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probably the most incredible game of football i've ever seen.

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the brigmore witches dlc for dishonored was pretty good. quite neat how they tie in decisions from the main game to it. the low/high chaos thing is still weird. seems like you'd have to murder everyone in a level to get high chaos. funny being told how 'cleanly' you made it through a level when you killed like 5 people and left another 20 unconscious.

if you're thinking of playing dishonored definitely get both of the dlcs. i think they're better than the main game. more memorable scenarios, more interesting main character, and the pause on blink (the teleport skill) lets you do some cool jumps.

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can't even deal with this giant bomb drama -____-

problem shitlord?

the whole thing was just so dumb. I agree, diversity would be fantastic at giant bomb, and it will certainly happen, but there could not possibly be a better fit for anyone anywhere than dan ryckert at giant bomb. though this should worry me as someone who doesn't care at all about wrestling.. maddy myers (and obviously many many others) would be great, but dan is a perfect fit.

I just read into that, and I don't understand why it's being given so much attention. She doesn't even have a leg to stand on. Anything that has to do with feminism makes me cringe. It's pretty bad when you have people who need to assert themselves as humanist instead of feminist just so they're taking seriously.

A very dumb response that she either misintrepreted or was just tired of all the shit she was getting... I've seen other people reacting to that like the dude meant there are no qualified female applicants, which, of course there are plenty, Dan Ryckert was just the most qualified for Giant Bomb by far... The one thing that actually made me mad was Leigh Alexander.. She tweeted something to the effect of "Time to go back to work, anything I write is far superior to anything ever written by the giant bomb staff".. I like Leigh but she was way out of line there.

lol, leigh was probably just mad that they never invited her back to a live show after she got drunk on an e3 stream and talked about how she thought nazi uniforms were hot.

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Installed my new GPU and replaced the thermal paste on my CPU and nothing broke. 8)

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finally bought my new gpu. got a pretty good deal on a r9 280x.

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bought tomb raider even though i got it from ps+ purely because of tressfx...

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all these got posts made me look at the plot summaries for the next two books and, man, i'd forgotten a lot of stuff that happens in those. particularly from dwd. there was some stuff (mainly with brienne) that i have no memory of whatsoever.

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bought octodad, now just have to wait for twd season 2 to go on sale again. was tempted to buy payday 2 but then realised i got on ps+.

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managed to miss the walking dead season 2 being on sale again.

usa vs germany in an hour. usa only need a draw to be the only anglophone team to make it out of the groups could even lose and still do it... so come on germany and ghana!

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sheeeeeeeeesh. watching game of thrones again so i can remember the characters names and stuff. circe is evil from day one.. man i hate that character so much... the lannisters can (pretty much) all burn as far as i see it.. tyrion is cool of course, and jamie seems kinda cool but he doesn't get a pass..

i miss the fat king and ned.. a bunch of other characters i don't remember are all over too. what a crazy show.

yeah mad when circe turns everyone into pigs. (cersei's the character from game of thrones, circe is from greek mythology).

also i tried to send you an origin friend request, but couldn't find you. i'm ryanrulez93 on there (i'm very good at thinking of names).