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I have owned the game since day, it is not a hardcore sim (no injuries and odd stats in sim being the biggest standouts) but. It is still a great looking game and fun to play.

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I believe you can plug in a guitar Xplorer

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Neither, NFS lost its touch a long time ago. I prefer the Burnout series for racing any day over NFS, but if you want more realistic racing I am sure there are other games on PC which can beat NFS.

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PC games and console have their ups and downs. I think that games look better on PC usually because the monitor puts out a higher resolution than my tv will ever dream of. Console games usually win in control though, there is something about a controller that i really prefer over a mouse and a keyboard. But if I had to choose I think I would go with PC because the community for games can be incredible. There are some mods which are unbelievable and the internet sites for games along with playing with generally better players (might be wrong) makes me go with pc. Example, Max Payne 2's mod community has made it probably the best action shooter on PC while Max Payne 2 on Xbox probably hasnt been touched in 3 years.