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All of this delicious spam.

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Currently watching:
The Walking Dead Season 5

Game of Thrones Season 3 (I started late, no hate.)

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Good to see another Oblivion fan that wasn't satisfied with Skyrim or ESO, Oblivion really was the best TES game for me. I never really liked Morrowind as much, and I know someone will quote me and call me a heathen but I don't care. Oblivion is one of my favourite games of all time, and I hope Bethesda hit its level of excellence again.

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Even if you don't play it, watching a playthrough on Youtube is as entertaining as watching the show. I do like the games, not Survival Instinct though; but the TellTale ones are wonderful, you'll like them I think.

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"Although I have to say, you taste MUUUUCH better than I thought you would."

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I'll live, I still play MGS1 and find it an impeccable experience.

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So, I've owned an Xbox 360 since launch day and I never really bothered with racing games when they came along. On November 14th my pre-ordered white Xbone with Sunset Overdrive will arrive and I've noticed a lot of the XB1's promotional campaign involved the Forza series.

Could somebody tell me the appeal of racing games? I'm not judging or saying they're bad, I'm just wondering what's so captivating about them. Interested in trying new things and broadening my...Horizons.


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@Fairmonkey said:

Its a goofy looking game from an ex-PlayStation developer who basically sold out and gave the middle finger to their fans who supported them for 20 years cause Microsoft is desperate and realizes their first party support is garbage so they gave insomniac big bags of money to only put it on Xbox cause they are getting destroyed by the ps4

Did you do any type of research before you put down you comments for all to see? Sony gave Insomniac the middle finger. This game would have been for the PS4. Insomniac when went to Sony with the idea for the game. Insomniac wanted the IP to be theirs but in the standard publisher contract states that IP's they publish belongs to them. This is OK if Sony owns your company but Insomniac is not owned by them. Insomniac did not want this IP to be a Sony property and Sony would not budge on this issue. So they went looking for other publishers and contacted MS. MS doesn't have this policy of taking IP's just because they are publishing it. Now, the game is on the Xbox One and Insomniac keeps the IP. If you want to have a fanboy fit, I suggest you have one pointed at Sony. They are they only publisher that has "I publish your IP it belongs to me" contracts.

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That post gave me Ebola.

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You like MGS, so go for Kill la Kill. That show is almost as if Kojima came up with half the ideas, and Tsumugu and Aikuro are basically Snake and Otacon; it's great.

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