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So, atlast RockSTAR has finally decided to release GTA IV on PC. I just waiting to get my hands on them. I ts gonna be released in NOvember or December. People who were dissappointed have got their hopes to reality, ROCKSTAR ROCKS!!!!

Back to school again!

Its great to be back to school. I am now in my higher secondary first year, the next two years will be deciding my career in the future. Its just so great. But one problem is I won't be so active as I was on the internet. I apologise to all my friends if I have not replied to you guys. Sorry again! If you guys want to know about some brilliant tutorials for html, flash or anything else, just ask me. I know plenty of very good tutorial websites!

Does anyone know about the latest Intel Processor??

Fellow friends and people tracking me, I am glad to tell you that Intel is working on its latest processor, The Dunnington. It is a hexa-core processor with each one having a 2Mb cache combining to give a 16Mb cache(don't know how it works). Anyway, this processor is lot powerful than present day ones and will be most used for future gaming. They are using some special technology.. don't know the name, which greatly accelerates performance to keep up the computer with its speed. Its an awesome processor. I think it is going to be released during the second half of 2008 or may be later.

Summer Vacations post a complete boredom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do they????????????????

I am sure that all students world-wide think the same as me. When you go to school, you long to be home, and when you are at home during a holiday, you long to go to school. So this is why I advice you my friends to keep yourselves occupied by going out, learning something new or helping others. I do both. I am learning about animations going out for tuitions, and helping others online in the yahoo!-answers website. Take my advice my dear friends. It will really help you out. Sitting idle and wasting precious time is like destroying you own life every second and I am damn serious about that. Playing games......... I do not say you all not to play. But playing too much is like filling a brim-full of milk with more. And when it spills, there is no use crying over it!

Just learning about 2d and 3d animations.

Soon I hope I will start creating games and mods myself, so that I don't need to spend money on buying games. Searching the right game or the right mod is certainly a difficult job. You never get satisfied with the games you have. So learning to create games and mods yourself is really cool and a great thing.

Counter Strike 2D (beta)

Counter strike 2D is awesome. I could not find counter strike: source game anywhere in India and did not find any place to download it. So it is really great for me to find that there has been a 2D imitation os CSS. Available for free download and just about 30Mb it is the best 2D game ever released. Multiplayer is the best.

Summer vacation for two and a half months.

Studying in India is really cool. More than that completing the tenth standard public exam is really good. Because, it means setting aside what i have learnt for ten years. Now it is already boring and longing to start the next academic year. I hope I get some new games and just pass the time. I didn't buy any game for the past two years.