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This month I am on fire! I have gone up 2 levels, I have made it to 800 posts, I have got the Popular emblem for having over 50 friends, more members have joined my union (The Skip Union) AND my union got promoted to an Active Duty!

I am Popular

I am very popular indeed. I have made over 50 members on GameSpot now, most people I know and some people I don't. Anyway, this is a tribute to myself for earning this new emblem.

Bye Bye, Sony!

Looks like in a while I will be saying goodbye to Sony. My PlayStation 2 has had a mod chip in it for a year and a half now, guess what, it is dying now. Most games are unreadable meaning I cannot play them while other games take ages to load. In a while, my PlayStation 2 will be completely useless and I will try to sell it, or if I can't then chuck it in the bin. I am saving my money up for a Revolution, so there is no point wasting money on another PS2.

I will not even consider buying a PlayStation 3 though, they are way too expensive for my budget and looking at the price of SDK's and the high graphic demands, there won't be that much games. I am all eyes for the Revolution now, I think it will be a magnificent console.

I do have a PSP though and I am fairly enjoying it. I mostly use my PSP for homebrew though and not much for commercial games.

So in the end, I will have to say goodbye to Sony consoles, I have enjoyed the PlayStation 2 quite a bit but now its dead. So...bye bye....Sony..........

I am now Complete

I have now become a GameSpot Complete member and I love it! I can finally get fully detailed walkthroughs for all my games, download patches and demos at full speed, have no annoying ads and I can compete in tournaments :D

2 Years

Never really noticed this, but I have been a member of GameSpot just over 2 years now. I remembered, back when I made the account, I did not really use GameSpot for anything else except downloads and rarely looking up reviews. Ever since about three quatres of the way through 2005, I have been using GameSpot heaps and taking part in all GameSpot's features. I would like to thank GameSpot for creating such a great site and probably now, my most visited site out of all.

Got my L's!

Just to let everyone know, I got my L's today (If you are not Australian, L's are the Learners Permit for driving). I succesfully passed the test and I am going to start driving very soon.

Nintendo DS

So, I have decided to buy a DS again. I wanted one so badly because of the really great new games that are out and coming soon, also because of the Wi-Fi. I will be putting my Wi-Fi games friend codes in my sig shortly :wink:

The Skip Union

A week from today I started up my own union called 'The Skip Unin'. The union is dedicated to all Australian Gamers and contains news, release dates, forums etc.

So far the union doesn't have much members. So if you are an Australian Gamer can you please join my union. We need more members to make the union grow and make it better.

Thanks everyone who has joined.

PS2 gettin boring!

I have completely gone off my PS2. There havnt been any new good games out for ages so I never play it anymore. Instead I am back into playing my GameCube again and I love it. Also playing PC now and then.Can't wait till Twilight Princess comes out!! :D
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