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Hello, when my friend tries to create a free-mode game at gta 4 to pc he can't connect beacuse it says "you must connect to games for windows" but he is logged in to it, anyone knows how to do? I have the game on steam and it works just great but he can't get it to work (he don't own the steam version)
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Yes, i will try, but do you think it might work if i buy an external harddrive?
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Hello, i bought an Xbox 360 Elite for like 2 years ago after christmas and it worked fine until my cat peed in a bag where i had put my xbox360, it starts perfectly (like it should) WITHOUT the harddrive but when i put the harddrive in to the xbox my tv shows "No Signal". Do you think it will work if i buy a new harddrive or could it be something wrong with the console?