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I've done my best to remain positive through my life, but naturally bumps appear in the road and knock us down. For you, what is it you find helps you recover from these setbacks? For me, Kid Cudi's music really speaks to me and helps me get the negativity out of my system, I also have video games, writing and watching my favorite tv shows to help as well.

Just curious what others do when they're not feeling ready to deal with the tumultuous whirlwind that is life.

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My 500GB Xbone has 355GB of space because 145 goes to the OS it seems.

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Actually no, because in today's society women don't rely upon men as much as they were known to do before, and now they generally frown upon the edgy, angsty asshole who wants to treat them like crap. I see more nice guys getting somewhere with girls now than I did when I was in school and it was the meatheads getting all the success. Sure, there's exceptions, but I think nice guys are the ones who get farthest now.

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I can't really say I wouldn't do the same, honestly. I'm one of those people who once you pass my disgust tolerance there's really no way I'm going to treat you like a human being or even see you as one, that's why I lack any sort of empathy for the pedophiles who get murdered in jails.

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I'm really excited for this game, honestly looking like that and MGSV will make 2015 incredible. BUT, it was delayed because "the game development hasn't fully begun". With that timeframe, and only a year to go, how much can Ubisoft get done after the Watch_Dogs fiasco? I'm really hoping this game lives up to the hype.


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Or do I have to stalk a video game store and hope a hot chick walks in looking for Fallout 3 GOTY edition.

Or you could meet other women because not everyone has to like games to be a compatible mate.

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I personally would not want to be a tester. The jobs are typically temporary in nature, with no benefits, and you'll work long hours. In fact, I wouldn't want to turn any of my hobbies into a career because you'll end up hating your hobby and your job.

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Rick Grimes, Big Boss, Solid Snake, John Price, Ezio Auditore, Corvo Attano and Agent HUNK.