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man, the wolf among us was really disappointing.

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So Drew and Dan at Giant Bomb are attempting to do playthroughs of all the mainline MGS games.. MGS1, 2, 3, 4, and hopefully Peacewalker.

I haven't played through them all in like 2 years now... Gonna give it a shot. It was unspeakably dumb how hard it was to get Metal Gear Solid on Vita without a PS3.

But last time I ran through them I went in chronological order.. This time I'm going in order of release. Kinda weird platforms though.. MGS1, 2, 3, and Peacewalker will on be on Vita, and MGS4 will be via PSNow on PS4.

Yeah, I'm doing the same though I'm not gonna play 1. Finished 2 yesterday and maybe my main take away was that I really hope MGS 5 on the PC has quick saves. Also, forgot how weirdly rushed the part in Arsenal Gear feels.

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snowpiercer is a very strange film, but i can't help but admire how earnest it is.

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watched calvary last night. best film i've seen in a while, perfectly paced. some really gorgeous landscape shots too.

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watching patrick play p.t and it looks pretty incredible. has something of an eraserhead feel with one one part seeming to be quite directly inspired by it.

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i literally just now bought ground zeroes on ps3 because it was on sale.

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mgs 5 on pc :o


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Kojima's too heavily involved with Konami to leave with fox engine and so on. Has there been anything to say he'll be actually heavily involved? His name was on that Castlevania game but he apparently had no real involvement. I find it hard to say Konami's stifling him when you look at what we've seen of MGS V so far.

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my ps3 has decided it is too good for normal DVDs and will now only play blu-rays.

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wanted to play the dark souls 2 dlc but my character was right at the start of ng+ and you have to have beaten a certain boss to get to the dlc area. ng+ is kinda interesting, there's quite a few new red phantoms and a few enemies seem to have new moves or at least moves I hadn't seen. really nearly beat the pursuer on that first platform you meet him. think the re-spec item makes you a bit more overpowered as you can really min-max your points with it.