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GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's 2009 ALREADY!?!?!?

Jezz louise... I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's 2009, and I didn't do anything last year :? But that just leaves some extra stuff to do this year! (yeah...) I watched the CBS new years thing and watched evil knevils son jump over some lava stunt thing in front of the Mirage hotel so that was fun. (a friend called me after he jumped and said she was happy that he didn't get hurt but dissapointed that nothing happened that was TOO exciting...) But yeah it was a good year with it's many little ups and downs. I hope all of you guys had a good year as well and to enjoy this new year and also enjoy,


La la la la! (yup it's christmas...)

Yup it's gonna be four more days until christmas! (YIKES! I guess the older you get the quicker time passess...) Gahh another year of re-gifting gifts and slaving in the kitchen, well I guess it's worth it but I can never say that with 101% confindence. I got most of my presents done but regret not being able to get a present for my dad because 1. I dont know what the hell he likes, and 2. I spent a crapload of money on my little 4 year old niece so my two sisters got slim pickings. But it's still has been a nice year :) Well because of the holiday rush I havent been able to do much work on chain of memories, i'm stuck against the stupid 40 - 50 year old organization members second battle so thats not to fun. (once I try again it'll be try #12) But I hope all of you guys are having a great time so far and have a very merry christmas! OH! and please take time to see one of by favorite christmas songs thats in the link below:

And again merry christmas + enjoy,


FINNALY! Answrs to your Q's + Update

I know I have been REALLY bad about posting blogs but hey its finally here! The answers to your questions!

Q - If you could be any game charecter who would you be and why?

A - I acctually be Tifa becuase besides the fact that fairly tough she still has a very good motherly side as well.

Q - If one of you favorite celebrieties came to the door, what would you do?

A - I would probbably pass out. :P

Q - How did you get your GameSpot username?

A - God I KNEW someone was gonna ask this... well a person I knew said that the name of this one charecter was named 'saferia' but I got 1 vowel wrong and the #5... I dunno why I picked 5 :lol:

Q - Other than Kingdom Hearts, what would be one of your favorite game series?

A - Tomb Raider, Soul Calibur, Or Final Fantasy 10 or 7.

Q - If you could hang out with any game charecter who would it be and why?

A - (this was a hard one) Probbably all of Organization XIII sience all the members personalities vary, I could hang out with whatever mood I was in.

Q - Favorite color?

A - Blue or Black

Q - If you could visit any game world where where you go?

A - ( ANOTHER hard one) I would say Spiera (sp?) *Final Fantasy X & X - 2

Q - Weirdest gift ever recived?

A - Socks -_-

Q - Latest movie seen?

A - Twillight (which was very crappy vs. the book)

And that wraps up the questions! Now for Latest news, I got Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of memories on the 6th which i havent been able to put down since I never got the chain of memories for the gameboy. Though I thought it was wierd that one of the voice actors is the voice of Wendy on the Wendy's commericals. :lol: but it's still a very good game :) Well that wraps up this blog post, and I hope all of you are doing good! Enjoy,


Ask me Anything Blog O.o

i was just glancing at a few older blogs of mine and I reallized something, I have never done one of these! Now due to some technical things I know not very many pepole will answer but whatever. So yeah just ask me anything just dont make it to weird or stalk-ish. :|

Election Day!

You know some one had to post about this.... :P anywho today is election day! (woo! hoo...) I talked to a magority of pepole today about there opnions on the two canidates, and they gave some fairly good responses. The Obama supporters said that he gives great answers to questionaires from the big economy to small issuses. Now I AM a Obama supporter but I still talked to the ones who supported McCain well besides one... ( thats right Jason if your reading this that means YOU!) [jason is a friend of mine for you other readers] *cough* anyways... most pepole said it would just be to risky to let Obama in because 1. He lacks experience and 2. his backround oh! and 3. Cuz there parents are republicans -_- so there are just a few of the reasons why pepole suppport those 2 parties so anyways cya around and enjoy,


p.s @ C-Mill - Who did you vote for? O.o

Happy Halloween! :D

Hiya I just wanna wish you all a happy and frightning halloween!

