link set up. It will be a gaming/anime blog. I'm not leaving yet, but I will not be using this site as much as before. Thanks for reading, second to last time, if you ever have.

Completed Mass Effect the third time! XD

Now i mite play it as an Engineer for a little bit and as a Soldier to get the last sniper achievement. I'll prolly play as both of those classes just for the achievements of spells/weps. Then once I get more of the achievements from that...i'll replay the game as my level 60 on a easier difficulty and get the last two squad member achievements.

Back from Mexico

Took a four day cruise with the fam and im tired so i'm gonna play some Halo 3, Mass Effect, CoD4, and maybe some Rock Band till I fall asleep. LATE!

Games I need to play before half the year is over... (Up to June)

Here's a list, not description or why it's just that I want to play these games BADLY! Only showing the first half of the list, as I don't know officially what games are coming out the other half of the year! (* Going to preorder and buy!) [360] - GTA4 (360 Version) [4/28/08] * - Alone in the Dark [6/3/08] * - Brother in Arms: Hells Highway [6/3]08] (Doubt this is the official date) - Ninja Gaiden 2 [6/3/08] (Why have the last three games on my list coming out all on the same day? Don't think they are true.] * - Battlefield: Bad Company [6/23/08] * [PS3] - Haze [5/20/08] - MGS4 [6/12/08] * - Soul Caliber IV [6/24/08 *] (Not yet sure if I should get both the 360 and PS3 version together...or just this one) [Wii] - Okami [4/15/08] (I just want to try this version out.) - Mario Kart Wii [4/27/08] * [DS] - World Ends With You [4/22/08] * - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 [6/24/08] * - Guitar Hero: On Tour [6/29/08] * Also needs to try getting that God of War Limited Edition PSP! Also as an added bonus...i want to try these games but not sure yet if I want to buy them! Games that came out and I want to still play: - Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword - Dark Sector - Condemned 2: Bloodshot - Persona 3: FES (Well i would put Persona 3...but there is likely no more of them out...) - Rainbow Six: Vegas (Haven't beat the first one...and it's likely that it's still the best Rainbow Six.) That's bout it for now... Thanks for reading!

Back in the Effect Part 8 (Almost 60!)

Completed both the Dig Site and Feros today. And have about 50k exp left till I get to level 60! Might do Noveria later tonight, not sure yet. Shall see. Using Ashley and Garrus now! They are okay...but Garrus just completely sucks...he dies faster than I thought he would... :( Thanks for reading!

Back in the Effect Part 7 (Completed Second Playthrough)

After a week or two, I've finally completed another playthrough on Hardcore. Ilos was really...boring but the last level was still great like before. This time however...I chose a different approach on what to do and ended up with something resembling my first playthroughs ending. No spoilers since people who read this might have not yet experience the end of Mass Effect or any of it at all. Finished the game at Level what now? Playing it again! On Insanity this time, with my level 58 character. Since I've seen most of the outcomes of everything, I'm going to take the neutral approach more now. I wonder how it will turn out. I think I might use Ashley and Garrus this playthrough, since I've used Wrex and Tali one my other two playthroughs. Hopefully more DLC is coming as well! :) Thanks for reading, more impressions and where I'm currently at tomorrow!

Back in the Effect Part 6 (Includes DLC and SSBB impressions tomorrow!)

Completed the DLC during the afternoon. Didn't take me long...bout an hour or so. Was fun but wish there was more as it ended without being fulfilled. :( Completed it as a Renegade and hope more DLC is coming by next month! I only died a few times against the turrets...they really piss me off more than Thresher Maws. Haven't leveled yet...still 56. I did a few other sidequests from other planets and got the completionist achievement quite earlier than expected...but not for my allies. Hecka...stupid. But I'll be getting it tomorrow for sure hopefully. Will take a rest from SSBB tomorrow...until at least nighttime. XD Impressions will be tomorrow for sure or Tuesday. LOL Thanks for reading!

What to use my MS points for...hmm...

SSBB impressions tomorrow and what I've completed! I'm wondering if I should save my points for an upcoming map pack or whatever for some games....I could waste it right now on GRAW 2 and start playing that again. But I still haven't finished the new Mass Effect DLC. Which...most likely I'll do 2morrow. Here's what I'm looking forward in buying sometime...not buying any themes, pics, videos, or anything completely worthless. - CoD4 Map Pack (Comes out April) 30% chance - Orange Box Map Pack (Unless it's free) 20% chance - GRAW2 Co-op Collection 2 (It's hard to decide) 15% chance - Arcade Game (Depends what comes out) 15% chance - Rock Band Songs (Once Still Alive comes out!) 20% chance There's alot of stuff I want...there isn't really any arcade games I'm looking to buy for awhile since I doubt they'll be coming out anytime soon. I might get more points later this week...unless anyone has a MS points card to give away. XDDDD