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@dbene: so I'm not imagining it. I remeber having a lot of difficulty on normal when I played on 360. Have it on ps4 now and except for Belial I have not had any difficulties on expert.

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Folks, this my first play through and going for low chaos, i can't decide which one to upgrade to 2nd level. I'm leaning towards bend time. What are your thoughts?

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Hard was more fun than medium. Only used money to upgrade my vigors since it is hard to come by.

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I finished it on hard and enjoyed it much more than medium. I started 1999 mode but there mis no room for errors, it pretty difficult and you have to start again if you die and don't have enough money to be revived.

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I'm about 8 hours into it but I get the feeling I'm more than 2/3 into it and it has been too easy till now. How difficult is it on hard,  guess I should probably restart on hard.