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It's been a while (Yes again)

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Hey people. I haven't posted on here for a while. I have been on holiday once again, I went to a very nice country, infact i partly originate from it, it's called cyprus. I love it there. We did so many things there and i had to much fun since my cousin joined us aswel. Yes got drunk afew nights, i know naughty lol. But hey my parents were making me get drunk? i know i have wierd parents. We visited some historical parts of the country, it was nice. I also have family out there so we visited them aswel. I must say i hate the euro's over there, everything has got so much more expensive, bring back the greek pound anyday.

Er well let's update you on my game progress. Infact i haven't been gaming recently, and thats unlike me. I have nearly come to the end of Final Fantasy 4 for the Nintendo DS. I must say it is an amazing remake, well done Square-Enix. Best piece of work for a long time, getting dissapointed with them tbh. Lets see if infinite undiscovery turns out to be any good.

Right lets move on to one of the biggest things in my life atm, yes people it is the release for Tales Of Vesperia in the U.S. im pretty excited even though i live in Europe and have to wait half a year, because the lazy people back at bamco can't be F***ed to do anything and want to punish the european fan base for some reason. I don't get it. I know im a right Fan boy lol

Anyway im outy. Errr yeah write a comment lol.

It's been a while

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Hey guys i thought i would do a blog since i am not busy anymore. I have been away for a while.

I went to Berlin for 5 days with my school and we saw all the historical places of which happened during WW2 and the Berling wall and such when half of Germany was capitalist and the other half communist. We also saw some concentration camps and how many Jews suffered it was quite upsetting. I had an amazing time though and a great laugh.

2 days after that i went to Bournemouth University (Yeah im 15 but i will explain) i got chosen because i study media as a subject at school and we go off to a college during school time table to learn about media there. I got chosen as well as 4 other students to go to bournemouth uni and make a film and do various activities and everything was free. We used the most proffesional equipment, yes we used 40,000 pound camera. We also went dry ski'ing, bowling, cinema, rock climbing e.t.c. I had such an amazing time and made many new friends which i am keeping in contact with and i am going to meet up with them occasionaly.

I have also bought some new games : Final Fantasy 4 DS, Mass effect, lost odyessy, blue dragon and eternal sonata.
I still do not have a 360 and will plan to buy an elite soon since i have 300 pound saved up on what i want to buy.

Help me! XBOX 360

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Hi everyone. im at the point now where i think i need an xbox 360. there are so many great RPG'S arriving for the system i think it's time i bought one. But i still need your help. which XBOX 360 should i buy?
Xbox 360 arcade pack
Xbox 360 premium
Xbox 360 elite

ok well im not sure if i want online. I mean i have a PS3 which has online and it is FREE. Is there much need to get an Xbox 360 online if i have a PS3?
If im not planning to get online i think it is worth me just getting the arcade pack i mean all i really want to do is play the RPG'S, what are your thoughts?
One last question does the 360 arcade have a HDMI socket because i want to play my games in HD on my HD tv?

O M G How Lucky! TWICE

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My dad (the greatest guy in the world that spoils me to death) went and brought a PS3 home the other day and i was really confused i mean i already have a PS3. so he started smiling at me and im like "where did you get that?" and he said "work". i was like work? and he said he found it by the dump. I thought right well it must not work then. So he said "well give it a try". so i did i plugged it in and put my HD cable in. Seemed to work fine but it didn't read disks, quite a rare things to happen to PS3's but it does happen. So i thought "Oh well". My dad said " No i can get it fixed" and i said "how". Basically he has a mate who is a technician and so he opened it up and obviously the lens is gone so he is going to get a hold of a new one for us. He also knows a guy at sony who said he could supply us with one. i was like :D. lol.

It is also the PAL 60GB model and my friend said she was willing to buy it for 300 pound(could get more on ebay) but o well she is a mate . Yes! then i have all three next gen consoles and don't have to worry which game goes to which console.

But guess what else happened lucky to me this week. Basically the Euro 2008. spain VS Germany. My mum asked if i wanted to put a bet on the match so i gave her a 5 pound to put on tourez to score 1 - 0 and i then got 115 pound. I was well happy.lol. not a bad week i tell ya.

You may see i have wrote 'pound' instead of put the '£' sign in. Its because gamespot won't let me?

Bonnie Pink - Ring a bell ~Tales Of Vesperia~

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Ok first let me just say i can't wait for tales of vesperia. do some research and check it out. XBOX 360 exclusive although im pretty sure it will go to the PS3 in japan but not sure if we reach over oceans. it just looks amazing and it is the first HD tales. Also this is the first tales to have the opening with the original song with lyrics. YAY.

Here is the music video of 'ring a bell' which will be featured in the opening to tales of vesperia and there are afew anime cutscenes in there :D I think the lyrics are so meaningfull ... GOD I CAN'T WAIT. im going to explode:P

Update on collection

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Just for i would update you all.

Illuminous Arc DS 12
Illusion of time or gaia SNES £5 with case and booklet amazing deal
The Darkness PS3 10
Granstream Saga PS1 6
The Legend Of Dragoon PS1 9.50

What you think lol These were all in english pounds.

Square-enix are looking for a companion :)

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This is interesting. Hmm i wonder who they will pick? Im sure they can get almost any company they have alot of good franchises obviously the main one final fantasy. Who do you think will help square-enix out?

I know who i want them to choose or what i think would be very intersting. It's Namco. Seeing how i am a very big tales fan. I would love Square-enix to promote tales especialy in europe and America if it has the square-enix logo on them trust me it's going to sell more seeing how big square is with it's famous ff series. They could even advertise a tales game. I would love this and we would get alot more of the series across sea's. However you never know if square had anything to do with production it could ruin everything could go either way really.
I still abit confused with the whole merging thing with a new company so if anyone could explain better for me go ahead lol.

Thankyou for coming to my blog and please tell me what you think

Grandia 3 (Had to say this LOL)

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Ok you do know the main song played at the start during the intro. Its by Miz and it's called 'fly in the sky' i think.
Well i went into this polish shop today (it's a long story) and when i was waiting i heard the song being played within the shop it was like the shop's radio or something. But it was in polish lol.
I thought it was amazing had to tell you lot ;)

Tales Of The Abyss Ion Figure

by on

Yay got my Ion figure through the post yesterday it's a rare figure. And i think it is really cute lol.

Oh and there is mieu! lol

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