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Finally getting an xbox360!

In about 4 weeks I get my xbox360. I can't wait, I want to have it for a very long time. But I'm not sure which games I'm going to buy. So if anyone wants to recommend a game to me, just post a message :). One game that's for sure is Saints Row, since I want to buy the Saints Row packet. A friend of my has an xbox360 and I liked Rockstar's Table Tennis very much so maybe I'm going to buy that game too. And I also have an xbox, so I can play my xbox games on the 360.

Rockstar Table Tennis

I played it today with a friend. It's really a fun game.At first I thought this game is really easy. But once you get the hang of it, you find out that there's more techniques that can be used. And there's a lot of effect on the ball. Unbelievable! It's really an intense and fast game.

Wolfenstein 3D mods

Are there any Wolfenstein 3D mod creators around here on Gamespot? I looked at the forums and there wasn't any talking about mods, source code changes etc. I'm just curious.

Stadium Arcadium

I got the album for my birthday, and I quite like it. My five favorite songs are:

1. Dani California                                                                     

2. Charlie

3. She's Only 18

4. Storm In A Teacup

5. 21st Century

I also got San Andreas and an electric guitar.