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Gaming...... BLOCKY STYLE (minecraft tales part1)

So I bought minecraft yesterday, and already I've gotten pretty far (I have a nether portal, meaning I have obsidian meaning I have a diamond pick, meaning I've found diamonds) Today I'll tell you the tale of my first night in minecraftia

So I spawn in this HUGE desert, endless and HUGE!! No other land in sight but I trudge on (quick note I changed my characters skin to resemble The Doctor from Doctor Who). After a few minutes of desert trudging I catch sight of land. I head over there and look for an ideal sight to set up a house. I find a small hole in a mountain which I decide to use as my first home. I start mining out the stone while singing the diggy diggy hole song. I gather some wood then rush inside as it starts to get dark! I craft a door and a furnace, seems good but the only problem is I have no coal. dark, my house is dark, I open the door to the outside world and look out, an arrow flies at me but misses. I then realize how to get some form of coal. I place some wood planks in the furnace as fuel and logs as the thing to be cooked, charcoal!! I make a few torches and a bed, my first night and I'm living in luxury. I go to sleep til the morning.

The tale of my amazing morning

I wake up walk outside and instantly an arrow flies at me from a burning skeleton, I dodge all his arrows as if life were in bullet time. just then a creeper runs towards me, I run back into my house but he's out there, camping, waiting to blow me up, so I start my mine, I hardly get very deep when a zombie comes out and I was too slow to take out my sword, dead. I respawn at the spawn point and start heading home, I see a spider harmless during the day... but creepers aren't. A creeper jumps down and blows up killing the spider but leaving me unharmed.

More to come...

The shocking facts!

According to some statistics I read (curiosity got to me) The Dwarves are the 2nd least popular race in wow. SHAME!!! There are only abt 5000 more dwarf players than gnomes (a really cool race that certainly don't deserve to be so low on the charts either). Take up the axe and hammer, the mining pick, and put down the shaving razor! DWARVES UNITE!!!! If anyone sees one of my dwarves in-game then don't whisper, we will talk in our ancestors tongue (we'll have our characters speak dwarven to each other considering the low number of dwarves no non dwarf will understand what we say!!!) Note: there is an option to change your speech language in the game, it may seem like your speaking english but to any race that doesn't know the language, well they won't understand you. Another Note: Each race has a unique language (except for orcs and humans more on that soon), and every race knows wither common or orcish as a 2nd language (orcish if on the horde and common if on the alliance, also Humans and Orcs don't have a unique language!!)


New review!

Hello! quick notice, I've reviewed a game for the first time in nearly a year! check out my new review (it's for probably the best game ever)

Gettin some loot! and Pets! and more Dwarves!


Who's ready for more WoW stories?

(crickets chirp)

Well too bad I'm a nerd and you're all gonna listen!

So with my uber cool hunter Loughar since I can't level up no mores unless I get the full game (I've devised a genius plan to get it but it may take some time) I need some new pimp gear so I can beat the crap out of other players when I do PvP matches. So I went into the shadowfang keep dungeon to get me some new stuffs. I came out of there with new armor and a new melee weapon (being a hunter your melee attacks are awful but having a good weapon would still be nice) Loughar is practically made out of items you can only get in dungeons now. Most of his armor was obtained through dungeons and both his ranged and melee weapons are dungeon exclusive items. I also took to taming animals to use as pets (cuz hunters use pets to fight) I can have 2 pets with me at any time and additional ones are kept in a stable, my main pet is a bear named bear. I also like my boar named boar. My new pets include a bird a crocolisk and a turtle (a big turtle). I also am working on creating an army of epic dwarf characters. So far I have Loughar Halfax (a lv 20 shaman) and Falrogan (a lv 8 paladin, yeah I need to play as more...)

Until next time!

Absolute epicness in WoW


Today I bring to you a few tales of interest and intrigue involving one of the best online games EVAR.

World of Warcraft.

I've been playin quite a bit along with some guy called batmannoober (he's real weird...... yet strangely familiar) Anyway considering I've reached the free to play level cap with my main character a lv20 dwarf hunter named Loughar I decided to get him some moneys in case I ever get the full thing. (more on that later in the blog) So I've been joining dungeon groups and lootin the crap outta bosses and such. I recently played in the Shadowfang Keep dungeon........ and it was good. The dungeon is within the city of Gilneas which is nearly destroyed due to the worgen (a cool playable alliance race that are like werewolves) and the forsaken armies (also playable but called the undead and on the horde) tearing the city to shreds. The quests are real simple (kill the bosses and what not) and then you get payed craploads of silver!! In each dungeon group there are 5 people each with a role. 3 ppl are assigned to do all the fighting. 1 person is the tank meaning they have high health and defensive stats cuz they are meant to take all the damage. 1 healer, guess what they do. and 1 leader they guide the group through the dungeon and also help to fight. My role was as one of the fighters. So I grabbed my cool bow (which I got in a dungeon) my axe and my pet bear and started fighting. THe main enemies were these sort of undead resurrected creepy things and they were pushovers. but once we killed the first boss we were brought out to a terrace filled with giant monsters that look like something they were pieced together with limbs then cursed and experimented on. they were not so easy to kill. and there were 5-7 of them. once we got through them we headed over to the next building BUT JUST THEN FROM THE STREET RAN OUT 5 GHOST WARRIORS DUN DUN DUUUUH. so I was out there alone (cuz I always seem to be slowest) and see enemies running to me, well thankfully muh allies came in and killed em with me before they got to me. We moved in through the building and fought off more ghosts and there was the boss in the room. We started fighting but he was too strong, and the healer did a sucky job. so me and 1 other person had died the healer is useless and one guy is nowhere to be found so pretty much 1 person is left fighting. by the time I got back the boss was dead. We continued on and became faced with two different paths, so we chose one and fought off the ghostly enemies, in that room was the next boss. We started fighting (this time 4 of us cuz we booted the missing guy from the group.) we all died. We regrouped and someone new joined the group so then together we took him DOWNNNNN!! The 5 of us marched on and after slaughtering some undead we made it to the next boss. THis guy had insane health and he poisoned us all real badly, somehow we won without anyone dying, and after that we all just sort of quit. Oh well it was fun.

Now on to the part abt. getting the full game. The newest expansion is currently cataclysm but in order to use cataclysm you need.

To have bought the original game

To buy the first expansion (the burning crusade which is now just a part of the regular game so you don't need to worry abt. it)

to buy the 2nd expansion, wrath of the lich king and have it installed

then you can buy and download cataclysm so you can use it, not cheap, buying the full game in a store costs 20$ wrath of the lich king costs 37.69$ and cataclysm costs 30.00$ (for some reason wrath is more expensive, odd...) in total that's 87.69$ to fully get the game in all its glory, expensive and remember all this will only get you 30 days play time as the expansions do not add any additional days to your play time when you buy them, only the original game does so you need to either get a very expensive monthly subscription (15$ per month) or buy time cards which add time to your subscription but only 60 days as each time card adds 60 days to your subscription.

The game is ridiculously expensive and unless you're well off don't bother buying the game and the expansions it's just too expensive for most ppl. Oh well at least it's free ish....