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My Overall Opinion On Which Is The Best Next Gen Console!!

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A lot of people, mostly fan boys constantly argue which is the best console, by putting in really stupid facts about whats it got inside it, like micro chips, memory etc. To be honest i dont really give a crap about this, its really sad to research all this infromation to put it up onto YouTube, which then creates more arguements because it is obvious its going to be biast or someone will say the wrong thing which will start more arguements, and more mother dissin and other types of dissing. Al this does is spread more hatred in the world. Which is more sad is the fan boys who search on YouTube just to diss more and more people about whos got the best console.

Today Im going to share my opinion on all 3 next gen consoles, and after that say which i prefer, now i havent got any of these consoles but go round my mates houses and have played them many many times. I will start off with the most expensive console the PlayStation3.

PS3 - People often diss the ps3 because of how much it costs, yes it does cost a lot more then the other consoles but that is because it has a lot of stuf that it can do, now firstly it can play dvds, blue ray dvds, cds, some ps2 games. It has a 60gb harddrive standard, which i must say is a lot, you can store films, downloaded games, songs, albums, pictures, themes. It also is Internet Enabled, and it doesnt cost a thing to connect onto the internet which is a plus. You can "surf" the web just like on a normal computer or laptop. You can even use it to buy things lol. You can go onto PlayStationStore and download demos, pictures, trailors, thems, updates for the ps3, updates for games(which is actually very cool and free, and can add more levels, update graphics, update rosters, which is pretty handy for Football, Wrestling, Rugby, American Football and other games) So far from what i see it has the best graphics for a next gen console. The gameplay is pretty good, for me im more of a serioous gamer" so im not into the whole wii remotes thing. No the console itself, it is the biggest console of the three, you can have upto 7 players not online, the controller is the lighter of the 3, and doesnt need batteries, the six axxis thing is cool, adds more depth into the game, and can use it for some games for the whole game. The controllers are wireless which helps so you can sit were ever you want, the console it self has 4 usb socketcard readers, ethernet cable, and has a sleek black finish. You can turn the ps3 on via the psp or ps3 console which is handy if you can be bothered to getup. The disks are 50gb in size and are blu ray so more detail, length of game, etc can be put into it, the casesq are pretty cool, lol. You can connect the psp to the ps3 and play the games from there, plus they are finally putting vibration into the controller. The PlayStation3 from my knowledge doesnt break down, and has a ver low rate of that, which is pretty neat if you wont your console to last, lastly the only two bbad things about this console is size and prize, but recently it has gone down, and you can get the 40gb for less and get them in bundles which is cool. Oh yeah and the ps3 case scratches easy if not looked after properly.

Xbox 360 - Microsoft have tried there hardest on rushing the Xbox 360, I see this console as being the worst of the 3. But first the good things about the 360. Comes in 3 different ranges, Core, Premium, Elite. Depending on how much you want to spend, It is reasonably priced ranging from £180 to £300-400. The graphics are really good, and the controllers fit your hand pretty well and help if your into to shooting games with the triggers, there are at the moment a lot of games, compared to ps3 but the 360 has been out a lot longer, this is were i think they rushed things, they tried to do things to fast and as of this the following things have gone wrong with it. Xbox 360 has the highest breaking probabiltiy and most 360's end up getting sent back from breaking spontainiously. The Ring of Death - Were the 360 doesnt turn on and the part were its meant to be green goes red, the 360 scratches the games no matter what. and can easily stop them workingg, the 360 overheats and the bearings overheat and melt. Sometimes if you move the console whilst its playing, say to stand it up it makes a incredibly weird noise and can break from that. A lot of people have complained its too loud, and i have to say it is, if you wanna play at night and have to turn the volume down your not able to hear the tv because the noise is too loud. From my experience of playing on a 360 its really good, but broke in weeks, and if you play games a lot this isnt really the best choie of console as playing it too much breaks it. But if you ca get past it breaking down a lot and crashing over heatin etc then go aheaad and buy it but from my experience i say dont. Alotogether its a good console when it comes to games, controller, but the size, weight and noise plays a big issue in making it for me the worst console for the 3rd Generation. Also to play online it cost £60 a YEAR, which sucks!!

Wii - Nintendo have put a lot of thought into this. It is the cheaet and lightest console of the 3, but this put me off as it feels too light and feels as if put under pressure it could break. It is wireless and comes in one colour, it comes in a wide range of games and can play almost every console type of games, it comes with no memmory so best to buy one, you cant play dvds, cds etc. Butas its the cheapest i didnt expect it to have these, if is free to go online, you can buy old nintendo games which is pretty cool. The console is good if you have friends round, and comes with wii sports standard. Games are around £30 a little cheaper then 360 and ps3 which are £40. What also is cool is that you can get a old fashioned controller which is cool and add on parts for your controllers, like steering wheel, a clip on gun, golf, baseball bat etc, which is cool, the only bad thing is that you cant use these in a small room, and have been known to fly off or you might get carried away and hit someone. The graphic aint that great btut it doesnt matter because the game play is really cool. But there have been cases were the remote doesnt respnd to the game very well, but that is notvery often, there are many games out, with all the ****c characters and some new, as far as i know most of the games are only for nintendo and some that are spread outu between the consoles, but even with that said the games are very different to the ps3 and 360 as it is controlled by the remotes which is motion sensors etc. You can go on the internet, which is cool but can be sometimes slow and annoying due to the controllers.

