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Akon on Bollywood? WOW!

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I was so happy to hear that my favourite Hip Hop singer Akon really sang a song on one of the upcoming Bollywood films. The film features the King of Bollywood Shah Rooh Khan(SRK) and its a Sci-Fi film with SRK acting as a Robot (Lame if you ask me!). After watching the trailer, I was not any interested in the film.

A few days ago, one of my friends posted the song and I couldn't believe what I saw. He really sang a song in the film. The song's title is "Wanna be my Chammak Chalo?". I am posting here the video of the song that I got from YouTube. Guys, please see it and let me know whether you like the songs and what are your comments on it! ;)

About the B'day - Late Blog Post

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First of all, I'm really sorry not to have posted this soon but I was in no mood for posting one and here, there were frequent blackouts due to thunderstorms.

To make it short, the B'day was awesome. :D I told you guys in my last post that my parents were buying me something SECRET for my B'day. Well, just as I thought, it was none other than the GTX 560 Ti itself :D. I was so happy and not to mention how the day went. Well, the gift was unveiled during morning and I immediately plugged it in, installed the drivers and OCed my CPU to 2.4GHz (Well, it never showed a change in the performance though). Firstly, I ran AC2 and ACB. And Hell, I couldn't believe my eyes that it ran on all MAX! :D. Well, a bit of lag on some places were seen, pretty sure due to the choppy CPU. Next, it was Black Ops. Same, ALL MAX and it was superb. Then, I tried GTA IV and was utterly disappointed.

Firstly,GTA IV was designed for the consoles and I didn't expect much of a gameplay from it. But this was very disappointing since the game was utterly slow even with the graphix set to minimum. After benchmarking, I found a reason but was not pretty sure. It was the CPU I found that was bottlenecking the game. After posting some forums, it was sure that the CPU was the reason.

Well, Dad said they'd buy one after earning some more for that. Aah, leave the GPU part. We went to the beach in the noon. Enjoyed some time in the park and got back in the evening. Well, the best part was the GPU itself. :D Now, I need to get some games for it :?.

Well, the problem is, most of you won't believe it, but here, 90% of the people unknowingly buy pirated games and software. Its true. Even the technicians of the Computer Shop installs pirated OS and software unless they are buying a branded PC. They don't even sell genuine products. :O If you are surveying all the PC shops in Kerala, I'm pretty much sure that 85% of them provides pirated stuff to their customers. Well, I usually get the stuff from Bangalore and other states from my uncles since the originals are available in there. I also tried awaring my school and locality through my site and some small speeches :P. What to say? I'm the president of my School's IT Club :P.

Leave that part too. Well, I'll review more games and I'll try to post something about the performance of the GPU. Not now, its boring! :P The school is also reopening on 6th. So, less GameSpotting :(. But I'll try to get on ;)


Yippeee!!! Itz My B'day! :D

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Wow! Today's gonna be a very special day........of course, its my b'day! :D

WOW! Can't wait for all the fun. I'll be turning 15 today. Well, my Dad nd Mom said they got a very SPECIAL gift. :? Wonder what it is! :|. Well, leave all that.

I've invited some of my school mates for a small B'day party in the eve. Its gonna be a blast :D! Nothing else, just sitting in the Home for the B'day. Mom's not allowing me to go outside and Dad's soon gonna leave to TVM for work. Quite boring it would be till the eve. And I'm so anxious about the very very SECRET gift. Can't wait to get it. :D

Well, of course, I'm inviting you all for the B'day party :D. I wish all of you and all my classmates will be there for the party ;).

I don't know what to tell more since the day just started. Already went to the temple and prayed to God :). Cut the first cake with my parents and my sister (The cake was too yummy! :D). A second cake is kept for my friends in the eve. We also bought some ice creams and sweets. Now, I just need to wait till the eve.

I'll post after the party and about the very SPECIAL gift my parents has got for me! :)

Going to cancel my GTX 560! :(

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Hey guys,

I think its better not to buy the new GPU now :(:cry:. Its just that old processor and Motherboard that will surely bottleneck my GPU. And with it, I cannot expect the Gaming I want. So, what's the use of buying it? I've decided to delay it for a long time. My Dad can't afford to upgrade the whole PC, I'm sure. I couldn't believe he agreed when I asked for the GPU and now, how could I ever tell him that I also need a new processor and a Motherboard? It would be the worst thing a son ever could do to his Dad!

