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Thoughts on 5 Questions: NFL on FOX

This weekend, which unit has the advantage, both physically and tactically: the Giants defense or the Saints offense?

While I almost always go with the strong defense, this Saints team seems to have something special brewing and they will have a raucous home crowd behind them. The Giants also have had to deal with some injuries to that talented defense so far this season, so it will be up to Sean Payton and his players to take advantage of that. I still think the Giants are too good to lose this one though.

Who are the game's best offensive minds?

(in no particular order) Dan Henning, Tom Moore/Peyton Manning, Josh McDaniels, Sean Payton, Andy Reid, Todd Haley

There's already talk of a coaching change in Washington. Can an in-season coaching change really help?

Troy Aikman brings up an interesting point on NFL on FOX. check this quote:
"Typically, the interim coach is always hired from the existing staff, so why should anyone think he's the solution when undoubtedly he has been part of the problem up to that point in the year"
I totally agree with that sentiment. Major changes like that should be done in the offseason, if possible...especially if you dont have a better option.

What's your perspective on the controversial and very subjective rules/calls protecting QBs today? Do you think the integrity of the game is being threatened?

Here's the deal, people need to realize that the NFL is going to do what they can to protect their investments. Do I personally think they are even the least bit overprotected? Of course, but that's not the issue for me. It's the consistentcy in which officials call penalties overall. If the league's competition committee doesnt remove subjectivity from some, if not all of the calls then the sport could start to suffer down the road.

If you were playing, how would you feel about losing 6-8 snaps a game to a wildcat offense?

First of all, if I were a NFL QB, I would probably be used in the wildcat but I digress. I have to comment on something else Troy Aikman said. While he's never been a big believer of the wildcat, I bet if it was helping him win he would be one of the biggest supporters of it. What people dont realize is that while the wildcat might not be the complete base offense of any team (even the Dolphins), it is a big part of they do regardless of how it came to be or why the Dolphins actually use it. I dont believe it's a "gimmick" if you practice it as regularly as you everything else. It's their identity, not something they pull out of the closet every 4 years or something like that.

Power Rankings OCT 12

Sorry about last week, got too busy and couldnt post.  But here we are with this week's rankings...

Power Rankings

Rankings for Oct. 12


1. Bears – Flip-flop at the top courtesy of that spanking they gave the Bills

2. Colts– Needs to find some answers to stopping the run

3. Eagles- McNabb for MVP?

4. Patriots – Never underestimate this team….please

5. Chargers– Unleashed Rivers on a unsuspecting public and demolished the champs

6. Broncos – Took a last-second “comeback” but they “got er done”

7. Saints – There, now you have your Reggie Bush highlight…will all you Bush fans please stop whining over his role/impact on this team

8. Rams– This has become one of the bigger surprises of the season to me

9. Ravens– Strong showing Monday night spoiled by late heroics

10. Seahawks– Had better rested over the bye with their trip to St. Louis coming up

11. Bengals– Another team allergic to stopping the run

12. Falcons– Hopefully they worked on some balance over the bye

13. Vikings– Showing steady progress

14. Jaguars– Way to get off the snide

15. Panthers– Looks like they’ve got their swagger back

16. Giants – Guess the reports of a mutiny were exaggerated

17. Cowboys– Contrary to popular believe, Drew Bledsoe is not the problem, the OL is

18. Chiefs– Is this the Damon Huard show? 

19. 49ers– Alex Smith is growing up right before our eyes

20. Redskins– Up and down does not a playoff team make

21. Jets– Maybe they forgot to show up last week

22. Bills– Don’t feel bad northern New York, Chicago does that to everyone these days

23. Texans– Let’s see how they handled their week off

24. Steelers– That loud slamming is the sound of the door slamming on their repeat chances

25. Packers – Close losses like that will help be the younger players confidence but wont do Favre any good

26. Cardinals – Told ya that Leinart kid could play (granted it was the Chiefs)

27. Browns– They won’t give up that’s for sure

28. Dolphins – I never thought I’d be wishing for Jay Fiedler, but I am L

29. Titans – Dang, thought I was watching the Twilight Zone with the way they were running over the Colts

30. Buccaneers – Dang that Gradkowski kid can really play

31. Lions – They continue to find ways to lose…that’s special (in a bad way)

32. Raiders – Can they possibly go 0-16?  I guess the better question would be can they win a game?

there ya go...God Bless

Power Rankings - NFL

Power Rankings

Rankings for Sept. 22


1. Colts – Moving into the top spot and getting a chance to show they belong with a big game coming this weekend against division rival Jacksonville

2. Seahawks – They still are the class of the NFC although the offense needs to more on track

3. Falcons - The more they run with that good of effectiveness and that defense continues to play stellar, the more you like them

