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I might be deleted.....

Okay first I know I haven't write a blog since like october last year but this important!!!!lol i was warned that I might be deleted by gamespot if i do another violation and the reason is that I was asking why azure get Banned lol(well i kinda make the mistake at ask the mods topic)!!!!


I really like emblems but dunno how to get it.............Can ya all teach me?:cry:

fav... Artist,Band,Movies,Novels or anything else(example;manga or tv show)

this topic is about your fav movies,band,novel or anything else but before that you need to tell your name first:Okay lets start.......My name is Virgil but people call me Verg and well i dont hav fav movies,I really like linkin park , jason mraz.I really like novel such as holocaust by the world , infinite cause perfected and smile my daughter , I really like the mythbusters show but I dont know why.........

Games that I owns.........

Games that I owns.......

hiya all long time no see......i've finished exam so while waiting for my result i hav decided to write this cuz someone mail me to show the list of my game so here we go:,


metal gear solid 2:sons of liberty

metal gear solid 3:snake eater

naruto ultimate ninja

naruto ultimate ninja 2

naruto ultimate ninja 3

naruto shippuden accel 2

Demon Chaos

silent hill 2

silent hill 3

silent hill 4

silent hill origin


yakuza 2

persona 3

persona 3 fes

star wars battlefront

star wars battlefront 2

star wars the force unleashed

mana khemia

wild arms 5

wild arms 4


disgaea 2

soul nomad



suikoden 3

suikoden 4

suikoden 5

odin sphere

radiata stories

devil may cry

devil may cry 2

devil may cry 3

devil may cry 3 special edition

rogue galaxy

dark cloud

god of war

god of war 2

ace combat 4

ace combat 5

ace combat 0 the balkan war

kessen 3

dynasty warrior 5 empires

samurai warrior 2

samurai warriors 2 xtreme legends

warriors orochi 2

need for speed most wanted

need for speed prostreet

need for speed carbon

the fast and the furious

resident evil 4

resident evil outbreak

resident evil outbreak file 2

residenr evil code:veronica x

resident evil dead aim

the sims 2

the sims 2 castaway

the sims busting out

ghost recon advanced warfighter

burnout revenge

burnout dominator(I like the spiritual city course!)


tales of legendia

tales of the abyss

shining force exa

digimon world 4

digimon data squad

final fantasy 10

final fantasy 10-2

final fantasy 11 (and expansion)

final fantasy 12

kingdom hearts

kingdom hearts2

harvest moon a wonderful life

harvest moon save the homeland

hack //g.u and expansion(one of my fav game)

ssx tricky

wwe vs raw 2008

spiderman web of shadows(hate this game)

tekken 5

fifa 2009

p.e.s 2008

winning eleven 8

grandia 3

atelier aris 3

shadow hearts;convenat

shadow hearts from the new world

onimusha 3

battle assault 3

dirge of ceberus Final fantasy vii

fantastic four Rise of the silver surfer


manhund 2

fatal frame


age of empires 2 (and expansion)

age of empires 3 (i lov this game!)

age of empires 3 warlords

age of empires 3 the asian dynasties

age of mytology (and expansion)

rise of nation (also luv this game)

rise of nation trones and patriots

rise of natio:rise of legends

medieval 2:total war

medieval 2 total war trones


starcraft the brood war

warcraft 3 the reign of chaos

warcraft 3 the frozen trone

sim city 4

sim city 4 rush hour

sim city societies

the sims (all expansion)

the sims 2 (all expansion)


crysis warhead

doom 3

command and conquer red alert 2

command and conquer tribium war

command and conQuer kane warth

dead space


Metal gear solid 4

tom clancy's Splinter cell double agent

tom clansy rainbow six

Dead space

call of duty 3

call of duty 4

ghost recon advance warfigther 2

thats all i guess comment about my collection and suggest any that is good .........................

laSt teRm eXam!!!!

Hi guys...........I will be focused on the last term exam so i might be not be logged on for days so wish me luck ok guys..............:cry:


I like horror/adventure/survival games!what about U!:o8):cry::P8):o!!!

Final Fantasy Char That U Like

This is one of the world most favourite game and i have a Question for U!:shock:so who is you fav char in this game!:? Is't Auron Claud zidane ????

Mine is Balthier:twisted:

I Get A-

The exam result has been post out and well the thing is.......My gred is A-(89-81%)! Dude Im tottaly hype!I never get These result before!(usually my gred is B- or C+)!Maybe month of reading is finally paid ! hehehehe..........:twisted::lol:;):twisted::!


Exam is next week and well........I hope to get A in every subject...........I hope....:?
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