So, I'm going to tell him to cancel the order. I'm a bit sad since I was so excited to get a new GPU. But, I don't feel sad now since what is the need of the GPU without an equivalent rig that can hold it for long:cry: ? Well, I still have a lot of respect to my Dad. He's the best ever! :D

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review 9.8/10

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Finally, after a long time of playing, I got to complete the third game in the Assassin's Creed Series. :) Assassin's Creed to say in simple words is simply an Awesome Adventure/Action game that can make your bones chill. Awesome like its successor, Assassin's Creed II, it has improvised Assassination techniques, a new feature called combo kill and also, you can take your horse inside the city too.

The story is the continuation from the last game. Desmond and team arrive at Monteriggioni and continues their Animus-work to find the Apple. After defeating Borgia, Ezio is back at Monteriggioni to spend his victory but surprisingly, he faces another threat - Cesare who destroys the place and captures the apple from Mario by killing him. With Monteriggioni destroyed, Ezio travels to Rome where Machiavelli helps him out to find Cesare and the Apple. Its a long story then forward.

Roma is a vast place, bigger than Florence it seems with widely placed monuments. Colosseum is one among this and there are several other Arcs, and Bank like buildings that resemble the Ancient Roman culture. The only drawback I felt was Ezio could only free-roam in Rome only. There are no other places like that of in Assassin's Creed II. Gaining income is done here by renovating old buildings, buying places and turning the building to a hideout for a faction - thieves, mercenaries or courtesans. Some money can also be earned by looting guards, thieves and bandits. Looting can also earn you several other things that can be sold for a price or to get a particular Item from shops by completing the shop quests. Buildings are the same in that of AC2, except in Brotherhood, Banks are also open.

Take the Horse to the city

Take the horse inside Roma...

While looking at the combat, I saw several improvements and new techniques in the fight. Hidden Gun is also now used while using sword to Assassinate. In AC2, you could only shoot at the guards but here, several Assassination techniques are associated with the Hidden Gun. Blades seems the same. When in Roma, you will only get a single blade since the other was broken in the fight in Monteriggioni (I think it broke like that :P) and later in the game, you will meet Leonardo who will eventually fix the previous attachments and some new ones. Poison darts is one among the new attachment which shoots poison darts at your enemy that helps in distracting them and kill them slowly. Combo kill is one of the best features of the game. Once you kill an enemy, you can chain the kills by directly pointing to the other and pressing the attack button. This allows easy kill when there are a large number of enemies (It was my favourite :D). Also, killing with the Hidden blade is now improved. (The previous one was a bit choppy. I couldn't counter attack with the blade in AC2 :) ) Virtual Training is another cool option where you can try out your skills and get some rewards for it. Various types of levels are here which tests your ability in combat.

Now that's a Head-Shot!

Now that's a Head-Shot :D

You can carry two handed weapons now with a Larger weapon pouch that can be obtained from the Tailor. You can also throw the weapon at an enemy. Crossbow is a new weapon that allows you to shoot arrows silently at the enemy and kill them from a distance. Horse assassinations can also be carried out in this new game and horses can also be used to jump to a taller building (I tried it out :) ).

10, 12, 13.......Bring it on!

10, 12, 13......Bring it On! :)

And the coolest thing in the game is the access to form a group of Assasins. After a particular mission, you can explore the map to find out certain people who fight against the Borgia. They can be recruited to your hideout and can be assigned to several contracts to increase their level and to gain some money. Not only that, they are really useful in battles. When the number if enemies is too large, you can call them and they'll come for your aid. If you have more of them (about 6 I guess which will fill 3 blocks on the meter), you can call for an arrow storm which kills all the enemies of the region. This is a great option that can be used to evade the enemy quickly. But after a use, you need to wait for some time to fill the meter to call them again. Leo's parachute is another super technique that can save you from falling from tall buildings and to avoid guards and get to the safe grounds.

