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PS4 and XBox One Avengers Parody(From Thor and Loki's First Encounter)

PS4: Where is the promised gaming core?

XBOX1: Hahaha...I missed you too brother

PS4: Do I look to be in a gaming mood?

XBOX1: Tell me, with Xbox points gone how many PSN subscriptions did you and your father(Sony) have to muster to conjure you here, your beloved gaming community

PS4: I thought you dead

XBOX1: Did you mourn?

PS4: We all did...our Father....

XBOX1: Your father...He did tell you my true parentage did he not(Microsoft)

PS4: We were raised together, we played together, fought(Nintendo and PC) together...Do you remember none of that

XBOX1: I remember a shadow, living in the shade of your greatness. I remember you tossing me into an abyss, I who was and should be King

PS4: So you place 24 hour checks-ins on the community I love as recompense for your imagined slights?..No, the gamers are under my protection Xbox1

XBOX1: Hahaha...and you're doing a marvelous job with that. The gamers exchange our Discs in droves while you idly fret, I mean to extort them..and why should I not?

PS4: You think yourself above them(pirates and rentals)?

XBOX1: Well, yes

PS4: Then you miss the point of gaming brother(it's for everyone) and the throne would suit you ill

XBOX1: I've seen financial opportunities you've never known about. I have grown, Sony's son, in my exile. I have seen the true power of DRM and when I impose it...

PS4: Who showed you this power?(Greedy a** Publishers and Microsoft big-shots no doubt).Who controls the would-be King?

XBOX1: I am a King!

PS4: Not here! cancel the DRM and check-ins! give up this poisonous dream!...YOU COME HOME




Back with a Blog!

So after months in the shadows I have finally emerged with soda water and broken thoughts, satisfied that Gamespot have fixed most,if not all the bugs that forced me there in the first place

Not too many updates really.Far Cry and Crysis 3 are both yet to fall beneath me(not something I'm very proud of).School work's been a real mother lately, haven't even had a chance to peep Iron Man 3 :cry: (the reviews it's getting aren't helping much either) 

So that's me back..maybe some reviews if I get round to it.

IMPORTANT!:Keep mashing those buttons!

Dovahkiin...Skyrim hits the Spot

Hello again...I know it's been a while but hey,it's not like people have my blog bookmarked in anticipation of my next post Just got Skyrim..and I'm loving it..the world is sooo beautifully designed,the story and everything is soooo consistent with all it's predecessors(I actually still have and play Oblivion) and the gameplay I even have to say it?? Frankly,Bethesda Studios have outdone themselves(as always)...the dragon shouts are cool and satisfying to use,maybe not that powerful though(but then again I'm playing on Master difficulty)...Got a new PC but couldn't blog about it cuz of exams..bottom line though is it's way better than my previous one....a dell n4110 with a 2nd gen intel processor and a good GPU Now if you'll excuse me I have to go see the Jarl about a matter that requires his urgent attention

Gamespottttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!....I GROW WEARY OF YOUR INSOLENCE!!!!!!!!

What the HELL!!!!!! gamespot...WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!!!........I have gradually progressed from having like 10 achievements to 2....and one of them is for being a registered member so obviously it doesn't even count...WTF!

Is this how you kick members out??...huh?? least gimme some prior notice so I can sign up to IGN or something before I finally get the boot

Level 15 and Once again FIFA RAPES PES

Nobunaga's Ambition...sounds like a Rock band from the 70's,doesn't it?...but here on gamespot that's the name they give you when you get to level 15...all I can say is I hope I'm not here for too long :oops:

Now to the main issue I take issue that burdens my heart year in and year out...the FIFA-PES saga...or the annual molestation of the competition as I would put it since EA don't ever look like pulling their pants up and KONAMI have absolutely no problem bending over for long periods

After playing the demos of both FIFA12 and PES12,I have absolutely no doubt which one I'm spending my lunch money on.Yes folks,there's absolutely no need for coin-tossing or Tarot cards,FIFA12 is the better game for days.EA have built on a solid 2011 release of their soccer sim series and brought a new,revamped and (I didn't believe it was possible) even better game.The gameplay is awesome,the player impact engine is real,the defending is more hands on and manual and there are new game modes that are probably gonna be a lotta fun to play judging from FIFA's track record these past few years

PES,PES,PES....where do I begin with your flaws?...your graphics have always been striking but veins that big sticking outta players' necks kinda make you wonder if you didn't mistakenly buy some kinda 3rd person shooter.The gameplay could've been soo much better but instead of building on last year's version they decided to (and this is strictly in my opinion) merge the gameplay mechanics of PES2011 and PES6.Players look as if they're sliding when they're turning back to get a ball that's gone behind them,and the movement is comment...You kinda feel like the game is being played on green ice.The off-the-ball controls are a real innovation I must admit but the trigger-run control is sooo hard to pull off that sometimes you wish they'd just left it out.Keepers are still beaten too easily and lowly rated players are still no good for anything but giving away free kicks.The fouling system has not been fixed and you'll find your players getting booked for just running into another player or doing absolutely nothing foul-worthy....the list goes on but sadly my patience doesn't

The GOOD AND BAD NEWS is they're both just DEMOS...GOOD NEWS because PES might be able to patch up theír game's flaws(well some,hopefully most of them) and release a game that's actually half decent and worth the money in the wallet you found on the sidewalk...BAD NEWS because the anticipation of a full FIFA12 couldn't be much higher and this is all thanks to a demo that shows a game that I dare say is fit for release looking at what the competition is bringing to the table