Altogether my favourite console is the PlayStation3, even though it is the biggest, heaviest and most expensive i prefer it. I love the controllers, games, graphics and the gameplay which is awesome, if had any more moeny i would buy the wii, i would never get a 360.

Im now LEVEL 3 woohooo

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when i first went to do a review it said i couldnt i had to be level 3 and now i am woohooo and it took me 3 days!!

Best Console

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i think the best console is the ps3 it may be the most expensive but is the best and wii is the worst

England Vs Croatia

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yesterday was englands most important match since england vs greece when beckham scored that brilliant header. firstly what i didnt undertand is why did we change our formation and put crouch up front on his own, not being horrible but he aint that great. he cant jump for a header and gets puched off the ball tooo easy. another is why put lampard in, he sucks, he is over rated and over paid, barry is better then him and he gets taken off at half time with shaun wright phillips, come on, shaun wright-phillips was the best player in the game for the first half. mclaren is stupid he doesnt know what he is doing and im glad he got sacked, i hate him and england never tried in the first half, they gave up after the first goal which led to croatia scoring again. im fed up with england they are playing like fools. if i was manager this is what team i would of put out

GK - Robinson

RB -Neville

CB - Richards

CB - Campball

LB - Shorey

RM - Wright-Phillips

CM - Barry

CM - Gerrard

LM - Cole

ST - Defoe

ST - Bent







I would of brang on young on for joe cole 55th minute then crouch and beck 70th for wright phillips and bent

why Fifa 08 is much better then Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

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Firstly i must say this year must be the worst pro evolution ever. The biggest mistake is only having a few licensed teams and crap graphics and really poor career mode, another mistake is trying to compete with ea, come on konami you cant make football games. Everyone says how its more realistic then fifa, so shooting like a idiot slide tackling like 90 foot, making the game stupid so that a player gets touched and the whistle blows is better then fifa, konami get real, who ever likes pes is stupid, its a ok game but it aint got nothing on fifa. Fifa you feel more in the game, it takes time to shoot like you have to be in the right position instead of in pro you shoot straight away instead of like in real life, the goalkeeper is more realistic then ever unlike pro were they act like they are demented. Fifas career mode is much much much better then pro, transfer system , the league, cups, everything being official unlike pro evo were its silly names. Another thing the teams names get em right, even if you can get the kits get the names of teams. How crap can you be konami, stick to metal gear solid!! i know people will say oh you kiss fifa ass but actually i was a fan of pes so suck on that bi-otch. Everything in fifa is better, on pro evo they shoot like retards and it just sucks. Fifa is more realistic, better gameplay graphics, soundtrack - dont get me started on that. the soundtrack is better then ever unliek pro evo which suck. There has been times were fifa has done bad like in 2005 but hey everyone makes mistakes like konami thinking hey lets make a football game with no official stuff and suck at it, fifa on the ps2 beats the xbox 360 and ps3 version of pes2008 and the ps3 version of fifa beats all pro evo combined. So altogether Fifa RULES, PES Sucks!!

My Favourite Games

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Well as i can write almost anything i want on my blog and from getting a message from someone saying to add more stuff even though ive only had this for one day ill tell you about my favourite games ive ever played in my life.

BTW im a English Gamer and really proud!!

Firstly and if anyone didnt like this then you should be named and shamed!! Final Fantasy 7, great games probably one of the best games on the ps1, my favourite character there is Sephiroth, i dont know i just like the evil guy instead of the good guy in this one. I do like vincent valentine he is cool and the movie final fantasy 7 advent children was spot on in making him look sooo cool!!

Secondly again if anyone says this ist a great shame then you shall be cursed. Final Fantasy 10. Favourite Character there is Auron and Kimahri Ronso. The simple fact is tidus is a wimp and too emotional. This is a really good rpg and 2nd best final fantasy game. Characters are all different and have there own special powers, sin is cool he is just pure evil and this is one of the games i can play other and other again even though its a very long game and not get bored because you can make them more powerfull choose a different path such as making them stronger at different stuff and so on, i could go on and on about this game but i really dont have enough time lol.

Another favourite is God Of War simply because everyhting about it is bloody brilliant no matter what people think. No one can deny it its a top notch game and hits the spot with the whole greek myths, gods thing. Kratos the main guy is amazing, he is unstoppable and really kicks ass.

Hmmmmm any other games, well im running short on time at the moment so im going to leave you with these 3 top games and add more as i go along!!

Kyle XY

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i dont know if anyone hear watches this show but in merry old england it is shown every monday, its in its second series, were i live its not really populor so i was wondering if anyone watches it, its a really good show about a boy named kyle who wasnt born like normal people but created. he is really good at matchs and basketball and its got a excellent story. if you havent watched it you should and if you want to ask me about it i'd gladly go into detail. just want to discuss about this on my blog.....and if anyone wants to talk about any interesting shows go ahead!