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Gameplay versus Screenplay

Ok Gamespot's has it's "All Time Greatest Hero" (which I still think Snake should have won cough), but let's not be petty. What made me get my idea for a head to head character brawl was actually a movie. I was watching Clive Barker's Hellraiser and got the urge to play Silent Hill: Homecoming. Anyhow there's a scene with Pyramid Head dragging his gigantic blade in front of our would be hero, Alex Shepherd, and it hit me, "What if this brute of a creature went toe to toe with the all time Master of Suffering?". I then began thinking of other silver screen characters I'd like to see go at it with some of my favorite digital characters. I wanted to keep the matchups though within the same genre (i.e horror vs horror). I am merely going to weigh out the history of the characters, their accomplishments in their realms, and overall popularity with myself and fan base, so therefore this will be a bit bias, but I am open to all arguments and counter opinions. So without further adieu I give you Gameplay versus Screenplay.

Match 1

Sam Fisher versus Jason Bourne


Name: Sam Fisher

First Appearance: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (2002)

Latest Appearance: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010)

Description: Sam Fisher was an operative of Third Echelon, a secret division of NSA. Fisher is highly trained in the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system of Krav Maga. He is the main Character in Tom Clancy's videogame series Splinter Cell. He has done many things including assassinating the Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze, thus preventing an information crisis, to posing as a criminal in order to infiltrate a terrorist group based in the United States.


Name: Jason Bourne

Played by: Matt Damon

First Appearance: The Bourne Identity (1980 Novel)

Latest Appearance: The Bourne Deception (2008 Novel)

Description: Real identity David Webb, Jason Bourne is the codename given by a secret government group Medusa. He was originally a Foreign Service officer until the death of his wife, thus causing him to join the organization. From there, Bourne was conditioned to become a contract assassin for the U.S government, more deadly than the world's best and most deadly assassin Carlos the Jackal. While trying to complete a job that originally was for Carlos the Jackal, Jason Bourne failed, was shot several times, and left for dead in the Mediterranean Sea. He was eventually found, but was amnesiac. Both the novels, and films category Jason trying to discover who he is, while Medusa tries to kill him off. Jason Bourne does not stop however, and destroys anyone in his path, either by hand to hand combat, or by crushing a windpipe with a regular old book.

Winner: Sam Fisher

Jason Bourne is a bada**, I'll give him that, but Sam Fisher makes him look like Yoshi. Fisher has nothing to lose as of recent events. His daughter was killed, his government abandoned him, and he is wanted for murder, why should he care about anything. Bourne wants to uncover the truth of who he is, and only kills if he has to; Sam Fisher don't care. You're in his way? He'll kill you, plain and simple. Sam Fisher is a beaten, broken, monster of a human being and that's why Jason Bourne don't stand a chance.

Match 2: Nathan Drake versus Indian Jones


Name: Nathan Drake

First Appearance: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2007)

Latest Appearance: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (TBR 10/13/09)

Description: Predecessor of Sir Francis Drake, Nathan is a treasure hunter in the search for his ancestor's diary in order to find the lost treasure of El Dorado. While in search, he comes across another treasure hunter Gabriel Roman and his band of mercenaries led by Atoq Navarro. Drake fights his way through thick jungle's, ancient ruins, hidden tombs, even an old Nazi submarine. Other than encountering Pirates and mercenaries, Nathan also fights disfigured mutants who were cursed by El Dorado. In the end he abandons his treasure due to its curse, saves a girl, and beats the bad guys.


Name: Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr.

First Appearnce: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Latest Appearance: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008 )

Description: Pretty much if you don't know who Indiana Jones is you've been living under a rock for the past 29 years, or you are too young and listen to the Jonas Brothers and think Twilight is the best movie ever (you suck). Anyhow, this is where treasure hunting began kiddies, with a man played by a Mr. Harrison Ford. Indiana Jones first went against the Nazi's in his debut film in 1981 , trying to prevent them from using the Holy Ark which carried the Ten Commandments of God. He failed preventing them from unleashing it's power, however the only benefit the Nazi's got were melted faces and blown up heads. Indiana and his current woman in distress escaped unscathed while the Ark was buried away in a US storage hangar. Indiana returned three more times, going up against a voodoo witch doctor in India, Facing the Nazi's again in a quest for the Holy Grail, and uncovering that Aliens do exist. Not to mention that his father is Sean Friggin Connery, and his son is Shia LaBeouf (but we'll ignore that fact).

Winner: Indiana Jones

Come on people this is Indian Jones we're talking about. Harrison Ford in one of his finest roles (yea Han Solo is argumentive), but come on. How many times have you seen or heard a reference to something in Indiana Jones? The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, that movie with weird Al Yankovich; all have paid homage to our whip cracking, brown fedora hat wearing, limosine riding, kiss stealing, wait I lost track of who I was talking about, my mistake. Anyways Indiana Jones is the original cool treasure hunter.;I would go as far to say that he could even swoo Laura Croft if he wanted. He is an icon in film and real life. I'm sorry but Nate Drake does not have a cool ride at universal Studios…yet DUH DUH, DUH!!!