Looking at the Game, the graphics is awesome just like the previous one with greatly detailed terrain and buildings. Burning Borgia towers can reduce the territories held by Borgia. (I liked it, simply too much :D) Characters are also greatly designed. Ezio's new costume was pretty good but I guess the previous one was a bit better. You can unlock the previous costumes I guess with Ubi coins or tokens or something:|. Just like the Altair's armor mission, there is a Romulus Armor mission that unlocks the Armor of Romulus.(Nasty, I hate it :( ). Renovating tunnels allows quick access to places across Rome.

Hell Yeah! That was Awesome!! :D

Hell Yeah! That was Awesome!! :D

Looking at the drawbacks, the Horse riding is quite terrible. In most places, the Horse cannot jump across small building roofs or some elevated terrains. Controlling of the Horse was a bit bad too. Story also was a bit weaker than the other one but the ending was awesome. Roaming in Rome only makes it boring. Later in the game, the map will look crowded. The thing I hated the most was the destruction of Leo's weapons. I expected the Flying cannon to be spared for Ezio but he destroys that too evil:. Then, I was so angry when Desmond killed Lucy at the end. Why did he? And the game ends right there too. While showing the credits, I heard some sounds and it sounds like Desmond is back again at Abstergo :|. Next sad thing was that Cristina was finally leaving Ezio :(. That too, I never liked much. Then who is he gonna marry :P? I hope I get these answers on the next installment, Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

So, to conclude it, Brotherhood never failed its predecessors and still is one of the best Action/Adventure Games. Believe me, you're gonna like every part of it!


  • Combo Kill, Yeah.
  • Carry two handed weapons and throw them at the enemy.
  • Take your horse inside the city and call them using the head button.
  • Train Assassins at the hideout and use them to kill the enemies, time saving.
  • Parachute when falling to save your health.
  • Poison darts allows you to shoot poison containing darts to slowly kill the enemy causing a distraction, Crossbow to take out the enemy from a long distance.
  • Exit Animus during some sequences and Explore Monteriggioni with Desmond (I forgot to say this :P)
  • Improved Hidden blade counter kill and Hand Gun kill.
  • Virtual Training is really a cool option that you can try out when the game gets to a boring stage. :P


  • Horse cannot jump from most small terrain elevations and rooftops.
  • Story is a bit weak from the middle.
  • You can only roam in Rome.
  • Map will be crowded during the middle of the game, making navigation a little hard.
  • Romulus' Armor is not that much great like that of Altair's.

So, for the coolest game, I give it a 9.8/10! :D (P.S. In the reviews, I can't give 9.8 and thus, 10/10! :D)

Need UR Raptr ID! :D

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Hi guys,

Its really hard to find most of you guys on Raptr. I have one and only got a few of them to my Buddy List. So, I was hoping you'd give me your IDs so I can add you as a friend on Raptr. You know, play online sometimes? :D (Unless you are scared of me :P)

Mine is sangeethmanayil I guess or sangeeth96 ( Either you find me or just comment your Raptr ID here. I was also hoping to get your FB address so post it also if you can ;). Just search me by typing in Sangeeth Sudheer :D. (That may be pretty hard to find :P). I hope you guys post your Raptr IDs coz I'm really excited to add you all as my friends. :D

Whoa! I levelled up again!

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Oh yeah! I levelled up again:D8)!

Level 15 - Nobunaga's Ambition - A cl@ssic KOEI historical simulation RPG for the NES set in 16th-century feudal Japan, which has been updated recently in online form for the PS2.

It was in 85% state 1 month ago and I was idle for a long time and so, was late to get this. Anyways, I'm happy! :D Must post more reviews, blogs and forum messages and need to move up again! :) Well, I hope you guys would comment on my posts and reviews. Nothing much to say as levelling up wouldn't give any SPECIAL rewards! :D Keep on GameSpotting! :D

The Game Hero that changed me :D

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I was thinking a long time before to post this but I really needed to wait for a few months to do this. Don't know this looks funny to you but I really wanna tell this. ;)

I never got such a feeling ever when I played all those damn cool games, you know, Gears of War, or God of War, Call of Duty and other cool games. I never felt attracted to any one of the characters of the game ever before (Both boys and girls :D), but one game did turned things around. And it came out to be Assassins Creed II. Well, I don't know whether most of you guys feel the same way but I'm extremely attracted to Ezio. He is the coolest game character I ever found in all my gaming life. Don't know if its the hidden blade or the whoopy hair :D or his suit or the sweet music by Jesper Kyd (Now he's also my fav!:D) or was it the superb trailer?, but I never felt something like this ever while playing any games.

