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My small backlog, and games I've quit on.

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So before I get a Wii U, I want to complete this backlog that accumulated because I went on a retro-gaming spree over the past few months... This is a pretty small list because I actually quit on a few games in my backlog because of lack of interest.


-Metroid Prime 3

-Mario Bros Wii (still haven't bought it, it's selling for $60 here in Canada, I'm planning on getting it cheaper some way or another)


-Chrono Trigger (this game feels really outdated when I play, I know I'm late to the party, but I'll try and get through it...


-Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

So yeah, I quit on Metroid Prime 1 and 2 (yeah yeah, I know) because I honestly couldn't get into them. I hated the empty, bare atmosphere, and also hated backtracking in environments that I found pretty bland. Don't hate me.

I also quit on F-Zero GX, got that game for free a while ago, and I didn't have patience to get through it.

Also quit on Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles because again, it felt a bit bland to me.

And finally, you will definitely hate me for this... I quit on Xenoblade. I honestly hate that game. Awful graphics and physics, hated the voice acting... RPG's aren't really my thing, I guess, unless they're Pokemon or Mario. But yeah, that's it! What about you guys?