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College Life

So I'm going into my third week in college and I have to say that I am loving it so far. I've met so many people and they are a lot more friendly and opening then people from high school. My classes do require a lot more work but since I have to mandatory study halls becasue of atheltics it is'nt so bad.

Track is completey differnt from high school, I have never had to work this work to keep up with everyone. The practices at 6 a.m are a buzz kill to since im up pretty late hanging out with friends and studying. I'm really glad im doing track though becasue I have met a lot of new people and made a lot of friends.

My gaming has gone down a lot though becasue I'm doing so much stuff. But I do have to say that Super Smash Bros on the N64 is being played alot in my dorm. I still suck at the game but my roommates are destorying everyone that tries to beat them. I'm still holding out for the ICO/Shadow of Collouses collection coming out at the end of this month becasue that was my favorite game on the PS2 and I plan to play that game a lot.

For a smaller college the parties here are still really fun. The frat houses are pretty friendly becasue they want all of us to join but they hold decent parties. I just got to be careful when to drink becasue of my early pratices in the morning. Also I would say that I'm pretty good at drunk Super Smash Bros. Well thats my college life so far.

I Quit World Of Warcraft

My WoW subscription has finally died today. I had a great time while playing but the last month my guild killed my wow spirit by pushing way to many heroics which caused too many days of wipe fests. During my two years of playing WoW I have met some good friends that I will continue playing other games with.

The raiding every night felt more like a job than a game.

WoW has been the game where I have put most of my time and effort in becoming the best at it. I tried other MMOs but they were not as good as wow so I always went back. I still remember when I hit 80 for the first time and I was a total noob but my friend brought me into an Uldar run I was HORRIBLE. I didn't know what I was doing which spells to cast so I just put a bunch of them on my bars and smash my figures on my keyboard as fast I could.

I'm embarrassed to post the picture because everything looks horrible.

As time went on though I researched my character I got a lot better. I even was in a top guild on the top raiding server. But as time goes on I eventually got bored of the game. It didn't become fun anymore killing the same 12/12 bosses every week. I didn't want to go raid 4 hours a night every weeknight. So that's why I eventually quit the game. Now my subscription is gone and I'm not renewing it.

Now I have to find a new way of gaming. Before I played WoW I was a big Xbox 360 guy and played games like call of duty and gears of war. I have a feeling that my xbox though is going to die any minute and I do not want to replace it. However I have a powerful computer that I upgraded over the time I spent playing WoW and I still have my ps3. I think my gaming time is going to go down a lot, it certainly has over these last 2 weeks I stopped playing WoW. Also I think I am going to spend a lot more money on video games than 15 dollars a month on 1 game. But I have a decent ps3 collection but not an online game so I think I might pick up call of duty or killzone I haven't decided which one yet. And on my pc I have starcraft and league of legends to keep me occupied.

Finally Accepted To College

I finally got accepted into my number 1 college of choice Saginaw Valley State University. Now you may think what and where the heck that school is it is Division 2 school in about mid Michigan. The college is absolutely gorgeous the dorms there are like apartments with full kitchens. Also i might be on their varsity track team. I have qualified for the team and the head coach likes me a lot because I was honest with him on all the questions that he asked me. But the only problem I have with doing track is that he was honest back that track is full time job that most of his team members are with him 40+ hours. So it seems like that school would be placed second which is not I want to do.

I'm nervous about the track team mainly because I wouldn't be the number 1 hurdler like I have been at my High School for 3 years. Also I think I would put that before school and I did that in high school which really affected my grades in a poor way, which i can not have again. But some good things that might come out of the team is that I will meet new people and get friends easier and i have competed against 2 of the hurdlers there so I know them and didn't have any problems with them. Also they require a 6 hour mandatory study hall which would make me do my work so i think i will be able to get most of my work done during that and i could get some help when I'm in there, which would help me out a lot.

O.k back to the school what I going there for is Pre-Agriculture MSU bound. That means i will only be there for 2 years and then i would be transferring to Michigan State University. Now i chose this way instead of going to straight to MSU is because #1 i didn't have the grades to get into Michigan state #2 MSU is a huge school and i think that i need to get adjusted by going to a school with 10000 and transferring to a school with 30000+. Now in my study I hope to major in Bio-systems Engineering. Which what you do with that degree is you solve complex, rapidly-changing problems related to food quality and safety, ecosystems protection, homeland security and health protection, biomass utilization, and renewable energy development.

Thank you for reading about my college choice and what i plan to do when their. If you have any suggestions on what helped you out when you went to college feel free to comment.

School starts tom. and that means barley anymore video games. :(

Well its that time for me to go back to school to start my junior year in high school. Which this means I'm going to have hardly anytime for video games since i play sports fall, winter, and spring. So that means i wont get home from school until 6 and then i eat dinner and then i probably have 2 hours of homework.And if im not dead tired from that i might get 30 minutes of xbox or ps3. Which sucks because there are so many good titles coming out but i need to do good in school since im looking at going to either USC or Florida for track in college. And i also need to train year round for track so i can win states this year instead of getting screwed over in regionals.

So this all comes down to me only getting about 30 minutes - 1 hour of video games a night. Oh i forgot to mention i work on the weekend from 5-1 at night so that and i usally have tennis matches in the morning on saturday. But im going to try my hardest to get my work done fast so i can get a little more playing time which will make my life more relaxing then stressfull.

I hoped you enjoyed reading my poor writing and everything about me not being able to play MY XBOX!!!


Apple is the biggest rip off ever.

So this weekend i got and purchase a new ipod touch 8gb. So this new ipod should have the highest firmware on it right? No it does not i as version 2.2.1 so i have to spend another 10 bucks on it to get an update that should have came with it in the first place. Ok im done blowing off steam.

My Top 10 List For First Person Shooters

This is my list for my 10 ten first person shooter you can feel free to criticize me disagree or whatever cause this is my opinion and your opinion can be different. I am doing 5 today and 5 tom. or monday.


I choose fear as #10 becasueit was added some horror elements and some good shooting along with great online.


Now this game is before my time but i did get the arcade game not the pc one and it is a great first person shooter for its time.


This game i remember going over to my friends house and playing all the time this game is my favorite from when i was little.


This is a great shooter for the ps3 cause of one the online standpoint which is crazy and all the differnt types of guns.


Halo is one of the shooter xbox came to the way it is and thats why its #6


This is a great game it has a great story and is a great frist person shooter.

Well thats it for today i'll my other 5 by the lastet of monday!

Sorry that i have not been blogging

I have been really busy with a lot of things but not im back to normal and im going to start blogging more and giving out some more reviews. Im sad to say that i havent really been playing on my ps3 the updates just take to long to download and i sold all my games so now i only have call of duty 4 and grid. But i have been playing my 360 a lot more becasue of all my friends that play the 360 too.

When you make a system choice be sure to buy the same one as your friends do becasue that changed everything for me. On my ps3 i really didnt have any true life friends and just online friends which is all good and fine casue im all about meeting fun new people but its so differnt when your playing games life gow or gta with your real life friends. So when buying yout next system be sure to buy the system that your friends buy casue its a lot more fun to share your experiences with them.


Got an xbox 360

I bought an xbox this xmas with halo 3, gears of war 2, call of duty world at war, and madden 09 so now i am an owner of a ps3 and xbox 360. My psn names is rounder617 and my xbl gamertag is omygoditsaustin. Hope to see you online.

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