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Almost forgot....

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I just realised today marks the 3rd aniversary of me creating a Gamespot account.

oh joy.

So I have a SNES again.

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Christmas gift from my friend.

The problem is now I have no games for it...

I'm going to a cash converters today to look for some and hopefully I can restore my old collection I had so many years ago.

Games I must get:

1. Kirbys Superstar Saga

2. Super Mario All-Stars

3. Super Mario World

4. Mario Kart


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So today marks 2 years since I created my acoount.

You may not know me that well though since I only made 15 posts before taking about a year long break from Gamespot and returning late last year.

Here is too another 2 years.

ESRB and Gamespot...

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I find it stupid that due to "ESRB guidlines" I can only watch one of the press conferences...

And guess which I was ALLOWED to watch.





Yes, apparently im to young to watch New Super Mario for Wii

and I'm not mature enough to see Sony play with rods.

Ah well, youtube will have to do for now...


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I have decided to become an emblem whore, just because I can.

So, here is a list of my (few) emblems:


Achieved: September 11, 2007




Achieved: May 24, 2009


Achieved: May 24, 2009


Achieved: between June 1, 2009 and June 3, 2009


Achieved: June 4, 2009


Achieved: June 22, 2009


Achieved: July 17, 2009


Achieved: Early-Mid September, 2009