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Hello Everyone,

I never wrote a blog or anything of the such for a long time, and I would like to apologize for that! I have been busy with a lot of things right now, so I didn't have much time to get on gamespot :/

Actually, I still do not have much time to go on gamespot as much as I would like to, but hey, I do what I can!

I'd just like to say that I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope to talk to my friends once again very soon! :)



Video Games are some of my childhood :)

Hey guys :)

when i was around 4-5 i played the first legend of zelda, even at that age i loved it :D i then kept with the zelda series and added mario in there as well :P (also with halo, COD and others) but im getting off the main topic..

When you were all little kids, what was your first game you played? what system? how old were you?

no need to answer all of my questions, but i was just wondering who else started with zelda :P

i hope you guys comment back, and just so you know, im just weird xD

bye bye :P


old PS1 game i cant remember...

hey guys,

okay, i have this VERY important question to ask all of you..

there was this old game for Playstation 1, the ghetto one that took the cd's with the black bottoms and all that :P

the game was you were this guy, he was in space, you were in red i think, and i think you had blond hair..

it was from third person view,

i don't remember anything else, and it kills me! i was very young when i saw my older cousins playing it, and they don't remember it at all too!!

i have been looking everywhere to find it, and if you guys even have a slight thought about it, please comment!

i have been looking for a couple years now, so if you know what im talking about you would make me happy for ever!!

the sad thing is, and obviously the main reason we don't know the name, we lost the game! the case and everything :(

so please help me out, i have a feeling i can count on you guys :)


Ocarina Of Time for the 3DS?!?!

hi :D

I can't wait for Ocarina Of Time to come out on the 3DS (even though i don't have one, but i would buy one just for Zelda) so I can beat it once again!

I am happy that it is going onto a portable system, so i don't have to try and fix my N64 again! so basically i am asking what do you guys think about Zelda going onto the DS?

just put your thoughts below :)

hey guys.

hello everyone, i am writing this because i am thinking of a new name for my xboxlive account and i am wondering what to put it. Currently my name is RiG Queen, and i am in a clan thing and i really dont like it xD

so if you have any suggestions, e-mail or comment on this blog!

good bye


hello :P

hello everyone !

isn't it weird that im actually on? well enjoy it because i am never on right? well, i was thinking of sharing my thoughts and writing some reviews just to show i care :D but once again, i have no idea on what to write about !

well, truthfully i don't think there is much now for me, i just wanted to write a little sort of update of how im doing and to show i still go on gamespot for my gameing needs !

so if you have any ideas on what game i should make a review about please comment whatever you like! alright, talk with everyone soon i hope!



Hello everyone!

sorry that i havent been on in a couple months or more :P but i have my x-box 360 back! (if you don't know where it went my friend borrowed it for a while and it's back now)

so im thinking of doing a couple of reviews and im not sure again on which games!

so any ideas just tell me :)

hope to talk with all my friends again soon,


hey guys

hey xD

just for my friends, im going to write a review, but for which game?

-Legend of zelda Spirit tracks

-legend of zelda Phantom Hourglass

-New super mario bros

-New super mario bros Wii

-Pokemon soul silver

-Halo ODST

please help me out on this one, thanks :)


hello again :)

hey people !

im sorry that i havn't been on, it was what around a month or so? haha im really sorry and if you want to talk to me, do so now :P

well, i have to go, wanted to make another blog again before i log out for a bit, hope to talk with you poeple soon!

have a great day and


my profile

hey people

i don't go on much at all, so i might just check on every few weeks or something, who made my background? or the thing above you know.. the banner !

whoever made it (Sorry i barley remember anyone on here) can you pm me the picture again?

bye bye!

have a nice day