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Sorry people....

Ive been away lately and now that Schools going to start and am curently playing Kingdom Hearts 3d. Kinda a busy life right now >.> on the good side I managed to swipe the MM collectors of KH3D : D

Also supper ecxiced becuse one of my favorit k-pop groups released a new music video : D


I got Tales of Graces F yesterday ^_^
I even skipped ****yesterday to pick it up. Love the game so far and im in love with the opening theme song for the game. lol

Atlus why?!

Atlus why!? why are you bringing so many games that I want to buy. Your killing my wallet. Also this better not be a prank about Persona 2 Eternal Punishmen! if so I need to save money D:

New game

Woot I finaly got Tales of the Abyss today! Sadly I cant really play it right now till later tonight hopefuly maybe if I finish my homework early. Wish me luck!

Ghost maybe? who knows...

Well over the weekend my friend and me stayed at her sisters house and I swear we heard foot steps in the house. Yes we did lock the doors. I double checked them too. The house is old btw so if anyone were in the house and walking around you can easily hear any noise. It was scary though but to tell you the truth I started getting excited about the tought of there being a ghost. But still scared at the fact that someone might have broken in or something.