And share with you what happens when you google search "scary" on images. :shock:



Have a good time pepole!

Sorry for not posting in so long + Good and Bad News

Yeah so sorry for not posting in so long, I mean nothings has happened in SOoooooooo long that well I really had nothing to post about :? but I got 2 pieces of news

1. OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Vampire Knight Guilty's first episode has been on Youtube woo! I thought it was a bit weird the first half cuz it was somewhat of a recap and all and everything had jumped so fast. But yea all and all yay!

2.OMG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: one of my poor gay guy friends (and I don't mean like he's lame gay not he's just well acctually real gay got beat for well, being gay Of course the jerks who beat him got suspended ect. but the poor guy was so depressed! Well the worst he got was brusies and some aches but hopefully he'll be okay. :(

And now for my time to vent about my delema. A friend of mine is getting all pissy on me hating me throughout the school day and then suddenly after school were "best buddies" and so after school I ask her why she is so rude and b**chy to me during school and she says it's because of "mood swings" and I feel like screaming at her at this point "GOD!!!!!!! i'm a female to ya know and your the special one who can just act out all day just because your PMSing!" I mean GRAHHHHHHHH!!!! :evil: :cry: *sigh* sorry a bit overboad there *cough* and she takes EVERYTHING all out on me I mean if she gets pissed off at me SUPEr bad she'll make up some bull sh*t story like "Elena (me) poured acid on me in Science!" and then she says that her mom says that she can't hang out with me. OF COURSE NOT IF YOUR MAKING UP CRAP LIKE THAT!!!!!!!

I'm gonna go now... enjoy,

GAMESPOT *takes some medicine for headache*

I am waiting for to many things & my moms stupidity

First of all.. hehe.... my mom didn't know my phone was in my pocket so she washed my jeans AND my phone. (way to go mom...) so yeah now I have to wait for a new phone to get here which is kinda crappy but whatever...

Next i am waiting for three things to be released

#1 - Vampire Knight Guilty

Really awesome series indeed which first season ended suspesfully question the death of a main charecter. It's brodcast on Tokyo TV will be on October 6th at 1 A.M

#2 - Tomb Raider Under World

I can't help it but be exited for this game ^-^ which I said in a few blog posts back will be coming out on ,ovember `8th I think? im to lazy to open a new tab and check...

# 3 - Kingdom hearts RE: Chain Of Memories

Now something NEW to add to my list, the RE:CoM Coming to north america on Decmber 2nd at $30 *sweet*

But I got a question WHY DOES JAPAN MAKE ALL THE ADDICTIVE GAMES AND ANIME!!! it must be there little gift anyways heres something to prove that im not only obbsesive over kingdomk hearts, im obbesed with other things as well! SO if your wondering if im on edge, now you know why :) enjoy,


... *pukes*

On a gloriuos saturday (so called yesterday the 20th..) my mother decided to take me and my niece to see some baby cows at the fair. Well lets just say the place didn't smell like perfume and well you probbably guessed it, *pukeathon* barely made it to a nearby honey pot which made me puke even MORE. Now i'm here on a lonely Sunday having a misrable cold and frankly feeling like the crap I saw at the fair... Aned I don't know how this ends up but i'm *achoo!* snezzing *achoo!* every *achoo* second. *achoo* okay either i'm magically alergic to cows or school is slowly eating at my amuiene system or whatever... anyways I hope you guys are feeling better than me and enjoy,


... *achoo!* :(

And the winner is....

...not me! :( as some of you might rember a couple blog posts back, I said I was going to enter an AMV contest on YouTube. Well I didn't win nor did I get any reconiction for my video yet I still have on that video, almost 900 views :shock: , 7 ratings, and 5 comments :D . Now if you want to contrubite a comment, view, or a rating, click the link below to see the video.

OR if you wanna be friends on YouTube as well please do! And enjoy,