Match 3: Pyramid Head versus Pinhead


Name: I think it's obvious

First Appearance: Silent Hill 2 (2001)

Latest Appearance: New International Track & Field (2008 )

Description: What can you really say about Pyramid Head than HE'S GOT A FRIGGIN' PYRAMID FOR A HEAD!!! He is a pale, muscular man who wears a white, blood-soaked robe ; his weapon of choice is a demented version of Cloud Strife's Buster Sword( hey, there's a matchup). First thought of as just a symbol for Silent Hill 2's main protagonist, James Sunderland, and "his repressed anger and desired punishment for the death of his wife" , Pyramid Head has become much more than that. He is now a staple of Silent Hill and the nightmares of gamers who first pick up the series (at least that's what happened to me). He can be seen in paintings through the Silent Hill games, referenced in many books found around the nightmarish place, or unfortunately he could be behind that door in front of you . Photobucket

Name: Pinhead

First Appearance: Hellraiser (1987)

Latest Appearance : Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)

Description: Ah yes, The Angel of Suffering, The Black Pope of Hell, The Dark Prince of Pain…Simon8? He has many aliases but he is known as Pinhead. If you ever find yourself with a small golden box and decide to play around with it, be prepared, cause you're probably opening the gateway to Hell and this old chap will be the first thing you see. Originally Captain Elliott Spenser, who was born into the Victorian British society in 1888, he experienced hell on earth in the form of WWI. It wasn't until the Battle of Flanders in 1914 that drove our would be hero into a state of depression, loss of faith, and hedonism. Eventually he came upon the Lament Configuration, our shiny gold box, and from that day forth he became the servant of the box; presenting those who open the doorway with nothing but an eternity of pleasure and pain, which he deems inseparable (I'm not too sure about that one).

Winner: Pyramid Head

Pyramid head I see as the winner of this slugfest by one simple fact, endurance. Pinhead can throw all the chains, rusty knives, Cenobite minions, etc etc at Pyramid and he'll keep on coming. You can't tell if he has emotions, feels pain, all you can surely know is he is an unstoppable force that will never be destroyed. Pinhead has been defeated, and has shown signs of compassion due to his human form still within. Pyramid head has never shown any remorse or hesitation as long as I've played Silent hill

Match 4: Commander Shepard versus Captain James T. Kirk


Name: Commander Shepard

First Appearance: Mass Effect (2007)

Latest Appearance: Mass Effect 2 (2010)

Description: This is a tough man to describe since he is based in a role playing realm and his history can be altered due to the player's choosing. However I'll go over the basic game storyline. In Mass Effect Commander Shepard is tasked with retrieving a Prothean beacon. So, him and his team end up on the planet, only to be attacked by alien synthetic lifeforms known as the Geth, and all hell breaks loose. He eventually finds the beacon and is flooded with nightmarish images of an impending invasion. Throughout his adventure to uncover the invasion and prevent it, Commander Shepard runs into numerous alien lifeforms, has hundreds of shootouts, MAKO chases, attacks by giant worms, attacked by pirates, attacked by diplomats, double crossed, triple crossed, mouths off to superiors, kisses superiors a**es. Yes Commander Shepard is a busy man, and this is only in his first appearance!!!


Name: Captain James Tiberius Kirk

First Appearance: Star Trek (1966)

Latest Appearance: Star Trek (2009)

Description; "This is Kirk to Enterprise", words that any nerd will be familiar with. Yes, the staple in Mr. William Shatner's career, the captain of the Starship Enterprise James T Kirk. Kirk is an icon, both in the real world, and the Star Trek realm. He has done everything from simple space fights with aliens, to traveling time, visiting parallel dimensions where everyone is evil and has a beard (I do not kid), to having intercourse with many alien women and never contracting an STD. Yes James T. Kirk is a man's man, one that anyone who wants to go into space inspires to be. He is consider Jesus in the Trekkie crowd, one that brings overweight, WOW playing women to tears on sight. Recently he has been portrayed by a young actor named Chris Pine, in a reboot movie that grossed over $350,000,000 worldwide. The name Captain Kirk is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, and we can expect to hear it echoed much more in our lifetimes.

Winner: Captain James T. Kirk by a landslide.

Yes I know I've said Captain James T. Kirk a whole lotta times, but come on, this guy is a legend. It was probably unfair for me to put him up against Commander Shepard, but in all honesty I though while viewing Shepard's history something would provoke me in his favor. Unfortunately for him, and his fans, nothing did. Captain Kirk is a hard man to beat, and I would love to hear suggestions on who would be a better opponent, but I just can't see any videogame character in the sci-fi genre beating him.

I want to thank all the developers of both the games and movies for giving me a lifetime of enjoyment by creating these characters, and hope that they will continue on. I also want to thank Wikipedia for assisting me on some of the history of the characters that I did not know off hand. And I want to thank you all, if there is any, I don't even know if this will be seen, for taking the time to read my blog and leaving comments. If this does get a large reaction (good or bad) I will, and deep down hope I will, be back to bring you more slugfests in Gameplay versus Screenplay.

P.S I was referring to the Nature Boy Rick Flair while I was talking about Indiana Jones for those of you who share the problem of living in a small world of Jonas Brothers and Twilight.