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    User Rating 10
    Awesome Experience

    Those gamers or players who loves playing campaign mode or offline play then they must play this game. It's a visual treat with great story and indulging gameplay. It's full of activities, as soon you...

  • salmanzk rated Far Cry 4 a score of 9.
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    User Rating 10
    Game for FPS Lovers!!!

    Destiny has compelling story line for campaign mode and new DLC The dark below blends and expands the story further .Online play is rewarding and entertaining. The game play is fluid and character bui...

  • salmanzk rated Destiny a score of 9.
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    User Rating 8
    Nice Game

    I played all Thief series games and completed this new game yesterday and it's a good game but lacks some features that's why it's just a hit not a superhit. The good features of this game are environ...