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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Rant

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Before I start this very short rant, I'll admit that this was my fault. Nevertheless, I am annoyed!

Last night I was playing New Leaf very late at night (don't ask), and I was at the island fishing. I caught a full inventory of different fish and insects, it took me a couple hours to get as many different ones as possible. I COULDN'T STOP!!

So anyways, as I was playing, I was literally about to fall asleep because it was so late (was starting to walk into trees in the game because I was half-asleep). Don't ask.

So I finally decide to leave the island to save. So naturally, I leave the island with my inventory of newly caught creatures. But when I get back to my town... I see that all my caught fish and bugs are GONE!! All because I didn't realize I had to put them in the basket at the island, which would have transported them to my town. So I pretty much lost 2 hours because of that.

I can't quite remember if the game told me about this basket before I left the island because I was half-asleep, and I was rapidly pressing A to get through everyone's conversations. Funny, I love how Kapp'n realized I was rapidly pressing A, and he stopped singing. Nice touch.

So again, probably was my fault, but had to get that out.