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Vom vom vom screeeech vrooooooom


Take me down to the Paradise City,
Where the grass is green and the cars are pretty...


*Grinning from ear to ear.*

I haven't enjoyed a game so much for I don't know how long. First impressions of Burnout Paradise is all that was promised form the demo and if you read my previous blog you know how much I loved that.
What to do first? Explore and find all the drive throughs? Unlock as many cars as I can? Billboards? Or go straight online and Freeburn? Choices, choices, choices. Let's just do everything!
Four hours in and about 17% complete so a long way to go yet.
Just gotta get me at least seven reliable Burnout buddies for all the online challenges now. Wimps and wussies who give up half way through need not apply. :P

I now have finished as much as I can of Burnout Paradise. 99% complete which annoys the hell out of me but I am proud of my 350/350 online challenge completion. :)

Edit: Now the Watt Street glitch is fixed I've now jumped to 101%

Burnout Paradise!


Sod the bought games. I'm having more fun online with a free demo than anything else.

Maybe I'll see some of you on there. :)

And to all the stupid dweebs out there who don't follow the challenges set; I salute you with two goddamn fingers. :evil:

Christmas has come early!

Yes that's right, Christmas has indeed arrived a few days early for me. Already last week I received in the post The Orange Box and Oblivion GOTY for the PS3 plus Assassins Creed from earlier (see below blog) but today (22/12/07) I finally got the cherry on top of the proverbial cake. Unreal Tournament 3. :)

So I guess I'm going to be busier than ever on the PS3 for a while.

Oh and BTW I've got me a copy of Wipeout Pulse on the PSP as well. I think I need to morph into an octopus to take advantage of the extra limbs!

The best laid plans.....

So I've got a PS3 and I want Assassins Creed for it. Simple - just go and buy it, so why am I having problems getting hold of this title? Well first and foremost I do hunt around for the cheapest price even if it is just a couple of quid (pounds sterling to any "Johnny Foreigner" reading this). Maybe I'm a little obsessive over it but there is a principle involved - why should I pay more in one shop than another for the exact same product? Eh?

Anyways I'll just take you through a rundown of what I've been through with this game (and I still don't own it yet!) and see if you can understand why I'm pissed off.

I managed to receive a token giving me £5 off this game at Currys Digital meaning I could get the game for £34.99. So I drive off to the nearest Currys store to be told that the token can't be used there as it wasn't a Currys Digital and, no, they didn't know where the nearest Currys Digital was. They could tell me, however, that Currys Digital are newly converted stores that were previously Dixons (I had just assumed that Currys Digital just meant some in house department like electronics, white appliances, TV and audio and so on and so forth). One wasted journey.

So I go home and check on the net -get the address of the nearest Currys Digital and drive the half an hour or so to get there (this is a few days later BTW). Go in the store and ask an attendant and found that the net information was wrong. This wasn't the Currys Digital store at all. And no they wouldn't accept the bloody token either! Wasted journey two.

Now, I know what you're all thinking: why didn't I check that they had stock in the first place just in case? Well, I was having a blonde moment, okay?
This time on the net I did check stock availability. Would you believe that all stores within reasonable driving distance were out of stock? This token should be valid until 20th December and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to stock sufficient supplies.

I'd now given up on the blasted token and would be willing to get the game at £39.99 from wherever I could get it now. So I check on my favourite shopping sites. = right price but out of stock. GAME = right price in stock. ebay = uncertain winnabilty (do you like that new word?) and not exactly any cheaper anyway.
But I wanted it there and then. I just had to face facts that I was going to have to go Real Life shopping and we all now how harrowing that can be, don't we?

First stop the huge Tesco supermarket. Unfortunately it's priced at £44.99 and it's out of stock anyway. Crap. Off to the shopping centre (mall). I see GAME and think, "Cool. If anyones got it then they should." And sure enough they did. One copy left at £49.99. Ten pounds dearer than the SAME shop sells it online for! I was not a happy bunny at all. Especially when the two other shops selling PS3 games in the centre both had it marked up at £44.99. Third wasted journey.

My pride refused to allow me to pay more for thsi game so I reluctantly turned around and headed for home. I sighed and logged on the Game shopping site and duly ordered it like the good consumer that I am.

All I've gained for my troubles is wasted time, wasted fuel and a ****ing blister on my heel from shopping in the centre. :evil:


So the PS3 market is a little lacking for my tastes at the moment but never fear I have a few titles on pre-order such as:

However I've been looking at importing a few PSP titles as well. Have a look and tell me what you think.

It's a good job that I've got birthday and chrimbo coming up isn't it? :)

Edit: Should have updated this over a week ago. Bleach, Initial D and Jeanne have all arrived. I've dabbled with Bleach and Initial D but as yet I haven't had the time for Jeanne. Never fear though I will. :)

Time for another Gamespot hiatus.

And the reason why? I've finally brought myself up to date and got myself a PS3. :)
I've only got a few games at the moment for it but seeing as it's region free I may be hitting eBay for a few imports just to bump up my collection. Besides the US always gets the games before europe.
When (if) I find out how to get the thing online etc I'll update my profile to show my handle.

TTFN all.

