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SATS and a few other bits

If the about me stuff doesn't appear I'd just like anyone looking to know my name is Antony Rowe and I'm in year 9 (14 years old)  Tomorrow is the first day of my last ever (or so I think) SATS exams. I'm really nervous. Oh yeah trhe picture above this is probably of the "agents of dread" and my current icon is a plasma coil, both of which are weapons in my favourite video game Ratchet and Clank, but that's another story. I live in England (and between you and me I buy many cartoons off ebay) I don't have sky so I canb only watch some episodes of Batman the animated series, and am forced to put up with the rubbish called The Batman. As you've probably guessed I'm into action/adventure (mainly cartoons). Anyway have to go, The slammer's just finished and I'd like to see what's on next.