I've played a lot of games like Gears of War where Marcus, the flexy hero kicks around with those alien-like creatures or in Prince of Persia where the Prince (Does he have a name? :D) comes and transforms and fights of the zombie like ones etc. But ever since I got Assassins Creed II and started playing it, I couldn't stop it. Ezio was damn cool and I almost spend my whole day playing it and guess what, I really played and completed the game more than 4 times! :D I couldn't stop it, seriously. And this removed all my Spider-Man dreams (He was my ex-Hero :P) to Ezio ones. He's just so amazing. I told all my friends about it (Most of them were dumbs who have a lot of money but never spends it to get an average PC and thus, never played such games) and their mouths were widely opened after I told the story. The next day, I got a rush of friends visiting my home just to check out this game. And I guess that is why, some of them bought a good PC within a month :D. Well, no matter what Black Ops or what Uncharted comes, Assassins Creed will always be my best game and Ezio Auditore da Firenze will always be my greatest ever hero both in games and real life :D ;). Well, I never got an attraction to Altair while playing Assassins Creed, did i? :question: Oh well, here we go again! :D I forgot to explain Desmond right? Nothing much but I really like his ancestors more! :)

Sorry to make it quite a big one, I could've finished it off with a single sentence, "Ezio is my biggest ever Hero!"! Aah, forget it! :D

"Hey, wassa matta you, Altair?" :D

Got this from Google......:D

Got this one from Devianart :D, Funny, so I posted it :P!

Forever, my greatest Hero! :D

"Foreva, my greatest Hero! :)"

GPU only to arrive after 1 or 2 weeks! :(

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Very disappointing day it was just as I thought it'd be. See, I've told many of you that nothing goes the right way inIndia like you wish to do. And you can't get anything that you want to. It'll take a lot of time. Previous day, I bought a GTX 560 Ti and a Samsung LED Monitor. They told me that they'll get it to me within Monday. But now, they are telling me that it was out of stock and need to be shipped from Mumbai. Thus, it'll be delayed and will only be arriving after 1 or 2 weeks. Sad that I wont be able to test it any soon. Guess I've to wait for another 1 or 2 week to get the damn gooddie. :( Why the hell is Kerala and India like this? :)

But waiting sometimes will provide much better benefits and sometimes, it wouldn't happen. ;) Had a lot of experience buying me previous GPU. I ordered for an 8800 GTX (when I was in 7th) but they later called me and said it was not available and they said a much BETTER GPU was available. Without thinking twice, I ordered that and guess what I got? A damn 9400GT! So, I wont go to the furious mode now! :P

Upcoming GTX 560

All you need to know about Intel's Tri-Gate

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I first saw this on CNET and when I read it fully, I was amazed to find out that Intel has re-written history. It's latest discovery, the Tri-Gate transistors which is more efficient than the previous ones will be used to make future processors much more faster, smaller and energy saving.

It was initially referred to as a 3D technology, The 3D actually symbolises the shape of the transistor. I am not having a big knowledge on its aspects and what does the new changes actually do. But I know that this reduces the size, increases the speed and saves energy much more. Some points I've taken from CNET will be posted in this post.

The traditional flat two-dimensional "planar" gate is replaced with a thin three-dimensional silicon fin that rises up vertically from the silicon substrate.

Tri-Gate Transistor

But its technology wont be available any soon if I'm correct. The technology has just been introduced and Intel has already given a codename to the processors which will be using Tri-Gate transistors as "Ivy Bridge". This means it'll be quitting the 2D transistors and will be working on with the 3D transistors. The processors are expected to be available around 2012.

Ivy Bridge will use 22-nanometer technology versus the 32-nanometer tech currently used on Sandy Bridge. In addition to the merits of 3D transistors described above, moving to a smaller geometries generally results in faster, more power efficient processors.This means faster and much more power efficient processors which can operate at a lower volatge than the previous ones.

Also, the 22nm processor also signifies one more thing. Since it is tinier, it could also be used to power Smartphones and Tablets. It'll be giving a great challenge to the current 32nm chips and this makes the processors ideal for use on handheld devices.

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