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I have a few other games in mind, i guess GTA IV, Assassins creed III, Guild wars 2 and LoL should run fine on it?

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Now, i'm not obsessed with Skyrim or anything, but i asked the same question i asked here on a couple other forums, just to see different opinions, how this kind of a laptop could run a 2011 game like Skyrim, and these are some of the replies i got:

"Yep, vanilla will go with max. You can even mod it with hi-res textures, weather effects, etc. However, no ENBs for you."

"Yes,it will run Skyrim at max @1080p and may even capable at keeping a stable 60 FPS."

But some of you here said, that i'd need extra RAM to play it well, and with reduced resolution. And even then, i'd probably still need to play on low settings.

Could anyone explain why these opinions are so different, lol?

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@kungfool69 said:

that resolution would not make it stretched and ugly, its the same ratio as 1920x1080.........16:9. It will be significantly less taxing on the hardware. The GT750m can run it, but overall other parts of the system may hold it back. Ram is cheap, get that boosted to 8gb for future stuff.

OK, thanks, I didn't even know you can modify the RAM of a laptop.

I don't really have anything to whine about, even if i can't play Skyrim on max res, The old desktop i'm using right now lags horribly when i play windows chess titans, i'm not even kidding, lol. I tried to play skyrim on lowest settings on this thing, i got something under 1 fps when i was in the menu screen, couldn't even change the settings, computer crashed xD

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@kungfool69 said:

u might be suprised at how well it can run it, but try not to set it to 1920x1080. just hte more basic 1366X768 will run it super well (teh GT750m is no slouch, but the U series CPU's aren't amazing, but Borderlands 2 is VERY playable on my U series i7 with only a G710M but its running at 1366x768 medium settings)

Uhh... i'm not sure if i want to change the resolution, i think it would look stretched and ugly, but i'll see what i can do.

But then where did the guy i asked about this get the information that "a GT 750M will run Skyrim at max settings at just under 60 fps @ 1080p" if you said it isn't true?

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By 'decently', i mean high settings (not necessarily maxed out) with a good 35-40 stable fps, Non-modded.

I asked this question on another forum, and a guy told me that he did a quick benchmark check and found that "a GT 750M will run Skyrim at max settings at just under 60 fps @ 1080p". I'd like to know if this is true , also if it is, i'd like to know if the processor could manage it, because he didn't address that, so i'd like some more opinions on that.

So, do you think this will do?

CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4200U/1.6GHz (boost 2.6GHz) dual core hyperthreaded

GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 750M 4G DDR3


Screen: 15.6“ IPS Full HD (1920x1080) Acer CineCrystal LED

500GB 5400rpm HDD

(Doesn't come with an OS, but i'll probably have a Win 7 64bit installed on it. Also, this laptop is my only option right now, since i also need it for work, and i need it quickly, and this is the only laptop with a good discount. So don't bother recommending me other PCs.)

Thanks in advance.