Blur,About to level up,my missing achievements and new Laptop suggestions

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....the smell of a blank text page...haven't had a whiff of that in a while.Its always nice to find something worth blogging about

My life is currently a BLUR..not 'cause I dunno what's going,no,no..I'm completely aware of what's going on around me but I just don't care...The game is slowly taking over my sanity.I'm looking into the possibility of encrypted alien codes that induce mind control and regression.I've always loved Need for Speed and I've never forgiven Nintendo for what they did to my life with Mario Karts so I guess Bizzare Creations will forever remain on my list of gaming Super Villains for merging these two games and throwing my education in the waste basket(well until the current thrill I'm getting wears off)'s a great game,a great buy and I hope there'll be more like it from Bizzare in the not too distant future

Achievements,my greatest is probably my astounding ability to not get any real ones under my when I signed up for gamespot and started getting a couple for doing stuff I'm supposed to I felt kinda awesome.Then one day I log in a find my page stripped of all the beautiful accolades I had no idea how I got..I didn't know if it was a sytem update,failure,glitch but one thing is for sure...I miss the $%#£ outta them and I want 'em back...I need them back..GAMESPOT owes me that much I should think



I'll be levelling up pretty soon...Dunno why it takes me ages to...other people I joined like months before are already on monumental levels...I mean life ain't fair I know,but hell this is GAMESPOT..levelling is just some floating code in the site and it still manages to hate on the scrawny lil kid in the corner of the room :evil:

After hours of pondering(well hours after I got it that is) I've decided to change my pc,It's always hard to get rid of something a parent bought you but I musn't go on like this(I can't actually)....I'm looking to get myself something with a GPU with at least 512MB dedicated memory...Any suggestons or recommendations are welcome cuz I'm totally confused right now...I need good performance and quality that will not force me to break my piggy bank

Java,my chipset and the Champion's League final

Can't believe how long it's been since I blogged about something :shock: ...anywho,got a lot of time on my hands between now and my next semester so I decided to teach myself java...well actually I was doing HTML and wanted to do some jscript and just thought I'd be better off learning the whole thing as it is lined up as one of my courses next semester anyway...turns out C++ comes in handy in java

My holidays won't be too gamely either for the most part,I decided to get rid of all the games that ran under 20FPS at the lowest possible "acceptable" settings on my PC,and trust me,that's a lotta games.This GMA 4500 chipset is killing me.Dunno whether to get more RAM(I only have 2Gig DDR3) or break all the piggy banks and get me a machine with some Nvidia...I used to leave decisions like this up to the fates...up until Kratos killed them that is :twisted:

Finally,Barcelona have shown once again why they're the second best club in the world(Liverpool's no. 1,I mean we all know that)...and in some style too..I wish I could say they didn't deserve to win like when they played Arsenal but I can't.They brought their A-game and Man U. just showed up to make the numbers in the end.Congrats to Pep, the team and all the Barca fans out there

Internet Explorer 9

Just upgraded to windows explorer 9 and I must say it feels great....Totally new look and feel to the browser,load time and evrything seems much shorter too...they also got a new web developer tools bar like in the Dev-C can actually seperate the pagecode into css,xhtml, or javascript....somehow though it reminds me of firefox 4beta :oops:...dunno why,maybe the whole newdownload box which also opens with "ctrl+j" bugs to report so far,not much to report so far really...guess I'll see if its really as good as it starts out in due time

FIFA11 vrs PES2011

Some months ago, I wrote a blog on how much I thought KONAMI had taken a giant leap in their soccer simulation game..I'm not saying that they haven't,all I'm saying is EA probably took a leap of the same magnitude if not greater in the 11th edition of theirs.

After lots of hands-on time with both games,I have come to the conclusion that PES2011 is a great soccer game but FIFA11 is arguably the greatest soccer game to date...player celebrations,barging,position editing,free-form player organization and an online mode that is soo seamless when played with the right kind of connection...Though there are a couple of minor glitches that dampen the gameplay and a couple of bizzare moments that leave you awe-struck(still not as many as there are in PES2011) ,FIFA11, to me is just a few algorithms away from being the perfect soccer game.

PES2011 is fun to play if you appreciate not being able to freely switch to any player of your choice,trigger player runs,manually out-muscle an opponent and a host of others. The incoherent manual passing system doesn't leave a rosy impression either(I mean sometimes the smallest tap can result in a pass that leaves you wondering).Clumsy player movement among other frustrations means hypertensive individuals are not going to be part of the game's fan-base.

Honestly speaking,I think EA killed whatever rivalry was left between themselves and KONAMI in the field of soccer simulation and it's gonna take a pretty INCREDIBLE PES2012 and DOWN-GRADED FIFA12 to ressurect it.

Wow...Another 2D sidescrolling thriller

Haven't blogged in a bit but there are some things in life that you just have to blog about ....SHANK is one of those things :D .Its a pretty cool sidescroller that's got a truck-load of gore,great visual quality and a meanie as the hero..I mean all the ingredients of a good game.Most importantly it's really fun to play with a good number of levels and unlocks to keep you "Shanking" for a decent number of hours...I've personally always thought 2D games are much more challenging than 3D ones and EA really lived up to their "Challenge Everything" slogan with this one.The only regret I have when it comes to this game is not getting it sooner :P

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