Edit: Whoops forgot to update this post to say I'm online under the name "samsengir" surprisingly enough. Challenge me to a race in Ridge or a fight on Mortal Kombat 2. Only if you are crap though. I don't want to disappoint you all by giving you easy wins. :)
Although I should be hot at MK2 seeing as my name was in the top scores in the arcades over ten years ago. I must be getting rusty!

Review of the ultimate game.

I've just been clearing out a few files and came across this little piece. I am not the author nor do I know who is. Someone posted this on another forum I frequent a few years ago and it made me smile. So much so that I think more people should read it:-

Real Life

Recently on the internet I've been hearing a lot of conversation about something called "Real Life". Each time you mention a videogame or a movie somewhere on the internet, someone always has to go ahead and mention that you should try out Real Life.

So I finally decided to try this game for myself, and I have mixed reactions at best.

Let me first start by saying that Real Life's graphics engine is simply amazing. I especially appreciated the lighting effects and the day/night system. Real Life has an amazing resolution that you just don't seem to find anywhere else, and the physics engine will simply make your jaw drop with the moving grass and rippling waves in the water.

Unfortunately, the graphics and physics engines are about the only places where Real Life actually shines. It goes down hill from there, the job system is amazingly unbalanced, you start off by studying for a good portion of the first part of Real Life, earning "qualifications" and "degrees" that might go toward your eventual career. 'Might' being the keyword, as someone who has been studying to become one of Real Life's lawyers might find themselves waiting on tables, while a complete moron might become the next prime minister or president of one of Real Life's multiple countries. I will give the job system this much, you might find yourself changing your occupation numerous times through out the first part of Real Life, the most popular jobs among newbies by far seem to be "Fireman" or "Ballerina" (Fireman is not as it sounds btw, you work to put out fires, if you start fires you're considered an "arsonist" - we'll get into that later.) You must also supply your own Background Music via "CD/MP3 Players", which could take up to 1/10th of game play to actually achieve the currency for one.

Real Life has an amazing number of time consuming mini games that will probably distract you from your self chosen career, I've seen some players who prefer the "Comic book collection" side quest as opposed to one of Real Life's more mainstream goals such as "Mating" or "Financial Success".

Real Life's world is massive, with literally over a hundred countries all ruled by a different government, with different ideas for religion, trying to memorize them all would quite possibly drive you insane (note kiddies, you may want to stick to remembering something important, like the names of 300 pocket monsters) These countries, often lead by stupid AI, will often go to war overinane reasons, such as oil, or stepping on someone else's land.

There are rules in Real Life, and you can't do things to set back other players such as torching their property (the "arson" we talked about) or Player Killing them ("murder"). Let me also take this time to point out that the GM's of Real Life (the "police" in most countries) are often unfair and unjust, If you get caught breaking one of the rules of Real Life you get a record set against you, depending on the severity of the law you broke (or how much the NPC's decide they hate you) you get banned from the world and are locked up in private servers called "prisons" (be careful, Player Killers often lurk here) for any length of time from a few hours to the rest of the game!

I think this game is unfairly balanced in terms of difficulty as well. While you might have an easy time during the day, the difficulty level of Real Life suddenly jumps as night comes around. Real Life is a complex system in which your character depends on food and liquids to survive, and most of these food service stations are closed at night. Night also happens to be the one time in Real Life when you can suffer the most damage; trip over one "Gang Member" klass monster and it's all over.

You also have the ability to mate in this game. Pretty much one of the few ultimate goals in Real Life, the dating system is contrived at best. You can never tell what the hell it is your mate wants, ever. You can try "sexual acts" to please them, but most players of Real Life will find that the sex system causes more problems then it solves. I hope the creators of Real Life release a patch to fix this in the future.

You also don't have any real control over your character skins or their stats, though people are using hacks to change this such as the famous Michael Jackson, who managed not only to alter his appearance, but his gender as well. Speaking of which, I would like to see more species in later versions of this game. The animal kingdom, while still interesting, isn't nearly as powerful or popular as it once was. Maybe in future releases we'll see the rumored "Extraterrestrial life forms?" Only time will tell.

With a long intro sequence, nine months to be exact, you can tell Real Life is going to be a long game. I haven't finished playing it yet, but I'm told the game is pretty anti-climatic (you die? wtf?) and there really is no final boss, though you will fight a few major bosses along the way. Most of them are hard to beat, and will often plague you for the entire game. Nonetheless, I recommend everyone try Real Life at least once, if anything it will give him or her a reason to gossip over the Internet.

I recommend this for the true hardcore gamers with a lot of free time to dedicate to this game.

Overall, I give Real Life a 5 out of 10.

A new address.

Yep. We're in. Took a while for Sky to get their act together with our broadband but I'm up and stumbling (too much effort to run!). I wasn't happy about moving day what with it being the English Friday downpour of the other week (20/6/7) but that's another story. :)

Time constraints.

Sad to say it but time will be limited for the next week or two. A hurried house move is the reason so if I don't reply or join in as much then you at least know why. :)

Rating and reviewing.

Well after trying to rate all my games so far I find myself also reviewing a few of them. All of them older titles as well. And seeing as they are all older titles I have decided to review them as if I was back in the time when they were new games. If I tried to review from the perspective of 2007 then they would all likely be rated as a 1. ;)
I hope some of you actually read them and perhaps let me know if I did a good job or not.

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