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Pokemon x and y concerns.

I am a huge Pokemon fan since the red and blue days. This is something I've only dreamed of, Pokemon in 3D! But the integration looks strange. The camera view looks uncomfortable. Also are they gonna bring back the old Pokemon for this one? They should compile all the Pokemon, as many as possible. What about random battlers? How is all that gonna work out? I myself am curious to see how thisgame plays out.

Far Cry 3 DLC? Does it need to happen.

The answer to this question is an obvious, YES, the game is exploding with amazing features. The game has been compared to skyrim. In order to compete against the elder scroll's blockbuster it must expand. Generating more weapons and maybe even more sidemissions.

Ultimately far cry 3 would gain more from a dlc rather than leaving it alone. The game is an innovation and it need to keep people's interest by expanding and I myself would love to see more.