4. Jaguars – I have to agree with “sweet Dave” (my cousin)….this may be the best defense in the league

5. Bengals – If they get past the Steelers this week and leave them in a 1-2 “hole”, they could be headed for at least another division title

6. Bears – If Grossman keeps this up, there could be a new Chicago “air force” (ref to the Jordan Bulls of the 90’s)

7. Vikings – Brad Childress off to blazing start and getting it down for the Norsemen.  Now come the Bears

8. Chargers – This is kind of misleading because of their level of competition so far, but a 2-0 start in the NFL against anyone isn’t something to scarf at

9. Ravens – Starting to have that 2000 Ravens look and feel to them.

10. Patriots – Not the dominant form of the past couple of years but still one of the better teams in the AFC and still own their division for the meantime which means at least a playoff spot.  Belichick must fix the secondary

11. Steelers – Monday’s loss aside, this is still the defending champs, no?  Of course another stinking like that and it will be time for questions, IMO

12. Saints – Yes those Saints!!!  Look I may be fooling myself for putting them this high but if they beat the Falcons outright on Monday night, no one will probably be questioning this ranking or them come next Tuesday morning.

13. Cowboys – TO says he’ll be back immediately following this week’s bye.  So now he’s a doctor…

14. Broncos – What has happened to Shanahan’s offense?  It can’t all be Plummer’s fault.  Could they be missing, gasp, Gary Kubiak?

15. Giants – Performances like that comeback in the 4th and overtime are what Giant fans what to see more of out of Eli.  But what was up with Plaxico and Luke Petigout arguing?

16. Cardinals – When, if ever, is that line going to learn how to run block?

17. Eagles – Can’t squander away games like that.  Could cost them down the road

18. Bills – Could it be that the light has gone off for Losman?  That defense is surprising good

19. Rams – Still haven’t figured out how to tackle yet, eh?

20. Jets – Put up a heck of an effort in the second half against the Pats.  A better running game would be nice

21. 49ers – Glad to see the leaps and bounds Alex Smith is making.  And Gore is probably going to be your next “out of nowhere” superstar back

22. Panthers – How much do they miss Steve Smith?  Just ask Jake Delhomme…as soon as he pulls himself from the Metrodome turf

23. Dolphins – Ok, I’ll admit it.  I thought that Culpepper would get off to a better start than he has.  But why in the world isn’t Saban running more with Ronnie Brown?

24. Chiefs – Poor Herm…it’s like he carries a curse that costs him his QB’s everywhere he goes

25. Redskins – Isn’t this what drove Joe Gibbs into Nascar in the first place?

26. Buccaneers – What happened to the Cadillac they used to have?
27. Browns – Hey, K2 wants the ball more.  Will they listen?  Will it matter?

28. Titans – Told them they should have taken Leinart.  It not like it would have been any worse than it is now.

29. Packers – Looks like I might not have to wait till Halloween for Favre’s retirement announcement :P

30. Lions – You mean to tell me Roy Williams had the audacity to open his mouth against a defense like the Bears?!?!  I thought Marinelli put an end to antic like that

31. Texans – Not even Reggie Bush could save the train wreck that is the Texans defense.  Wait that was supposed to be Mario Williams’s job right?  Never mind…

32. Raiders – Somebody upstairs doesn’t like Art Shell.  I wonder blackmail evidence they had on him to get him to come back?

I try to update mine from week to week like some of the sports writers so hopefully I wont get lazy and can find the time to keep it up...

what I listen to....

some of the stuff I've been known to blast from time to time....

new order
Depeche Mode
Pet Shop Boys
Dead or Alive (not the game :P)
Drowning Pool
Mercy Drive
counting crows
Sarah Conner
Ian Van Dahl
Kylie Minogue
Gigi D'agostino
DJ Sammy
Kelly Clarkson
Linkin Park
Liz Phair
Frankie J
Ryan Cabrera
James Blunt
Von Bondies
Fun Factory
Natasha Bedingfield
Ayumi Hamasaki (asain)
S.E.S. (korean)
Boa (asian)
Utada Hkaru (asian)
Dave Matthews
Britney Spears

ahhhh, that's all I can think of right now...but I'm sure they'll be amendments :P

getting ready for some football

can't's my favorite time of the year.  other than that, just been working hard and kicking back and trying to enjoy life.  nothing exciting going on and that's the way I like it.  plain ol boring me  :D:P...............

Have you seen her - The WNBA

who actually watches it?  just asking around.......I dont watch it as much as I did during it's formative years, but there's some actual great athletes and people in the league...

calling all coaches

hey gang, i know it's been forever since i've posted anything in here and i havent been on GS for a while but hopefully i will get more opportunities coming up to be more active.

my question here is if there are any other aspiring NFL coaches out there and what you think of EA's latest take on the greatest sport in the world (nope not soccer or basketball).  i'm wondering what some of you think about that "head coach" game coming in June...................