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A month without D3 incoming!!

Release date: May 15th 2012

Played time: 330hour total.

Average up to around 7 hours a day.

Now with end of financial year crunch time coming, I had to uninstall my D3 copy to keep myself in check :( (both home/work computer!)

It's been such a long time since I've been "this" addicted to a game, yet with every new patch Blizzard allowed wider and wider build diversities!! Without going into details, Barbarian went from Sword/Shield to 2hand now, possibly going to try whrilwind/dual wield/running/charge only Barb in the future if I can get the gears. Demon Hunter went from Glass cannon into balanced range build, possibily trying out tanking builds soon.

And there's still 3 more classes to try out!

I can see at least half a year more gameplay time with this game for me!

God help me break this addiction, perhaps a month away from it would help! At least we know the price of gold/$ would drop =P

The spawns of the devil, DLCs!

On-disc DLC had always been a very debated topic amongst gamers, the most recent one being the "Sinclair Pack" for Bioshock 2, 2K's explanation is that they don't want to split up the community into ones that have DLC, and ones that don't.

But of course, it still enraged a number of gamers, me included, who said "I was going to buy it, but now it's on-disc, I am not." However, after I cooled down a bit, I realized:

1: I paid for the rights to play the games, not the contents on the disc, publishers have full control over my access limits.

2: If they just release the DLC with 400 mb of useless data, would I feel better? Because it's already on disc, as soon as I paid for it, I can play it without having to waste my net quotas, isn't this more convenient?

3: It's really interesting that noone ever complain about Day 1 DLCs for Rockbands/Guitar heros, they are basically the same things aren't they?

I guess this could be expanded into day 1 paid DLCs, if they just hold onto it for a month longer, or if Assasin's Creed 2's DLC are not named 11/12, or if Dragon Age: O 's DLC is not advertised within the game, would people complain less?

So my question is, are all these gamers complaining simply due to psychological reasons? Do you think companies should cater towards it? What are your thought on this? The end results are the same, just the means of getting there could annoy certain people.

Banging my head against a wall and loving every second of it

In short, I've spent the last hour and a half on the final side mission of Final Fantasy 13, and the best result so far is 70% :P.

God this is so entertaining, I really wish I don't have to work tomorrow; I have a bunch of strategies that I want to try on this guy. This is what gaming's about, figuring out the right way to take down an enemy.

Minor spoiler about the boss's HP [spoiler] This dude has 15,840,000 hp :D, joy [/spoiler]

Giant turtle down, yay

When's the best time to start a blog? When you got something to brag about of course!

So as many of you know, I am addicted to grinding in FF13, and one of the best monster to grind in this game are called Adamantortoise you will see a lot of these when you first arrive in Chapter 11 The Gran Pulse, it drops the loot that sells for the most gill + drops the final material for Omega weapon, of course, things are never easy and these are one of the hardest mob that exist in FF 13.

Quick look at their status:

3,699,000 hp

Normal drop: Platinum Ingot

Rare drop:Trapezohedron

-Never allows itself to be caught by preemptive strikes

-Deliver devastating physical attacks

-Executes powerful attacks

-Legs can be disabled if dealth enough damage

The bolded part is the key of defeating him, if left alone each of his leg will stomp the ground for 6000~8000 AOE damage every 15~20 seconds, and every 1 minute he will do an AOE Quake attack that deals 10,000 damage to everyone in the party. Legs are 246,600 hp each, with a stagger pont of 150%, fully debuffable.

Based on this data, I recommend you to have at least 2200+ stat in each of your character's specilized roles, for example Hope with 2200+ Magic or Fang with 2200+ Strengh, and have at least 14,000 hp each. This pretty much means you have to unlock Crystarium lvl 10, so don't think about farming these until you have finished the game.

The team I had was Hope, Lightning with Fang as leader.

Paradigms set up are as follow, with Fang, Hope and Lightning

  • Commando/Commando/Commando (CCC)
  • Ravager/Ravager/Ravager (RRR)
  • Saboteur/Synergist/Synergist (SSS)
  • Saboteur/Ravager/Ravager (SRR)
  • Commando/Medic/Ravager (CMR)
  • Sentinel/Medic/Medic (SMM)

Start with SSS set up at the beginning of the battle, apply as many debuff as you can to the two legs, Deshell and Deprotect being your topmost priority. By the time the first stomp comes, your party should be boosted with Protect and Haste, switch to SMM heal your party back to full, switch to SSS, by this time you should have all the needed buffs on your party + debuffed the legs, so here comes the second stomp!

Right after this 2nd stomp, switch back to SMM, after 1 round of healing (no need to be full) switch to RRR if your party are all above 8000 hp, or switch to CMR and focus on one of the leg, it should be very close to stagger point because of all the debuffs you tried to put on it, so as soon as you stagger it, damage it's % up to 500~600%, then switch Fang to Commando and use her Highwind skill, it should be able to knock out all of the leg's hp if you are at 600% stagger with more thsn 2200 strengh.

Repeat the above process for the other leg, be warned as soon as you see "Quake" showing on top of the turtle's head, immediately switch to SMM, otherwise you will die!

As soon as you toppled both of his legs, switch to SRR and spam Deprotect + Deshell, as soon as those are on, switch to RRR and stagger him. Once you build the stagger meter to around 700~800%, switch to CCC for all out damage and this is the important part, you need to kill him before he stands up again, but as long as you have more than 2200 for each stat, should be an easy task. If he's close to dying and the stagger meter's almost over, finish him with Fang's High Wind.

Last but not least, grab the loot and run!

I think I've died around 20 times before I figure this whole thing out sigh...

Oh on a side note, there's a cheap way to do the fight, at level 9 Crystarium, Vanille will learn the "Death" spell, which instant kills anything if it lands (around 5% chance), so just have Fang as Sentinel, Hope Medic and Vanille as Sabotuer then spam the hell out of Death :), it's the coward's way though!