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New account

To all my friends.....I am getting rid of this account in a week or so. Reason being is that personally I hate the username that I have I mean it gives out info you know??? Anyway if you want to continue to be my friend add my new username which is, "Angel_o_Death08" I appriciate all of you who have been with me and who haven't gotten rid of me for not being on so long but for you who do want to stay with me add me. Thanks alot all of you.



Ok wow forget what i said about being back in the last blog cause i put that and well I left for a while cause I have been so busy so anyway just wanted to let all of you know that i am back for good and that if you need to talk to me that i am hear. anyway what have i missed so far???

I'm Back

Wow...I feel like I haven't been here in forever, but the thing is......lol I haven't!!! so tell me my friends....what have I missed since I have been gone? Is there anything that is worth telling me like new improvments to the site or anything like that???

Charmed Seires

(What do you think of this picture?)

Ok I have a BIG question for you huys to answer.....Who here watches the Charmed Seires? cause i happen to think that that show has to be the coolest show ever ( Also I think that They are HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!) But that's what I think. Anway another is for those of you who do.....do you know when the 2nd Season is coming out on DVD?

Losing someone you love

Ok, I am giving the guys and or girls to not fall in love unless you think that it will last a long time. The reason that I say this is cause if you do then there is a chance that something may go wrong and that is not something that you want to happen cause trust me if you knew the pain that i have felt by losong someone dear. Oh and another thing is if you somehow manage to end up in this situation and you still love the person try as hard as you can to get over the person, but if you think that there is a slight chance that you and this person mught get back together than i advise you to go for it, but be really careful and don't get your hopes up to high cause if he/she says no then your screwed. For some of you that have been in a situation like this could you give me some pointers? Anyway feel free to PM me for questions

Stupid 17 yr old

ok I have this stupid 17 year old girl hanging with my mom and she thinks that she can boss me around now here's what I have been think.....1) Kill her 2) Tell everyone that she has genital Herpes (Which I am sure she does) or something elose which is where you guys come in.....If you think that any of these are good say so or if not give me another that will send her running cause she is a prep a$$ Biotch and man is it bugging so please give me an idea

YES!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! It's Spring Break......!!!

Ok so it's spring break right and you know how people tell you, "Spring Break is to have fun and take a break from school." Well they are wrong Mine isn't going so well cause when your friends are complete a-holes and ditch you all the time there is nothing that you can do cause they are gone by the time that you know it....you see what I am getting at? I am sure that some of you people out there have had crappy a$$ spring breaks and sh!t like that becuase the people that you think are your friends are really just using you and stuff like that. But see this is the first year the I am actually bored out of my wits...! So people please tell me or give me an idea of what I should do....PLEASE!!!!

Online Dating

Hey I need some help here. Do any of you think it wise to date a girl/guy over the net? Please tell me cause I am in the situation with a girl and dating her over the net.
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