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    Saints Row IV: A surreal experience that is uncannily amusing

    I spend many prolonged periods of time studying Wikipedia articles on GTA games and why they have grown to be considered some of the greatest games to ever be played. I've played GTA IV, and I've not...

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    Xbox One or PS4?

    As the eighth generation of gaming dawns, America is split over one question: Xbox One or PS4? The One was notorious when it was first announced for its strict, unfair rules that endangered sharing ga...

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    @princessgomez92 said:Got my haircut today. :)This makes my Xbone Ryse

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    Thanks, glad someone actually likes what I put out, and I have more on my Blogger. I just don't trust the Gamespot community (or admins) these days.
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    Your Tony Hawk review was awesome! I love your writing style and you really make each detail pop out! I definitely hope you'll be reviewing again soon!
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  • sammwak wrote a review of SoulCalibur V.
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    Soulcalibur V: The worst fighting game I've ever played

    Wow, I've got a lot to say about Soulcalibur V.The series initially caught my eye a few years back with Soulcalibur IV. I never explored beyond the cover and a couple Youtube videos, but what had my ...

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  • sammwak wrote a review of Rayman Legends.
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    Rayman Legends: a platforming masterpiece

    I haven't had this fun playing a game in a long time. Rayman Legends is the greatest platformer since Mario, and even he's getting chills when the Limbless Wonder steps up to the plate. In this game, ...

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